Danny Crawford

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General Information

Who is Danny Crawford?
Danny Crawford

Danny Crawford grew up in the Belle Mina community on the Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station farm. He worked his way through Auburn University, earning his bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

He served as Limestone County executive director of the Farm Service Agency (FSA) beginning in 1979, before being appointed state director by President George W. Bush in 2001. He served a total of 33 years with FSA. He currently works as an independent crop insurance contractor.

Danny served on the Athens City Council from 1993 to 2005. He has been active in the Limestone County community, serving as a past member of the Civitan, Kiwanis and Rotary clubs. He is a member of the National Rifle Association.

Danny and his wife, Mary Kay, have one son, Matthew. They are members of Lindsay Lane Baptist Church and reside in Athens.

Status: Alabama State Representative for District 5
Party: Republican
Social Media:
Birthday: June 6, 1950 74

Contact Information

Known contact information for Danny Crawford from Athens, AL.

  • 11 South Union Street, Suite 434
    Montgomery, AL 36130-2950
  • Phone: 334-261-0516
  • Official Email: [email protected]

Education Information

Known educational history for Danny Crawford from Athens, AL.

  • Bachelor's, Auburn University
  • Master's, Auburn University

Political Information

Known political history for Danny Crawford from Athens, AL.

  • Candidate, Alabama State House of Representatives, District 5, 2022
  • Representative, Alabama State House of Representatives, District 5, 2016-present
  • Member, Athens City Council, District 1, 1993-2005

Professions Information

Known professional history for Danny Crawford from Athens, AL.

  • State Director, Farm Service Agency, 2001-2009
  • Executive Director, Limestone County Farm Service Agency, 1979-2001

Congressional Information

Known congressional history for Danny Crawford from Athens, AL.

  • Former Member, Health Committee, Alabama State House of Representatives

Organizations Information

Known organizational history for Danny Crawford from Athens, AL.

  • Member, Lindsay Lane Baptist Church, present
  • Member, National Rifle Association, present
  • Former Member, Kiwanis Club
  • Former Member, Rotary Club
  • Former Member, Civitan Club

Election History

Danny Crawford from Athens, AL has participated in elections listed below in the state of Alabama.

Sponsored Bills

View legislative bills that Danny Crawford has sponsored.

Relating to sales tax exemptions; to amend Section 40-23-4, Code of Alabama 1975, as last amended by Acts 2022-199, 2022-291, 2022-293, and 2022-373, 2022 Regular Session, to exempt from sales tax the gross proceeds from the sale of materials to be used as fencing in agriculture livestock applications.
Relating to guardians ad litem; to amend Section 15-12-21, Code of Alabama 1975; to increase the compensation for an attorney appointed to serve as a guardian ad litem in certain juvenile cases.
Relating to livestock; to amend Section 3-5-2, Code of Alabama 1975, to provide that no municipal governing body may adopt or continue in effect any ordinance, rule, resolution, or directive that prohibits a person from permitting their livestock or animals to run at large on the premises of another or public land which does not require the same mens rea as state law; and to make nonsubstantive, technical revisions to update the existing code language to current style.
Relating to Limestone County; to establish a service of process fee for the service or attempted service of documents by the Limestone County Sheriff's Office in the civil division of the circuit and district courts; to establish a fingerprint fee for fingerprinting certain persons and a local background check fee; to ratify and confirm fingerprint fees and local background check fees collected prior to the effective date of this act; and to provide for a booking fee to be imposed on each person booked into the Limestone County Jail and subsequently convicted of a crime, the collection of the fees, and for the distribution of the revenues derived from the fees.
To amend Section 17-3-8, Code of Alabama 1975, as last amended by Act 2022-112 of the 2022 Regular Session, relating to meeting days of boards of registrars; to increase the number of working days that the Limestone County Board of Registrars may meet each week.

Agriculture and Industries, Commissioner, salary set beginning the next term of office, Sec. 2-2-5 am'd.
Limestone Co., ad valorem taxes, senior property tax appraisal, person 65 or older, valuation frozen under certain conditions, const. amend.
Public education, prohibits teaching of divisive concepts relating to race and sex, prohibits classification of students based on race, penalties

Public waterways, Alabama State Reservoir Management Development Program established, award of grants, add'l registration fees, technical revisions, Secs. 33-5-6, 33-5-10, 33-5-17 am'd.
Conservation and Natural Resources Dept., feral swine, rules re transportation and release, penalties, specified penalty for transportation deleted, transportation of feral swine not a criminal offense, Sec. 9-11-72 am'd.
Zoological Park and Museum Commission, established in Birmingham, Huntsville, Montgomery, and Mobile, duties and membership established
Grandparent visitation, family law, grandparents entitled to visitation of grandchild if parents die or divorce, presumption is that visitation with grandparent is in best interest of child, Sec. 30-3-4.2 am'd.
Pharmacy benefits managers, practices relating to patient steering, price discrimination, fiduciary duty to client, price disclosure, etc. regulated, Dept of Insurance, duties and authorities revised, Act 2019-457, 2019 Reg. Sess., sections amended and renumbered; Secs. 27-45A-6 to 27-45A-11, inclusive, 27-45A-13 added; Secs. 27-45A-3, 27-45A-4, 27-45A-5 am'd.
Ad valorem tax on real property, senior property tax appraisal for persons age 70 or older on principal residence used for 10 years, appraisal value frozen on immediate prior year, exceptions, rules by Revenue Dept.
Hunting, feral swine and coyote hunting at night permitted with an appropriate license under certain circumstances, Sec. 9-11-235 am'd.
Education, county and city boards of education, county and city superintendent of schools, closure of schools and establishment of on-line learning in certain circumstances
Crimes and offenses, crimes of riot and inciting to riot, harassment, and assault II, amended, crimes of assault against a first responder, aggravated riot, and unlawful traffic interference, created, mandatory holding period for certain violations, provided, mandatory incarceration period for certain violations, provided, exceptions to sovereign immunity, further provided, restrictions on distribution of revenue to defunding jurisdictions, provided, Secs. 13A-11-3.1, 13A-11-5.1, 13A-11-8.1 added; Secs. 12-25-32, 13A-6-21, 13A-6-132, 13A-11-1, 13A-11-3, 13A-11-4, 13A-11-8, 13A-11-70, 15-13-2, 36-1-12, 36-2-1 am'd.
Criminal code, offenses against public order, firearms, concealed pistols, concealed carry permit, constitutional carry, pistol permits, Secs. 9-11-304, 13A-11-52, 13A-11-71, 13A-11-73, 13A-11-74 repealed; Secs. 13A-11-7, 13A-11-50, 13A-11-55, 13A-11-61.2, 13A-11-62, 13A-11-75, 13A-11-85, 13A-11-90 am'd.
Foresters, State Board of Registered for, continuing education requirement, relaxed or suspended on a case by case basis, Sec. 34-12-8 am'd.
Foresters, Alabama Board of Registration for, board authorized to call special meetings in accordance with its bylaws, Sec. 34-12-34 am'd.
Foresters, State Board of Registration for, scale of nominal marketing materials auth., Sec. 34-12-36 am'd.
Foresters, State Board of Registered, requirement that members of the board are required to be a member of the Society of American Foresters, eliminated, Sec. 34-12-31 am'd.
Foresters, assigns responsibility for naming successor members of State Board of Registration for Foresters to the Division of the Society of American Foresters and any other organization meeting certain criteria, Sec. 34-12-30 am'd.

Municipalities, business license tax on gross receipts, gross receipts not to include any other taxes on gasoline or motor fuels, Sec. 11-51-90.1 am'd.
HB 199
Limestone Co., churches, deadly physical force, use in self-defense or defense of others, const. amend.
HB 60
Revenue Dept, income tax refunds, set off debt collection, public institutions of higher education as claimant agencies under certain conditions, Sec. 40-18-100 am'd.

HB 619
Motor vehicles, oversized vehicle permits, annual commercial wrecker emergency tow permit, provided, Sec. 32-9-29 am'd.
HB 571
Limestone Co., solicitor's fee, distribution further provided for, minimum amount further provided, Sec. 45-42-81.01 am'd.
HB 518
Agriculture, to provide that lab grown meat may not be labeled for sale as "meat" or a "meat product", Sec. 2-17-10 am'd.
HB 488
Soil and water conservation districts, to grant immunity from civil action related to the loan or renting of equipment by district supervisors and employees, Sec. 9-8-25 am'd.
HB 472
Limestone Co., churches, deadly physical force, use in self-defense or defense of others, const. amend.
HB 197
Hunting, authorize the taking of whitetail deer or feral swine by means of bait, when baiting privilege license is purchased, under certain conditions, Sec. 9-11-244 am'd.

HB 501
Sexual offenses, provide for enhanced punishment of indecent exposure where victim is a child and include indecent exposure as offense under enticing a child for immoral purposes, Secs. 13A-6-68, 13A-6-69, 15-19-7 am'd.
HB 409
Infants, use of baby boxes for parents to anonymously deliver infants to hospital, emergency medical services providers, or fire dept. without liability and with immunity from child abandonment statutes, Secs. 26-25-1, 26-25-3, 26-25-4 am'd.
HB 301
Community development districts, add'l type authorized, marina on lake, sale of alcoholic beverages for on-premises, Secs. 35-8B-1, 35-8B-2, 35-8B-3 am'd.
HR 508
Horton, Judge James E., Jr, urging Congress to approve a postage stamp in his honor
HR 466
Ruf, Ashlyn, commended
HR 401
Ardmore High School, 100th Anniversary, commended
HB 173
Ad valorem taxes, co. commission authorized to abate taxes for Class III property taxed at current use when converted to other taxable use for projects under Ala. Jobs Act, consent of municipality if in corporate limits, Sec. 40-7-25.4 added
HB 128
Limestone Co., revenue commissioner and license commissioner, budget funded from ad valorem taxes, Act 2006-343, 2006 Reg. Sess., am'd; Sec. 45-2-201.01 am'd.
HB 35
Taxation, sales and use tax, certain tax-exempt public water and sewer authorities, districts, boards, and systems eligible as government entities for certificates of exemptions from the Dept. of Revenue, Sec. 40-9-14.1 am'd.
HB 32
Community development districts, add'l type authorized, marina on lake, sale of alcoholic beverages for on-premises and off-premises consumption, Secs. 35-8B-1, 35-8B-3 am'd.
HB 31
County Superintendent of Education, prohibition against additional employment removed, Sec. 16-9-12 am'd.
HB 12
County Superintendent of Education, prohibition against additional employment removed, Sec. 16-9-12 am'd.

City of Athens, corp. limits alt.
Athens, alcoholic beverages, city council authorized to permit Sunday sales
Taxation, certain public water, sewer, gas electric, and fire protection authorities, boards, and systems eligible as government entities for state and local sales and use tax exemptions, Sec. 40-9-14.1 am'd.
County Superintendent of Education, prohibition against additional employment removed, Sec. 16-9-12 am'd.

Defamation, showing of actual malice required, Sec. 13A-11-163 am'd.

Defamation, showing of actual malice required, Sec. 13A-11-163 am'd.

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