Alabama State Representatives

A list of current Alabama State Representatives. Click each persons name to be taken to a dedicated profile page where you can learn more about the representative.

Corey Corey HarbisonRepublican12
Kyle Kyle SouthRepublican16
Mary Mary MooreDemocratic59
Joe Joe LovvornRepublican79
Ralph Ralph HowardDemocratic72
Adline Adline ClarkeDemocratic97
Randy Randy WoodRepublican36
Margie Margie WilcoxRepublican104
Allen Allen FarleyRepublican15
C. Mac McCutcheonRepublican25
Benjamin Allen TreadawayRepublican51
Anthony Anthony DanielsDemocratic53
Joe Joe FaustRepublican94
E. Richard Dickie DrakeRepublican45
Merika Merika ColemanDemocratic57
Prince Prince ChestnutDemocratic67
Parker Parker MooreRepublican4
Nathaniel Nathaniel LedbetterRepublican24
John John W. RogersDemocratic52
Chris Chris BlackshearRepublican80
Michael Mike BallRepublican10
Thomas Thomas JacksonDemocratic68
Danny Danny CrawfordRepublican5
Christopher Chris EnglandDemocratic70
Tim Tim WadsworthRepublican14
Pebblin Pebblin W. WarrenDemocratic82
Mike Mike JonesRepublican92
Rex Rex ReynoldsRepublican21
Phillip Phillip PettusRepublican1
Becky Becky NordgrenRepublican29
Chris Chris PringleRepublican101
James Tommy HanesRepublican23
Steve Steve ClouseRepublican93
Louise Louise AlexanderDemocratic56
Howard Howard SanderfordRepublican20
Berry Berry ForteDemocratic84
Reed Reed IngramRepublican75
Artis Artis McCampbellDemocratic71
Rolanda Rolanda HollisDemocratic58
David David FaulknerRepublican46
Chris Chris SellsRepublican90
J. Danny GarrettRepublican44
Kelvin Kelvin LawrenceDemocratic69
Steve Steve HurstRepublican35
Koven K.L. BrownRepublican40
Harry Harry ShiverRepublican64
Corley Corley EllisRepublican41
Bob Bob FincherRepublican37
Randall Randall SheddRepublican11
Barbara Barbara DrummondDemocratic103
Roderick Rod ScottDemocratic55
Paul Paul W. LeeRepublican86
Mike Mike HolmesRepublican31
Arnold Arnold MooneyRepublican43
Victor Victor GastonRepublican100
Laura Laura HallDemocratic19
Barbara Barbara Bigsby BoydDemocratic32
Rich Rich WingoRepublican62
Dexter Dexter GrimsleyDemocratic85
Kerry Kerry RichRepublican26
Alan Alan BakerRepublican66
Ritchie Ritchie WhortonRepublican22
Juandalynn Juandalynn GivanDemocratic60
Napoleon Napoleon BracyDemocratic98
Lynn Lynn GreerRepublican2
Jim Jim HillRepublican50
Jim Jim CarnsRepublican48
Terri Terri CollinsRepublican8
Connie Connie C. RoweRepublican13
David David StandridgeRepublican34
Andrew Andrew SorrellRepublican3
Andy Andy WhittRepublican6
Proncey Proncey RobertsonRepublican7
Scott Scott StadthagenRepublican9
Tracy Tracy EstesRepublican17
Jamie Jamie KielRepublican18
Wes Wes KitchensRepublican27
Gil Gil IsbellRepublican28
B. Craig LipscombRepublican30
Debbie Debbie WoodRepublican38
Ginny Ginny ShaverRepublican39
David David WheelerRepublican47
Neil Neil RaffertyDemocratic54
Rodney Rodney SullivanRepublican61
Brett Brett EasterbrookRepublican65
Tashina TaShina MorrisDemocratic77
Edward Ed OliverRepublican81
Jeremy Jeremy GrayDemocratic83
Jeff Jeff SorrellsRepublican87
Will Will DismukesRepublican88
Wes Wes AllenRepublican89
Rhett Rhett MarquesRepublican91
Matt Matt SimpsonRepublican96
Sam Sam JonesDemocratic99
Shane Shane StringerRepublican102
Chip Chip BrownRepublican105
Charlotte Charlotte MeadowsRepublican74
Van Van SmithRepublican42
Patrice Penni McClammyDemocratic76
Cynthia Cynthia Lee AlmondRepublican63
Russell Russell BedsoleRepublican49
Ben Ben RobbinsRepublican33
Kenneth Kenneth PaschalRepublican73
Kenyatté Kenyatte HassellDemocratic78
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