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Who is Kirk Hatcher?
Kirk Hatcher

Kirk Hatcher presently serves as State Representative for the District 78 and the Director of Head Start in Montgomery County. A former English educator, Representative Hatcher taught a total of 17 years in schools in Montgomery, Alabama, Miami, Florida, and Rye, New York. He is native of Montgomery, Alabama, and a graduate of Saint Jude High School and Resurrection Catholic Elementary School.

Kirk received his Bachelor of Arts degree in the English and Political Science departments at Morehouse College, Atlanta, Georgia. He later earned the Master of Divinity degree from Emory University’s School of Theology, Atlanta, Georgia.

Prior to his arrival at Rye Country Day School, Rye, New York in Fall 2012, Kirk served on the faculties at Palmer Trinity School, Miami, Florida, and as an adjunct instructor/lecturer at the University of Miami, Miami, Florida. He also spent a couple of years serving on the English faculties in the Montgomery Public Schools, Montgomery, Alabama beginning in January 2000. Having served as an intern in the Office of Admission at Emory University from 1996-98, he was later appointed to the position of Associate Dean of Admission in the Office of Admissions at one of the country’s largest consortium of seminaries—The Interdenominational Theological Center, Atlanta, Georgia. He was later selected to serve as the Senior Program Officer for ITC FaithWorks Foundation.

Once active on the visiting lecture circuit, Kirk has offered annual mini-lectures on the Theology of Gospel Music mostly during the fall/winter semesters at the following educational institutions: Smith College, Northampton, Massachusetts; Hamilton College, Clinton, New York; Wells College, Aurora, New York; Claremont School of Theology, Claremont, California; Hollins University, Roanoke, Virginia; Muhlenberg College, Allentown, Pennsylvania; The Dana Hall School, Wesley, Massachusetts, and The Asheville School, Asheville, North Carolina.

While in his native Montgomery between the years 1988 and 1992, he served as a member of the staff at Alabama State University in the following capacities: Special Legal Assistant to the University General Counselor (Solomon S. Seay, Jr., Esq.); and Program Coordinator for Targeted Educational Advancement. A 1992 alumnus of Leadership Montgomery Class iX, Kirk served as the founding President of Success Roundtable: 2001, Inc. (an economic development organization comprised of business leaders, college presidents, clergymen, lawyers, lawmakers, physicians, educational leaders, and military officers). He is a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

Kirk is an accomplished vocalist and pianist (having served as choral director/keyboard accompanist beginning at age nine in his home/family congregation, Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church). A licensed Baptist minister, Kirk once served a yearlong appointment as the guest interim Senior Minister at the historic Sixteenth Street Baptist Church, Birmingham, Alabama.

A true believer in the words uttered by St. Luke (paraphrased)—“To whom much is given, much is indeed required.”

Status: Alabama State Senator for District 26
Party: Democrat
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Contact Information

Known contact information for Kirk Hatcher from Montgomery, AL.

  • 11 South Union Street, 7th Floor
    Montgomery, AL 36130
  • Phone: 334-261-9001
  • Official Email: Unknown

Education Information

Known educational history for Kirk Hatcher from Montgomery, AL.

  • MDiv, Theology, Emory University, 1993-1997
  • BA, English Language and Literature, Morehouse College, 1983-1988

Political Information

Known political history for Kirk Hatcher from Montgomery, AL.

  • Candidate, Alabama State Senate, District 26, 2022
  • Senator, Alabama State Senate, District 26, 2021-present
  • Representative, Alabama State House of Representatives, District 78, 2018-2021
  • Candidate, Alabama State House of Representatives, District 78, 2018

Professions Information

Known professional history for Kirk Hatcher from Montgomery, AL.

  • English Teacher, Rye Country Day School, 2012-2015

Organizations Information

Known organizational history for Kirk Hatcher from Montgomery, AL.

  • Former Employee, State of Alabama Transportation Legal Division
  • Founder, Success Roundtable: 2001, Incorporated

Election History

Kirk Hatcher from Montgomery, AL has participated in elections listed below in the state of Alabama.

Sponsored Bills

View legislative bills that Kirk Hatcher has sponsored.

Relating to sentencing; the amend Sections 13A-5-46 and 13A-5-47, Code of Alabama 1975, to require a unanimous vote of a jury to impose a death sentence in a capital murder case; to require a majority vote of a jury to impose a sentence of life imprisonment without parole; to add Sections 13A-5-46.1 and 13A-5-47.2 to the Code of Alabama 1975, to provide for resentencing for certain defendants sentenced for capital murder; to repeal Section 13A-5-47.1, Code of Alabama 1975; and to make nonsubstantive, technical revisions to update the existing code language to current style.
Relating to building codes; to create the Healthier Homes Construction Practices Act; to authorize counties and municipalities to adopt procedures for the installation and activation of temporary-permanent electricity or temporary-permanent gas under certain conditions; and to provide certain requirements for the activation.

Class 3 municipalities, Blight Review Board, created
Plumbers and gas fitters, journeyman plumber replaced with a residential plumber as a member of the board, expand examination options for a journeyman plumber or gas fitter, definitions, Secs. 34-37-1, 34-37-3, 34-37-6, 34-37-8, 34-37-12 am'd.
Montgomery Co. and municipalities with population of 5,000 or more, certain city employees, exempt , return to classified service, provided, Sec. 45-51A-32.113 am'd.
Montgomery Co., mayors allowed to participate in Employees' Retirement System, const. amend.
Municipal courts, fines and fees, Administrative Office of Courts to annually collect data on revenue, budgets, etc., municipal courts to utilize the Ala. state judicial information system or information system integrated with state system, penalties, Finance Dept to provide report forms, Examiners of Public Accounts or CPA authorized to audit
Class 3 municipality, organized under Act 618, 1973 Reg. Sess. (Montg.), airport authority, board of directors, appointed by mayor of municipality, Act 283, 1971 Third Sp. Sess., am'd.
Literacy Act, reading proficiency, third grade retention requirement postponed until 2023-2024 school year, additional duties to State Superintendent of Ed. re implementation of law, Sec. 16-6G-5 am'd.
Board of registrars, registrars, reallocation of days a registrar may annually work to another registrar, approval of county commission required, Sec. 17-3-8.1 added
Small Business Relief and Revitalization Act of 2022, cancellation of indebtedness income exempt from income tax, financial institution excise tax and corporate income tax due date extension, certain business tangible personal property ad valorem tax exemption, deposit of certified funds with Revenue in lieu of one-time surety bond for licensure, average monthly sales tax liability for estimated payments increased, Secs. 40-16-3.1, 40-18-39.1 added; Secs. 40-9-1, 40-23-6, 40-23-6.1, 40-23-7 am'd.
Port Authority, authorized to build and operate internmodal and multi-modal transfer facilities, Secs. 33-1-16, 33-1-31am'd.
Montgomery Co., county commission, salary, existing expense allowance converted to salary, Act 85-550, 1985 Reg. Sess., and Act 2007-331, 2007 Reg. Sess., repealed
Montgomery Co., county commission, salary increase
Abuse, registry for individuals convicted of certain crimes against elders, require certain care providers to query the registry, criminal penalties, Sec. 38-9-8 am'd.
Controlled substances, drug paraphernalia, exception for items used to test for the presence of fentanyl drugs, Sec. 13A-12-260 am'd.
Revenue Department, writs of garnishment, authorized to be issued by mail, Sec. 40-2-11am'd.
Taxation, income tax, exclusion of enhanced federal child tax credits from American Rescue Plan Act from calculation of federal income tax deduction for tax year 2021, extension of the due date for certain taxpayers, Secs. 40-16-3.1, 40-18-39.2 added.
Optometrists, practice of optometry further provided, Board of Optometry to regulate, to issue advisory opinions and declaratory rulings, Secs. 20-2-2, 34-22-1, 34-22-42 am'd.

Firearms, background checks, requirements provided on certain transfers
Taxation, Alabama State Missionary Baptist Convention, Incorporated and each local Baptist association in good standing of the convention, exempt from ad valorem and sales and use taxes, Sec. 40-9-12 am'd.
Elections, early voting, authorize voting during four to six day period immediately preceding election day
Absentee voting, inmate identification card valid form of ID to vote absentee, Sec. 17-9-30 am'd.
Absentee voting, authorize without providing excuse, Secs. 17-11-3, 17-11-7 am'd.
Voting, curbside voting authorized
State parks, Alabama State Parks Enhancement Authority created and authorized to issue bonds for support of state parks, const. amend.
Motor carriers, update references to the federal motor carrier safety regulation, Sec. 32-9A-2 am'd.
Student athletes, compensation for name, image, and likeness, working group for Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU's) , created
Firefighting agencies, paramedics employed by a firefighting agency of a Class 1 municipality are exempt from certain physical fitness requirements, Sec. 36-32-7 am'd.
State holidays, Robert E. Lee Day observed on second Monday in October, Sec. 1-3-8 am'd.
Student athletes, compensation for name, image, and likeness, working group for Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU's) , created
Holidays, to make Juneteenth a state holiday, require Governor to issue proclamation, allow counties and municipalities to elect to observe, Sec. 1-3-8 am'd.

Montgomery Co., ad valorem tax for Montg. School Tax District, levy at rate $1.85 on each $100 (18.5 mills) by co. commission, referendum of Montg. Co., not to include Pike Road
HB 196
Taxation, Alabama State Missionary Baptist Convention, Incorporated and each local Baptist association in good standing of the convention, exempt from ad valorem and sales and use taxes, Sec. 40-9-12 am'd.
HB 82
Student athletes, fair pay to play
HB 7
Elections, to provide that any vacancy in a judicial seat that occurs within 45 days of a primary or general election be filled by special election, Sec. 17-14-6 am'd.

HB 539
Taxation, Alabama State Missionary Baptist Convention, Incorporated and each local Baptist association in good standing of the convention, exempt from ad valorem and sales and use taxes, Sec. 40-9-12 am'd.

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