2023 Alabama House Bills

A list of all 2023 Alabama House Bills. Click any bill to read the full text and get the current status.

BillTitleSponsorLast ActionSigned
HB109Alabama Credential Quality and Transparency Act and the Alabama Workforce Council Committee on Credential Quality and Transparency, Alabama Terminal on Linking and Analyzing Statistics (ATLAS) on Career Pathways Act, and Alabama College and Career Readiness Act establishedTerri Collins03/07/2023
HB108Not AvailableJuandalynn Givan01/01/0001
HB107Jefferson County; street racing and exhibition driving, prohibited; civil penalties for violation, authorized; towing and impoundment procedure, providedJuandalynn Givan03/07/2023
HB106Relating to counties and municipalities; to add Section 11-80-19 to the Code of Alabama 1975, providing for electronic notice.Cynthia Lee Almond03/07/2023
HB105Guardianships and conservatorships, Colby Act, supported decision-making agreements in lieu of guardianship or conservatorship provided forCynthia Lee Almond03/07/2023
HB104Alabama Board of Cosmetology and Barbering, prohibition against any individual who owns a school or is affiliated with a school regulated by the board serving on the board removed; membership increased to includeAlan Baker03/07/2023
HB103Education employees; sick leave allowed for caring for ill child for whom a petition for adoption has been filed and for an adopted child under certain circumstancesAlan Baker03/07/2023
HB102Escambia County, sheriff, county commission authority to provide salary support for duties relating to county board.Alan Baker03/07/2023
HB101Adoption, Adult Adoption Code, created; Minor Adoption Code, repealed and replacedGinny Shaver03/07/2023
HB100Elections, disabled voters, absentee application and ballot may be delivered by applicant or voter's designeeAdline Clarke03/07/2023
HB99Elmore County; Superintendent of Education designated appointed positionReed Ingram03/07/2023
HB98Elmore County; lodging tax and room fee leviedTroy Stubbs03/07/2023
HB97State holidays, observance of all federal holidays provided forLaura Hall03/07/2023
HB96Voting rights restoration, application requirement and Certificate of Eligibility eliminated, Board of Pardons and Paroles to determine eligibility for restoration, indigent individual's rights to be restored in in compliance with requirements to pay fines, restitution, court costs, and fees.Laura Hall03/07/2023
HB95Voting, to authorize absentee voting without an excuse.Thomas Jackson03/07/2023
HB94Voting, to require each county to provide at least one early voting center.Thomas Jackson03/07/2023
HB93Dale County, municipalities, mayors, authorized to participate in Employees' Retirement System under certain conditions.Steve Clouse03/07/2023
HB92Motor vehicle licenses and registrations; to add additional exemptions for militaryCorley Ellis03/07/2023
HB91Columbiana, city council, entertainment districts authority, regulate by ordinanceCorley Ellis03/07/2023
HB90Education, public school education for certain students with intellectual disability, provided until age 26John W. Rogers03/07/2023
HB89Administrative Procedure Act; to amend definition of RuleChris Sells03/07/2023
HB88Alcoholic beverages, manufacturer or importer licensed by ABC Board authorized to donate limited amount of liquor for nonprofit special events.Chris Sells03/07/2023
HB87Law Enforcement, increased the time period during which an agency of the state or a political subdivision of the state must reimburse the agency of the state or political subdivision of the state that paid for training of a law enforcement officer, certified corrections officer, fire protection personnel, or firefighter,Parker Moore03/07/2023
HB86Counties & Municipalities, prohibited municipalities from setting speed limits on county-maintained streetsDebbie Wood03/07/2023
HB85Taxation, check-off contribution to State Park Division of the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Department of Mental Health or the Alabama Medicaid AgencyDebbie Wood03/07/2023
HB84Class 2 municipalities, changed the date to qualify for municipal electionsChris Pringle03/07/2023
HB83State Transportation Commission, establish to operate the Department of TransportationChris Pringle03/07/2023
HB82Crimes and offenses; to further provide for the crime of manslaughterChris Pringle03/07/2023
HB81Alabama Board of Funeral Service, membership and definitions revised, Alabama Preneed Funeral and Cemetery Act of 2023 established, Department of Insurance to temporarily transfer funds to the board to defray costs.Steve Clouse03/07/2023
HB80Insurance Premium Tax, Amended Real Property Investment CreditSteve Clouse03/07/2023
HB79Pharmacy Board, permit holders, required to designate a representative, qualifications, feesPhillip Rigsby03/07/2023
HB78Pharmacy Board, pharmacy permits, amended to clarify that only an entity required to have a permit.Phillip Rigsby03/07/2023
HB77Sales tax; threshold for state sales tax liability requiring monthly estimated payments increasedDanny Garrett03/07/2023
HB76Crimes and offenses; amend the domestic violence statutes to include additional family members that can be victimsMatt Simpson03/07/2023
HB75Alabama Private Investigation Board; qualifications for licensure and renewal of licensure revised, inactive status, continuing education, apprenticeship license, and agency requirements providedArnold Mooney03/07/2023
HB74Lamar County, compensation of county superintendent of educationTracy Estes03/07/2023
HB73Public K-12 education, local boards of education and public charter schools required to adopt and publish open enrollment policies.Danny Garrett03/07/2023
HB72Pardons and Paroles, to prevent parolees and probationers from being released from custody pending a revocation hearing in certain circumstances, to allow specialist to conduct investigations and general reportsJerry Starnes03/07/2023
HB71Houston County, provided for the compensation and appointment of election officialsRick Rehm03/07/2023
HB70Houston County, authorized the judge of probate to appoint temporary judges of probateRick Rehm03/07/2023
HB69Alabama National Guard; appointment of honorary generalsRandall Shedd03/07/2023
HB68Dept of Economic and Community Affairs; reimburse employees for actual expenses for in-state travelRandall Shedd03/07/2023
HB67Skyline, corp. limits altered.Mike Kirkland03/07/2023
HB66Retirement System, firefighters, law enforcement officers, and correctional officers, hazardous duty time, removing the time limit for purchasing for prior eligible serviceJoe Lovvorn03/06/2023
HB65Competitive Bidding, minimum amount of contracts subject to for local boards of education increasedTerri Collins03/06/2023
HB64Firearms, to prohibit unlawful aliens from possession, to establish penaltyRonald Bolton03/06/2023
HB63Child care facilities; facilities offering certain cultural arts instruction exempt from certain licensing requirementsJeremy Gray03/06/2023
HB62Building codes; certain buildings deemed in compliance upon acquisition by nonprofit veterans' organization under certain conditions.Ben Robbins03/06/2023
HB61Establish state income tax credit for recruited workers and remote workers.Ben Robbins03/06/2023
HB60Insurance Department, licensing of producers, adjusters, title insurance agents, requirement for pre-licensing course prior to exam deleted, Section 27-7-5, Code of Alabama 1975, is amendedCorley Ellis03/06/2023
HB59Fire alarm systems, plans submitted by municipality, county, or state, required to be approved by professional engineer, approval by certified fire alarm contractor deleted, Section 34-33A-10 amendedCorley Ellis03/06/2023
HB58Real property, mortgages, property insurance, lender-placed insurance, regulation by Insurance DepartmentCorley Ellis03/06/2023
HB57Circuit Clerks, salary based on pay plan of Unified Judicial SystemPaul W. Lee03/06/2023
HB56Board of Social Work Examiners, scope of practice of licenseesFrances Holk-Jones03/06/2023
HB55Health, the Genesis Act, Department of Public Health to establish a Certificate of Nonviable BirthJuandalynn Givan03/06/2023
HB54Electronic vote counting systems, prohibits modem technology, prohibits capability of connecting to internet, cell phone networks,Arnold Mooney03/06/2023
HB53Electronic vote counting system, use of a paper ballot requiredArnold Mooney03/06/2023
HB52Pardons and Paroles; to further provide for residential transition centersBarbara Drummond03/06/2023
HB51Public contracts; competitive bidding on contracts of certain state and local awarding authorities, further provided; threshold dollar amount for which competitive bidding required, increased.Corley Ellis03/06/2023
HB50Income tax credit for dependent, definition expanded to include certain pregnant womenTracy Estes03/06/2023
HB49State Treasurer, Alabama Local Government Investment Pool Program and Alabama Local Government Investment Advisory Board created created, parameters of program and duties of treasurer established.Reed Ingram03/06/2023
HB48Municipalities, annexation, validated notwithstanding procedural defect.Jim Hill03/06/2023
HB47Alabama Uniform Trust Code; modification or termination of an uneconomic trust, further provided.Cynthia Lee Almond03/06/2023
HB46Employees Retirement System, retired law enforcement officer allowed to perform duties as school resource officer without suspension of retirement allowanceAllen Treadaway02/23/2023
HB45Public K-12 schools, Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention Act, State Board of Education to adopt guidelines about sudden cardiac arrest; certain training regarding sudden cardiac arrest, required; student removal from athletic activity if exhibiting certain symptoms, requiredJeremy Gray02/23/2023
HB44Alabama Job Creation and Military Stability Commission; to expand membershipChris Blackshear02/23/2023
HB43Education, public K-12 schools, require a child to successfully complete kindergarten before being admitted to the first gradePebblin W. Warren02/23/2023
HB42Public K-12 education; resource officers and law enforcement required to participate in regularly scheduled lockdown drills; drill days designated as school safety and awareness daysPebblin W. Warren02/23/2023
HB41Teachers' Retirement System and Employees' Retirement System, to revise temporarily the eligibility and compensation of retirees for participating in either system after retirementRex Reynolds02/23/2023
HB40Justices and judges, revise compensation received by retired justices and judges who are called to active dutyJim Hill02/23/2023
HB39Criminal procedure, split sentence, judge authorized to split a 30 year sentenceJim Hill02/23/2023
HB38Crimes and offenses, presumptive sentencing standards, deviations in certain circumstancesJim Hill02/23/2023
HB37Crimes and offenses, create crime of making a terrorist threat in the first and second degree, penaltiesJim Hill02/23/2023
HB36Solid waste and recyclable materials, advanced recycling of materials including plastics, use of thermal energy, not considered disposal or incineration, Section 22-27-2 amendedTerri Collins02/23/2023
HB35Education, school resources to facilitate student-led prayer, permittedTracy Estes02/23/2023
HB34Crimes and offenses; to further provide for the crime of unlawful discharge of a firearm on school propertyTracy Estes02/23/2023
HB33Marion County, local tobacco tax, proceeds to firefighters associationTracy Estes02/23/2023
HB32Lamar County, mail fee for motor vehicle registration and business license renewal, probate judgeTracy Estes02/23/2023
HB31Education, school grading system, change designation of a failing school to a fully supported school, nonfailing school to a non-fully supported school, state board of education required to reflect changes in terminology when amending or adopting rulesArtis McCampbell02/23/2023
HB30Education, school grading system, change designation of a failing school to a lowest sixth percent school, nonfailing school to a highest 94th percent school, state board of education required to reflect changes in terminology when amending or adopting rulesArtis McCampbell02/23/2023
HB29Motor vehicles; speed contests and exhibitions of speed, prohibited; criminal penalties, providedAllen Treadaway02/23/2023
HB28Firearms, to remove pistol permit exemption from possession on school premisesChris England02/23/2023
HB27State holidays, to remove Jefferson Davis' birthday and add State Employee Appreciation Day as a state holiday, to delete duplicative language and make nonsubstantive, technical revisions to update the existing code language to current style.Chris England02/23/2023
HB26Shelby County, board of registrars, meeting daysDavid Standridge02/23/2023
HB25Criminal procedure; to further provide for the sentencing of individuals convicted of violating a Class D felonyParker Moore02/23/2023
HB24Crimes & Offenses, prohibited an individual from loitering on a public roadway or in the right-of-way of a public roadway, and provided for criminal penaltiesReed Ingram02/08/2023
HB23Volunteer FIre Departments, purchase kitchen equipment, reimburse volunteer firefightersChip Brown02/08/2023
HB22Civil Service Systems, countywide, municipality or governmental entity subject to may opt out, conditionsChip Brown02/08/2023
HB21Criminal procedure, required law enforcement agencies and the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences to report certain data regarding sexual assault cases to the Alabama State Law Enforcement Agency, and required the Alabama State Law Enforcement Agency to submit a summary of that data to the Chairs of the House and Senate Judiciary Committees.Chip Brown02/08/2023
HB20Shoreline restoration projects, permit required.Chip Brown02/08/2023
HB19Criminal Procedure, changed the definition of "intellectually disabled person" and allowed criminal defendants an additional opportunity to present evidence of intellectual disability.Chris England02/08/2023
HB18State Government, required the Department of Corrections to make monthly reports to the Joint Legislative Prison Oversight Committee.Chris England02/08/2023
HB17Abortion, provision providing misdemeanor to induce abortion, repealedChris England02/08/2023
HB16Pardons and Parole Board, to create the Criminal Justice Policy Development Council, membership, duties, require the board to use parole release guidelines, parole proceedings revised, provide for appellate reviewChris England02/08/2023
HB15Authorize governing body of a municipality to reduce or eliminate local sales and use tax on food.Chris England02/08/2023
HB14Relating to death penalty, requiring unanimous vote by jury to impose the death penalty, provide for resentencing in certain circumstances.Chris England02/08/2023
HB13Municipal corporations, ordinances, issuance of summons and complaint in lieu of custodial arrest, further provided forChris England02/08/2023
HB12Firearms, concealed pistols and firearms, duty to inform when requested, penalty addedChris England02/08/2023
HB11Electronic security Board of Licensure, alarm businesses, advertising, display of licensing information reg.Chris Sells02/08/2023
HB10Voting Districts, amend district lines by census tractJim Hill02/08/2023
HB9Department of Corrections; to further provide for the calculation of correctional incentive time, provide for reporting requirementsRussell Bedsole01/20/2023
HB8Motor vehicles; restrictions on use of handheld wireless telecommunications devices while operating a motor vehicle, provided; criminal penalties, further provided; exemptions, provided; distribution of funds, providedRandy Wood01/20/2023
HB7Education, promotion and endorsement of certain divisive concepts in certain public settings prohibitedEd Oliver01/20/2023
HB6Parental rights, fundamental rights of parents provided forKenneth Paschal01/20/2023
HB5State holidays, Alabama Peace Officers' Memorial Day designatedRussell Bedsole01/26/2023
HB4Labor & Employment, microchipping of employees prohibited, criminal penalties providedPrince Chestnut01/20/2023
HB3Motor Vehicles, smoking in motor vehicle when child present prohibited, criminal penalties providedRolanda Hollis01/20/2023
HB2Driving under the influence, pretrial diversion program, ignition interlock devices required, provision requiring ignition interlock while in a diversion program requiredArnold Mooney01/20/2023
HB1Crimes and offenses; provides for mandatory minimum sentences for certain felony drug trafficking crimes; to provide for additional penalties for subsequent offensesMatt Simpson01/20/2023
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