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Alabama State Senators

A list of current Alabama State Senators. Click each persons name to be taken to a dedicated profile page where you can learn more about the Senator.

Photo Name Party District
Timothy Melson Tim Melson Republican 1
Tom Butler Tom Butler Republican 2
Arthur Orr Arthur Orr Republican 3
Garlan Gudger Garlan Gudger Republican 4
Greg Reed Greg J. Reed Republican 5
John Williams Jack W. Williams Republican 34
Donnie Chesteen Donnie Chesteen Republican 29
David Sessions David Sessions Republican 35
Vivian Figures Vivian Davis Figures Democratic 33
Tom Whatley Tom Whatley Republican 27
Jim McClendon Jim McClendon Republican 11
Del Marsh Del Marsh Republican 12
Rodger Smitherman Rodger Smitherman Democratic 18
Linda Coleman-Madison Linda Coleman-Madison Democratic 20
Priscilla Dunn Priscilla Dunn Democratic 19
Jimmy Holley Jimmy Holley Republican 31
Clay Scofield Clay Scofield Republican 9
Greg Albritton Greg Albritton Republican 22
Clyde Chambliss Clyde Chambliss Republican 30
Steve Livingston Steve Livingston Republican 8
William Beasley William "Bill" M. Beasley Democratic 28
Shay Shelnutt Shay Shelnutt Republican 17
Gerald Allen Gerald H. Allen Republican 21
Larry Stutts Larry Stutts Republican 6
JT Waggoner J.T. Waggoner Republican 16
Bobby Singleton Bobby D. Singleton Democratic 24
Kirk Hatcher Kirk Hatcher Democratic 26
Sam Givhan Sam Givhan Republican 7
Andrew Jones Andrew Jones Republican 10
Randy Price Randy Price Republican 13
Dan Roberts Dan Roberts Republican 15
Malika Sanders-Fortier Malika Sanders-Fortier Democratic 23
Will Barfoot Will Barfoot Republican 25
Chris Elliott Chris Elliott Republican 32
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