2023 Alabama Senate Bills

A list of all 2023 Alabama Senate Bills. Click any bill to read the full text and get the current status.

BillTitleSponsorLast ActionSigned
SB65Municipalities, occupational tax, reduced on annual basis to one percent, referendum under certain conditions in any county in which two or more municipalities have tax over one percent on January 1, 2023, occupational tax limited to activities in municipalities.Andrew Jones03/07/2023
SB64Jury service, individual 70 years of age or older may be permanently excused from serviceBobby D. Singleton03/07/2023
SB63Vestavia Hills, ad valorem tax, additional tax for public school purposes, referendumJ.T. Waggoner03/07/2023
SB62Unconscionable Pricing Act, state of emergency, Governor and Legislature authorized to specify time and place the act is applicable.Sam Givhan03/07/2023
SB61Teachers' Retirement System and Employees' Retirement System, to revise temporarily the eligibility and compensation of retirees for participating in either system after retirementSam Givhan03/07/2023
SB60Board of Nursing, cap on annual loan amount awarded for Alabama Loan-Repayment Program for Advanced Practice Nursing revisedApril Weaver03/07/2023
SB59Public Agencies, establishes the Personal Privacy Protection Act, prohibits public agency disclosure of information identifying supporters of 501(c) non-profit organizations.Rodger Smitherman03/07/2023
SB58Motor vehicles; speed contests and exhibitions of speed, prohibited; criminal penalties, providedRodger Smitherman03/07/2023
SB57Board of Nursing, Loan Repayment Program for Nursing Education createdApril Weaver03/07/2023
SB56Education, use of video cameras in certain special education classrooms requiredArthur Orr03/07/2023
SB55Guardianships and conservatorships, Colby Act, supported decision-making agreements in lieu of guardianship or conservatorship provided forArthur Orr03/07/2023
SB54Driver license suspensions; to provide for the elimination of the suspension of an individual's driver license or driving privilege in certain circumstances, and to provide retroactive effect.Merika Coleman03/07/2023
SB53Health, U.S. Department of Defense, events exempt from state public health laws under certain conditions.Tom Butler03/07/2023
SB52Education, Alabama Safe at Schools Act, certain school employees authorized to administer certain injectable medication related to adrenal insufficiencyArthur Orr03/07/2023
SB51Occupational Licensing Boards, consideration of criminal conviction when licensing restrictedRodger Smitherman03/07/2023
SB50Adoption, Adult Adoption Code, created; Minor Adoption Code, repealed and replacedArthur Orr03/07/2023
SB49Taxation and Revenue, income tax, exemption for taxable retirement income increasedArthur Orr03/07/2023
SB48Taxation and revenue, individual income tax rate reducedArthur Orr03/07/2023
SB47Taxation and revenue, individual income tax lowest bracket eliminatedArthur Orr03/07/2023
SB46Interstate Teacher Mobility Compact, facilitates the mobility of licensed teachers among compact member states.Arthur Orr03/07/2023
SB45Boards of registrars, to increase the salary of each member of the board of registrars and to allow any member of the county board of registrars to participate in any health insurance program provided by the county.Will Barfoot03/07/2023
SB44Court costs, appointed attorney's compensation in commitment proceeding, further provided forBobby D. Singleton03/07/2023
SB43Taxation, tax credits, Alabama employers provided a tax credit for employees eligible under the federal Work Opportunity Tax Credit program.Bobby D. Singleton03/07/2023
SB42Crimes and offenses; unlawful possession of marijuana; crime revised based on amount of ounces possessed; criminal penalties revisedBobby D. Singleton03/07/2023
SB41Courts, Nineteenth Judicial Circuit, Twenty-third Judicial Circuit, Twenty-eighth Judicial Circuit, compensation, benefits, electionWill Barfoot03/07/2023
SB40County and local government; building codes; prohibitions on adoption or enforcement of requirement to install certain latent features in residential structures, provided.Chris Elliott03/07/2023
SB39Courts, Twenty-third Judicial Circuit, Nineteenth Judicial Circuit, Twenty-eighth Judicial Circuit, compensation, benefits, dutiesSam Givhan03/07/2023
SB38Skyline, corp. limits altered.Steve Livingston03/07/2023
SB37Military Family Jobs Opportunity Act; eligible persons to include Department of Defense civil servantsSam Givhan03/07/2023
SB36Competitive Bidding, minimum amount of contracts subject to for local boards of education increased.Chris Elliott03/07/2023
SB35Health, abortion, exceptions added to abortion prohibitionVivian Davis Figures03/07/2023
SB34Abortion, The Alabama Human Life Protection Act, repealedVivian Davis Figures03/07/2023
SB33Counties & Municipalities, prohibited municipalities from setting speed limits on county-maintained streetsSteve Livingston03/07/2023
SB32Motor vehicle registrations; distinctive license plates for brain cancer research.J.T. Waggoner03/06/2023
SB31Taxation. Nourish One Child, a non-profit corporation, exempt from state, county, and municipal sales and use taxes.Steve Livingston03/06/2023
SB30Taxation. Upper Sand Mountain United Methodist Larger Parish, Incorporated exempt from state, county, and municipal sales and use taxes.Steve Livingston03/06/2023
SB29Taxation, Long Ranch, exempt from state, county and local ad valorem tax and sales and use tax.Steve Livingston03/06/2023
SB28Podiatry, scope of project revisedTim Melson03/06/2023
SB27Agricultural authorities, established in counties for agricultural facilities, board of directors, emeritus member provided for.Tim Melson03/01/2023
SB26Criminal Procedure, repealed authorization for citizen's arrestMerika Coleman02/27/2023
SB25Physical Therapy Practice Act; to give the board authority over certain physical therapy professionals licensed in other states.Greg Albritton02/23/2023
SB24Contracts; construction contracts, indemnification agreements regulated.Greg Albritton02/23/2023
SB23Circuit Clerks, salary based on pay plan of Unified Judicial SystemGreg Albritton02/23/2023
SB22Local Emergency Management Organizations, contract letting, director certification, salaries and federal funds further provided for; double-backed (green-back LSA # is 2023-182)Andrew Jones02/23/2023
SB21Voting rights restoration, application requirement and Certificate of Eligibility eliminated, Board of Pardons and Paroles to determine eligibility for restoration, indigent individual's rights to be restored in in compliance with requirements to pay fines, restitution, court costs, and fees.Linda Coleman-Madison02/23/2023
SB20Pharmacy Board, permit holders, required to designate a representative, qualifications, feesWilliam “Bill” M. Beasley02/23/2023
SB19Alabama Job Creation and Military Stability Commission; to expand membershipWilliam “Bill” M. Beasley02/23/2023
SB18Prosthetists and Orthotists, state board of, requirement that national boards certifying prosthetists and orthotists to the state board be certified by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies, deleted, approval of national board by the state boardWilliam “Bill” M. Beasley02/23/2023
SB17United States Armed Forces; United States Armed Forces to include United States Space ForceTom Butler02/22/2023
SB16Pharmacy Board, pharmacy permits, amended to clarify that only an entity required to have a permit.Tom Butler02/22/2023
SB15Motor vehicle value protection agreements, insurance policy of provider required to insure payments of obligations of providerShay Shelnutt02/22/2023
SB14Courts, exempted motions of contempt of a previously ordered protection from abuse judgment from having to pay court costs or filing feesClyde Chambliss02/22/2023
SB13Physical therapy, practice further provided without recent referral under certain conditions by license physical therapistTim Melson02/16/2023
SB12State holidays, Alabama Peace Officers' Memorial Day designatedWill Barfoot03/01/2023
SB11Alabama Uniform Trust Code; modification or termination of an uneconomic trust, further provided.Will Barfoot03/01/2023
SB10Electronic vote counting systems, prohibits modem technology, prohibits capability of connecting to internet, cell phone networks,Clyde Chambliss02/08/2023
SB9Electronic vote counting system, use of a paper ballot requiredClyde Chambliss02/08/2023
SB8Podiatry, scope of practice revised.Greg Albritton02/08/2023
SB7Pardons and Paroles, mandatory supervised release of inmates postponedChris Elliott01/31/2023
SB6Land bank authorities, multijurisdictional local land bank authorities provided for, taxes on local land bank authority property, Governor authorized to create local land bank authorities upon state of emergency,Linda Coleman-Madison01/30/2023
SB5Pardons and Paroles; to further provide for residential transition centersLinda Coleman-Madison01/30/2023
SB4Bay Minette corporate limits altered.Greg Albritton01/25/2023
SB3Bay Minette, corp. limits altered.Greg Albritton01/25/2023
SB2Department of Corrections, prohibits inmates from participating in training of dogs for tracking humansApril Weaver01/17/2023
SB1Department of Corrections; to further provide for the calculation of correctional incentive time, provide for reporting requirementsApril Weaver01/17/2023
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