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Hunter Pepper Facebook Post

Decatur, AL City Councilman Hunter Pepper joked on Facebook in 2018 about running over black protesters in Hoover, AL, at a time protests were happening over the police shooting of E.J. Bradford at the Riverchase Galleria in Hoover. In a Facebook post from November of…

A noose hanging freely in a room

Let’s be perfectly crystal clear here: The only monuments in question are CONFEDERATE monuments.

Collection of vote badges

Tuscaloosa, AL polls close at 7 PM and results are expected soon after the polls close. We are tracking each contested election which you can follow by viewing the links below. Each link will open a new page that will display the latest results as…

Donald J. Trump

No matter, it sure sounded good to his base and he was able to squeeze in a few references about how Trump magically made America great again.

Alabama House Democratic Caucus cover

The Alabama House Democratic Caucus on Wednesday hosted a Zoom call that discussed their legislative agenda for the current 2021 legislative session. The call included Democratic House members Anthony Daniels (D-Huntsville), Adline Clarke (D-Mobile), Barbara Drummond (D-Mobile), Chris England (D-Tuscaloosa), Neil Rafferty (D-Birmingham), Mary Moore…

Alabama House Democratic Caucus cover photo

The Alabama House Democratic Caucus will be hosting a live stream event Wednesday, February 24, 2021 at 11 A.M. to put promote their legislative agenda and goals for the 2021 Alabama Legislative Session. According to the press release published below, some of the mentioned topics…

Family holding hands within a heart

February is American Heart Month. During this month, we raise awareness of our nation’s number one killer – heart disease. Part of that awareness is urging our citizens to visit their primary care doctor and learn about risk factors and how to get them under…

Voting at a ballot box

An Alabama House bill has been submitted that would prohibit straight-party voting in the state. The bill, HB397, currently has 19 sponsors, all Democrats. Only six states, including Alabama, currently allow the practice with Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Oklahoma, and South Carolina being the others. Alabama…

Better Ballot Alabama

Written by Brent Wilson on February 14, 2021
Better Ballot Alabama Logo

Better Ballot Alabama working to bring Ranked Choice Voting to Alabama Alabama — Feb 14, 2021 — Better Ballot Alabama is a grassroots organization that was started in Dec of 2020 with the idea to start laying the groundwork for a Ranked Choice Voting movement…


What began as a breeze is starting to shape up as a strong political wind. If Alabama Democrats continue along their new path, the state may be in for some big and positive changes soon.