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Who is Parker Moore?
Parker Moore

As a lifelong resident of Decatur, Parker Moore is Alabama-born and raised. This has given Parker Moore the unique ability to recognize the issues facing our state and district. Parker has learned through this experience how to be a part of the solution in keeping our state on track.

Parker Moore worships and is an elected elder at his church, Decatur First Presbyterian, where he helps guide and grow the congregation. Every day, Parker is counseled and guided by his Christian faith and believes in giving back to his community. Parker is a proud graduate of Decatur High School and serves on numerous community organizations. He is currently on the Development Council with Huntsville Hospital.

Parker Moore is fighting tooth and nail for every citizen of our district. Since taking office, House District four has seen record economic growth, residential growth, and improved quality of life. When you voted to send Parker to the legislature in 2017 and 2018, he promised to be transparent, hold firm to the conservative values that made him who he is and fight for our shared values. That's exactly what Parker has done.

Parker is a consistent, lifelong, conservative who believes that anyone can pull themselves up by their bootstraps and achieve the American dream. Parker has spent his life helping get Republicans elected to public office. Between knocking on doors, making phone calls, putting out signs, and serving in local republican efforts, Parker has helped conservatives all across Alabama run for all levels of office and win -- effectively making Alabama a more conservative and Republican state.

Parker will go door to door, phone bank, and attend any event possible. He will work for each and every vote he receives and will never take your support for granted. He knows the people of District 4 and understands that they are not swayed by flashy ads, dramatic stories, or made-up controversies. That's why Parker chooses to campaign the old-fashioned way: going door to door and asking for your vote personally, honestly answering any question he can, and meeting each and every voter where they are.

Parker Moore is a lifelong resident of District 4 who knows our values. Parker wants to serve you in the legislature because he feels led to offer his time as a service to our community. Be on the lookout, Parker will likely be knocking on your door soon!

Status: Alabama State Representative for District 4
Party: Republican
Social Media:

Contact Information

Known contact information for Parker Moore from Decatur, AL.

  • 11 South Union Street, Suite 417-E
    Montgomery, AL 36104
  • Phone: 334-261-0579
  • Official Email: [email protected]

Education Information

Known educational history for Parker Moore from Decatur, AL.

  • Graduated, Political Science and History, University of Alabama, 2011

Political Information

Known political history for Parker Moore from Decatur, AL.

  • Candidate, Alabama State House of Representatives, District 4, 2022
  • Representative, Alabama State House of Representatives, District 4, 2018-present

Professions Information

Known professional history for Parker Moore from Decatur, AL.

  • North Alabama Marketing Representative, Encore Rehabilitation, present

Organizations Information

Known organizational history for Parker Moore from Decatur, AL.

  • Elder, Decatur First Presbyterian, present
  • Member, Development Council , Huntsville Hospital, present

Election History

Parker Moore from Decatur, AL has participated in elections listed below in the state of Alabama.

Sponsored Bills

View legislative bills that Parker Moore has sponsored.

Relating to Morgan County; to amend Section 45-52-233.02, Code of Alabama 1975, to further provide for the maintenance of abandoned and stolen personal property by the sheriff; to add Sections 45-52-233.04 through 45-52-233.09, inclusive, to the Code of Alabama 1975, to authorize the sheriff to sell certain abandoned, stolen, and unclaimed property at public auction; to provide for the auction and for the disposition of proceeds; to authorize the sheriff to sell or destroy certain, stolen, or unclaimed firearms; and to make nonsubstantive, technical revisions to update the existing code language to current style.
To authorize the Sheriff of Morgan County to establish procedures to make limited purchases using a credit card or debit card provided the proper procedures are followed.
Relating to the United States Armed Forces; to include the United States Space Force in all collective references to the United States Armed Forces.
Relating to alcoholic beverages; to amend Section 2 of Act 2022-431 of the 2022 Regular Session, now appearing as Section 28-3A-13.3, Code of Alabama 1975, to revise the amounts of alcoholic beverages that may be sold curbside.
Relating to the Board of Physical Therapy; to amend Sections 34-24-191, 34-24-193, 34-24-194, 34-24-196, 34-24-210, 34-24-210.1, 34-24-211, 34-24-212, 34-24-213, 34-24-214, and 34-24-217, Code of Alabama 1975; to give the board authority over certain physical therapy professionals licensed in other states.
Relating to public officers and employees; to amend Section 36-21-7, Code of Alabama 1975, to increase the time period during which the state or a political subdivision of the state must be reimbursed for the training of a new law enforcement officer, certified corrections officer, fire protection personnel, or firefighter; to include custom fitted uniform items in the required reimbursement; and to make nonsubstantive, technical revisions to update the existing code language to current style.
Relating to criminal procedure; to amend Sections 13A-5-9 and 15-18-8, Code of Alabama 1975, to further provide for the sentencing of individuals convicted of violating a Class D felony.

Retirement Systems, Employees Retirement System, procedure for funding benefit increases for retirees provided, actual annual cost identified in annual appropriation act
Massage Therapy, Board of, board authorized to grant executive director the authority to approve licenses, require massage therapy establishments and schools to carry liability insurance, definitions further provided, Sec. 34-43-10 repealed; Secs. 34-43-3, 34-43-6, 34-43-7, 34-43-8, 34-43-9, 34-43-11, 34-43-12, 34-43-14, 34-43-15, 34-43-20, 34-43-21 am'd.
National Guard, Space Force, Space National Guard, bill operative only if federal government creates Space National Guard, Secs. 31-2-1, 31-2-3, 31-2-55, 31-2-57, 31-3-1 am'd.
Landscape Architects, Board of Examiners of, use of the landscape architect title, by individuals and certain business entities, Secs. 34-17-4, 34-17-7, 34-17-24, 34-17-25 am'd.
Community development districts, new category establishment authorized, sale of alcoholic beverages permitted, Sec. 35-8B-1 am'd.
Military, spouses, occupational licensing boards, date revised by which rules must be adopted, timeframe extended for which a temporary permit to practice is effective, Sec. 31-1-6 am'd.
Firearms, prohibitions on state enforcement of certain federal firearm laws, provided

Time; to adopt Daylight Savings Time statewide if Congress amends Federal law to allow it.
Teachers' Retirement System, certain retired K-12 education employees authorize to return to work for academic year without suspension of retirement allowances, Sec. 16-25-26 am'd.
Zoological Park and Museum Commission, established in Birmingham, Huntsville, Montgomery, and Mobile, duties and membership established
Absentee elections, revise time period post election when unused materials must be preserved, Sec. 17-11-19 am'd.
Ad valorem tax on real property, senior property tax appraisal for persons age 70 or older on principal residence used for 10 years, appraisal value frozen on immediate prior year, exceptions, rules by Revenue Dept.
Criminal law, to modify the criminal penalties for criminal solicitation, attempt, and criminal conspiracy for consistency with Class D felony offenses, Secs. 13A-4-1, 13A-4-2, 13A-4-3 am'd.
Concealed carry permits, statewide standardized issuance and information management, lifetime carry permits created, firearms prohibited person database created, recreation, appeal process provided, operation by Alabama State Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA), Sec. 13A-11-75.1 repealed; Secs. 13A-11-70, 13A-11-75, 22-52-10.1 am'd.
Crimes and offenses, crimes of riot and inciting to riot, harassment, and assault II, amended, crimes of assault against a first responder, aggravated riot, and unlawful traffic interference, created, mandatory holding period for certain violations, provided, mandatory incarceration period for certain violations, provided, exceptions to sovereign immunity, further provided, restrictions on distribution of revenue to defunding jurisdictions, provided, Secs. 13A-11-3.1, 13A-11-5.1, 13A-11-8.1 added; Secs. 12-25-32, 13A-6-21, 13A-6-132, 13A-11-1, 13A-11-3, 13A-11-4, 13A-11-8, 13A-11-70, 15-13-2, 36-1-12, 36-2-1 am'd.
Criminal code, offenses against public order, firearms, concealed pistols, concealed carry permit, constitutional carry, pistol permits, Secs. 9-11-304, 13A-11-52, 13A-11-71, 13A-11-73, 13A-11-74 repealed; Secs. 13A-11-7, 13A-11-50, 13A-11-55, 13A-11-61.2, 13A-11-62, 13A-11-75, 13A-11-85, 13A-11-90 am'd.
Doxing, crime of created, penalties
Joint Legislative Oversight Committee on Obligation Transparency, created, membership, compensation, powers, and duties, provided
Schools, public K-12, athletic events allowing competition by one biological gender against another prohibited unless the event specifically includes both genders
Sheriffs, not required to be conservators, Sec. 26-2-27 repealed; Secs. 26-2-50, 26-2A-138 am'd.
Physical Therapy Licensure Compact, established to authorize licensed physical therapists and assistant to practice among compact member states
Abortion, physicians, duty of care owed to babies born alive after failed abortion, criminal penalties, definitions further provided
Education Dept., state property, Dept. of Edu., has authority to manange the construction and renovation of property that is part of a state educational institution, Sec. 41-4-400 am'd.
Motor vehicles, driving offenses, administrative suspension periods revised for certain driving offenses, Secs. 32-5-192, 32-5A-195, 32-5A-304 am'd.
Telephone communications, knowing and intentionally misleading use of inaccurate caller identification information, prohibited
Consumer Protection, Alabama Consumer Privacy Act, created, allow consumers to opt in or out to sale of personal information with certain conditions, require business collecting data to make certain disclosures, violation or deletion of, Deceptive Trade Practices Act
Sheriffs, term of office, to commence following election, technical revisions to term of county commissioner, Sec. 36-3-4 am'd.
Workers' compensation, firefighters, law enforcement officers, diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, reimbursed for certain out-of-pocket expenses, co's and municipalities required to maintain certain disability insurance coverage
Driving under the influence, to require the use of ignition interlock devices in certain circumstances, Sec. 32-5A-191 am'd.
Teachers' Retirement System, certain retired K-12 education employees authorize to return to work for academic year without suspension of retirement allowances, Sec. 16-25-26 am'd.
Off-road vehicles, all-terrain vehicles (ATV's) and recreational off-road vehicles, registration with Ala. State Law Enforcement Agency, width and weight restrictions increased, Sec. 32-12A-1 am'd.
Bail, criminal cases, creates Aniah's law, const. amend
Bail, to provide for an additional offense under which an individual can be denied bail, pretrial detention hearing under certain circumstances provided, Secs. 15-13-2, 15-13-3, 15-13-7, 15-13-104, 15-13-105, 15-13-106 am'd.
Teachers Retirement System, 30-year service retirement and conversion of sick leave allowed for Tier II, plan members, member contribution rate increased, Secs. 16-25-11.1, 16-25-14, 16-25-21 am'd.

Decatur, Board of Education, terms of office, further provided, compensation, Act 95-363, 1995 Reg. Sess., am'd.

HB 223
Off-road vehicles, all-terrain vehicles (ATV's) and recreational off-road vehicles, registration with Ala. State Law Enforcement Agency, width and weight restrictions increased, Sec. 32-12A-1 am'd.

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