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Alabama Needs To Decriminalize Marijuana Possession

H.B. 96 is a major first step in reforming harsh sentencing laws that have had a devastating impact on our state. It would certainly relieve pressure on our overburdened courts and judges. Passing H.B. 96 would be a great bipartisan win for our state.

by Clete Wetli on March 18, 2019

Alabama Lottery Bill To Be Introduced Tomorrow

The people of Alabama may soon have a chance to vote on a lottery. Senator Jim McClendon (R, Springville), who represents District 11, plans to submit two bills when the Senate convenes on Tuesday, March 18. Together, they would legalize gambling in the state. “The […]

by Matthew Tyson on March 18, 2019

Term Limit Legislation Filed In Alabama

Alabama State Representative David Wheeler wants to make sure that he and other Representatives don’t get too comfortable in their elected positions. Wheeler filed HB 67 which would amend the Alabama Constitution and limit both Representatives and Senators to 2 term limits each. The exact […]

by Brent Wilson on March 15, 2019

Alabama HB 96 Would Treat One Ounce of Marijuana As Simple Fine

Representative Laura Hall wants to change Alabama’s marijuana laws. Hall has introduced HB 96 which will change what defines unlawful possession of marijuana in the first degree and second degree while also creating unlawful possession of marijuana in the third degree. The bill, should it […]

by Brent Wilson on March 14, 2019

Rebuild Alabama Act Signed Into Law 5 Days After Introduced

That’s all folks. In one of the largest tax hikes in Alabama’s recent history, Kay Ivey signed into law the Rebuild Alabama Act just five days after it was introduced in a Special Session. By October 2021 your gas tax will have increased to .10 […]

by Brent Wilson on March 13, 2019