Donnie Chesteen

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General Information

Who is Donnie Chesteen?
Donnie Chesteen

Donnie Chesteen is seeking the office of State Representative for District 87, serving all of Geneva County and a portion of Houston County. Chesteen is a graduate of Geneva County High School in Hartford and has been a lifelong resident of Geneva County. He has a BS and MS degree in Physical Education from Troy University.

After graduating from Troy University in 1975, Chesteen began his career in education as a teacher and football coach in Geneva County. He served two schools, Geneva County High School in Hartford, (1977-1980) and Geneva High School in Geneva (1981-1987) as Head Football Coach and Athletic Director.

Chesteen left the coaching profession in 1988 and began a new career as a medical sales representative for Mead Johnson. He worked with doctors and health care professionals in the Dothan area until his retirement in 2009. During this time, he was appointed to the Geneva City Board of Education and served as its Chairman.

After retiring from Mead Johnson, Chesteen returned to education as an assistant football coach at Geneva High School and continues his love of raising cattle.

“I feel that with all of my work with my students as a mentor to young men and women, as a husband, as a father, as an administrator, and a medical sales representative, I have the type of life experience and perspective that could best serve our communities in District 87.”

Chesteen will use his lifetime of experience as an educator, cattle farmer, and medical sales representative to work with people from all walks of life to fight for the interest of the Wiregrass area. He plans to run his race based on three areas of concern: the economy, education and integrity of elected officials.

“I will do my best to continue in the tradition of the late State Representative Warren Beck and be a voice for the conservative principles that our area holds true. I will work only for the voters of House District 87, not the special interest in Montgomery who tries to control what is done in Geneva and Houston County.”

Chesteen states that he will only make one promise: “I will always have an open door, and an open phone line for my constituents, and I will vote my conscience to do what is right for the people in my district.”

Chesteen and his wife, Stephanie, have been married thirty years and they have two children: Roxanna Chesteen, a child-life specialist in Birmingham; and Christopher Chesteen, a loan officer with SB & T Bank of Geneva, and his fiancée, Kasey Zorn of Samson.

Status: Alabama State Senator for District 29
Party: Republican
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Contact Information

Known contact information for Donnie Chesteen from Geneva, AL.

  • 11 South Union Street, Suite 735
    Montgomery, AL 36130-4600
  • Phone: 334-261-0890
  • Official Email: [email protected]

Education Information

Known educational history for Donnie Chesteen from Geneva, AL.

  • BS, Physical Education, Troy University
  • MS, Physical Education, Troy University

Political Information

Known political history for Donnie Chesteen from Geneva, AL.

  • Candidate, Alabama State Senate, District 29, 2022
  • Senator, Alabama State Senate, District 29, 2018-present
  • Representative, Alabama State House of Representatives, District 87, 2010-2018

Professions Information

Known professional history for Donnie Chesteen from Geneva, AL.

  • Sales Representative, Bristol-Myers Squibb, retired
  • Assistant Football Coach, Geneva High School, present
  • Head Football Coach/Athletic Director, Samson High School, present
  • Medical Sales Representative, Mead Johnson, 1988-2009
  • Head Football Coach/Athletic Director, Geneva High School, 1981-1987
  • Teacher/Football Coach, Geneva County High School Hartford, 1977-1980

Congressional Information

Known congressional history for Donnie Chesteen from Geneva, AL.

  • Former Chair, Technology and Research Committee, Alabama State House of Representatives
  • Former Member, Ways and Means Education Committee, Alabama State House of Representatives
  • Former Vice Chair, Agriculture and Forestry Committee, Alabama State House of Representatives

Organizations Information

Known organizational history for Donnie Chesteen from Geneva, AL.

  • Member, Alabama Cattlemen's Association, present
  • Member, First Baptist Church of Geneva, present
  • Member, Alabama Farmers Federation, present
  • Former Chair, Geneva City Board of Education
  • Former Member, Geneva Rotary Club
  • Member, Choctawhatchee, Pea and Yellow Rivers Watershed Management Authority

Election History

Donnie Chesteen from Geneva, AL has participated in elections listed below in the state of Alabama.

Sponsored Bills

View legislative bills that Donnie Chesteen has sponsored.

Municipal business license, rental and leasing services, not required to obtain a business license in each municipality in which its equipment is rented or leased
Geneva, alcoholic beverages, sale of draft or keg beer, city council may authorize
Business privilege tax, minimum business privilege tax for taxable years beginning after December 31, 2022, reduced a full exemption on amounts due of $100 or less for taxable years beginning after December 31, 2023, Section 40-14A-22 am'd.
Counties, license taxes, prohibited on farmers
Home building, Alabama Residential Building Code Advisory Council, established, provides for powers and authority, provides for adoption of Alabama Residential Building Code, establishes Alabama Residential Building Code Division within the Home Builders Licensure Board, Secs. 27-2-39, 34-14A-1, 34-14A-2, 34-14A-7, 34-14A-12, 34-14A-20, 41-23-80, 41-23-81, 41-23-82, 41-23-84, 41-23-85 am'd.
Unemployment compensation, individual required to search for work a certain number of times per week to be eligible to receive benefits, Sec. 25-4-77 am'd.
Education, issuance of professional educator certificate to individuals completing approved alternative teacher preparation programs, further provided for, St. Board of Education to adopt policies, Sec. 16-23-3.01 added; Sec. 16-23-3 am'd.
Municipal courts, fines and fees, Administrative Office of Courts to annually collect data on revenue, budgets, etc., municipal courts to utilize the Ala. state judicial information system or information system integrated with state system, penalties, Finance Dept to provide report forms, Examiners of Public Accounts or CPA authorized to audit
Redistricting, legal challenges against statewide plans, establish venue before 3-judge panel to hear challenge, Sec. 29-1-2.5 am'd.
Small Business Relief and Revitalization Act of 2022, cancellation of indebtedness income exempt from income tax, financial institution excise tax and corporate income tax due date extension, certain business tangible personal property ad valorem tax exemption, deposit of certified funds with Revenue in lieu of one-time surety bond for licensure, average monthly sales tax liability for estimated payments increased, Secs. 40-16-3.1, 40-18-39.1 added; Secs. 40-9-1, 40-23-6, 40-23-6.1, 40-23-7 am'd.
State Employee Retirees' Trust Fund Funding Act, State Employee Retirees' Trust Fund created in State Treasury as permanent trust and investment account to fund periodic bonus checks for state employee retirees
Abuse, registry for individuals convicted of certain crimes against elders, require certain care providers to query the registry, criminal penalties, Sec. 38-9-8 am'd.
Occupational therapy, Occupational Therapy Licensure Compact, occupational therapists authorized to practice on a limited basis among compact states
Rural economic development, Rural Logging Support Act, established, taxpayers authorized to receive a tax credit for contributions to logging support organizations, exceptions for weight restrictions for certain vehicles used in forest commerce
Public assistance, requires compliance with child support enforcement programs to qualify for food assistance, Sec. 38-4-15 added.
Taxation, income tax, exclusion of enhanced federal child tax credits from American Rescue Plan Act from calculation of federal income tax deduction for tax year 2021, extension of the due date for certain taxpayers, Secs. 40-16-3.1, 40-18-39.2 added.
Crimes and offenses, secondary metals recyclers, requirements for purchase, possession, and sale of detached catalytic converters, Secs. 13A-8-37.3 added; Sec. 13A-8-31.1, 13A-8-37.1 am'd.
Public deposits, Security for Alabama Funds Enhancement (SAFE) Program board, to allow for virutal meetings, Sec. 41-14A-6 am'd.
Education, constitutional amendment, public K-12 schools required to play Star-Spangled Banner on schools and at school athletic events, const. amend.
Education, Prepaid Affordable College Tuition Program board, may meet electronically, Sec. 16-33C-4.1 am'd.
Alabama Trust Fund, virtual meetings, provided for, operation of board provided for, Sec. 36-17-21 added.
Flags, prohibits state agencies or institutions from purchasing American flag or Alabama State flag manufactured outside the United States
Public contracts, exemption from certain bid requirements for certain educational entities providing meals under the Child Nutrition Program, Secs. 16-13B-2.1, 41-16-51.2 added.
County tax assessing official, tax valuation disputes, authorized to defend state, Sec. 40-3-26 am'd.
Facial recognition technology, use of match as the sole basis of probable cause or arrest, prohibited
Motor vehicle dealers, warranty service by dealers paid by manufacturers, reasonable compensation to be paid, determination procedures, Sec. 8-20-7 am'd.

State parks, Alabama State Parks Enhancement Authority created and authorized to issue bonds for support of state parks, const. amend.
Taxation, military, state income tax deduction for military pay for certain Alabama taxpayers not residing in the state who are members of the armed forces
Teachers, math and science teachers, salary schedule, add'l compensation, Education Dept. to administer, add'l salary supplement for hard-to-staff schools, terms of employment contracts, fund created in State Treasury, commencing 2021-2022 school year, funding in education budget
Education Retirees' Trust Fund Funding Act, Education Retirees Trust Fund created in State Treasury as permanent trust to fund periodic bonus checks for education retirees, duties of TRS Board of Control specified
State holidays, Robert E. Lee Day observed on second Monday in October, Sec. 1-3-8 am'd.
Covid-19 Recovery Capital Credit Protection Act of 2021, created, employment and wage requirements for qualifying projects extended, compensation amounts for exemption purposes increased, Sec. 40-18-19.1 am'd.
Veterans' Affairs, State Board of, adding a Gold Star Family member to the board, updating existing code, making nonsubstantive, technical revisions, Sec. 31-5-3 am'd.
Hunting, feral swine and coyote hunting at night permitted with an appropriate license under certain circumstances, Sec. 9-11-235 am'd.
Legislature, to call itself into a special session under certain conditions authorized, const. amend.
Motor vehicles, authorized volunteer firefighter vehicles, authorized to be equipped with emergency lights, certain operating privileges, provided, Sec. 32-5A-7.1 added.
Department of Public Health, reconstituted, State Board of Health, State Committee of Public Health, State Health Officer abolished, State Health Advisory Board, Secretary of ADPH, medical director established, county boards of health, membership revised, Secs. 22-2-9, 22-2-10, 22-2-11, 22-2-12, 22-2-13, 22-3-8 repealed; Secs. 22-1-1, 22-1-3, 22-2-1, 22-2-2, 22-2-3, 22-2-4, 22-2-5, 22-2-6, 22-2-7, 22-2-8, 22-3-1, 22-11A-38, 22-22A-2, 22-29-1, 22-37A-2, 34-15-2, 34-15-5 am'd.
Community College System, tenure and discipline of faculty and staff hired on or after August 1, 2021, pursuant to policy adopted by Board of Trustees of Alabama Community College System in lieu of Students First Act of 2011, Secs. 16-60-111.4, 16-60-111.7 am'd.
Foster homes, defines additional types of foster family homes, Sec. 38-7-2 am'd.
Electrical Contractors, Alabama Board of, board membership revised, board authorized to subpoena witnesses and investigate complaints, expiration of licenses, local business licenses texting deleted, Secs. 34-36-3, 34-36-4, 34-36-6, 34-36-7, 34-36-8, 34-36-9, 34-36-13, 34-36-16 am'd.
Motor vehicles, certificates of title, certain notarization requirements waived, collection of commissions, further provided, issuance of new certificates of title, further provided, Secs. 32-8-3, 32-8-7, 32-8-35, 32-8-43, 32-20-3, 32-20-5, 32-20-23, 32-20-29 am'd.
Education Dept., state property, Dept. of Edu., has authority to manange the construction and renovation of property that is part of a state educational institution, Sec. 41-4-400 am'd.
Agricultural lime, required to be labeled with relative neutralizing value as defined, Secs. 2-23-2, 2-23-4 am'd.
Workers' compensation, firefighters, law enforcement officers, diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, reimbursed for certain out-of-pocket expenses, co's and municipalities required to maintain certain disability insurance coverage
Board of Medical Examiners and Medical Licensure Commission, providing further for confidentiality of board meetings, updating of approved accreditation organizations, and requirements for a certificate of qualification, qualifications and procedures for issuance of temporary certificates of qualification and licenses to physicians and assistants to physician applicants who are in state under military orders, Secs. 34-24-70.1, 34-24-301.1 added; Secs. 34-24-60, 34-24-70, 34-24-297, 34-24-302, 34-24-337, 34-24-361 am'd.
State Health Officer, order issued in response to outbreak of a disease has full force of law if approved by Governor and filed with Secretary of State in state of emergency, Secs. 22-2-8, 31-9-8, 31-9-13 am'd.
Education Retirees' Trust Fund Funding Act, Education Retirees Trust Fund created in State Treasury as permanent trust to fund periodic bonus checks for education retirees, duties of TRS Board of Control specified
Teachers Retirement System, 30-year service retirement and conversion of sick leave allowed for Tier II, plan members, member contribution rate increased, Secs. 16-25-11.1, 16-25-14, 16-25-21 am'd.
Coronavirus, immunity for certain entities from claims relating to contraction of or exposure to coronovirus

Schools, public K-12, require public schools to install water bottle filling stations in schools, State Board of Education required to adopt rules and enforce
Elections, Election Emergency Act, establish, suspension or delay election in emergency, authorized, Secs. 17-9-70 to 17-9-73, inclusive, added; Sec. 17-11-3 am'd.
Teachers Retirement System, 30-year service retirement and conversion of sick leave allowed for Tier II, plan members, member contribution rate increased, Secs. 16-25-11.1, 16-25-14, 16-25-21 am'd.
Electrical Contractors, Alabama Board of, board membership revised, board authorized to subpoena witnesses and investigate complaints, expiration of licenses, local business licenses texting deleted, Secs. 34-36-3, 34-36-4, 34-36-6, 34-36-7, 34-36-8, 34-36-9, 34-36-13, 34-36-16 am'd.
Juveniles, grounds for termination of parental rights, factors for juvenile courts to consider, permanency plans for children, Secs. 12-15-319, 26-10A-17 am'd.
SB 143
Local Boards of Education, military dependents deemed Alabama residents for purposes of virtual education when member of US Armed Forces ordered to relocate to state, Sec. 16-46A-1 am'd.
SB 5
Taxation, provide income tax deduction, military stationed out of state

SB 414
Taxation, provide income tax deduction, military stationed out of state
SB 324
Soil and water conservation districts, extend limited civil liability immunity to district supervisors and employees for rental or lending of equipment, Sec. 9-8-25 am'd.
SB 318
Transportation, Class A restricted CDL, issued to applicants aged 18 years but under 21 years, restriction limits, operation of commerical vehicles within state lines
SB 240
Elections, authorize student interns to assist, program created
SB 159
Telecommunications, broadband services, deployment of broadband infrastructure and telecommunication services near the right-of-way of railroads, procedure established

HB 337
Motor vehicles, following too closely, exemption provided, truck platoons, Dept. of Transportation, Secs. 32-1-1.1, 32-5A-89 am'd.
HB 310
Forestry Commission, rules concerning state forests and other land it controls, criminal penalties for violations; Sec. 9-13-10.2 added
HB 309
Agriculture and Conservation Development Commission, allocation of funds to soil and water conservation districts, minimum deleted, Sec. 9-8A-5 am'd.
HB 260
Irrigation equip. or reservoirs for agriculture purposes, income tax credit, eligibility for credit, Sec. 40-18-342 am'd.
HB 230
Craft Training Board, members, terms and term limits, bd reappointed, Sec. 41-4-412 am'd.
HR 374
Samson High School Lady Tigers Basketball Team - Commended
HJR 48
Sheriff L. D. "Red" Sizemore Memorial Highway, portion of State Highway 85 in Geneva Co., named, Act 2012-123, 2012 Reg. Sess., repealed

Geneva Co., sales tax, co. commission authorized to levy additional tax, distrib. for jail construction and road and bridges, referendum, Act 2014-210, 2014 Reg. Sess., am'd.
Income tax, irrigation project tax credit, add'l credit authorized with cap, Sec. 40-18-342 am'd.
Motor vehicles, towing, ALEA authorized to regulate, fee dispute resolution process, civil penalties
Information technology, Information Services Division and State Business Systems Division, transfer from Dept. of Finance to the Office of Information Technology, Secs. 41-28-1, 41-28-3 am'd.

Geneva Co., co. commission, excise tax on motor fuel, const. amend.
Alabama Ahead Act, provisions re pen-enabled, phase-in, reassignment, and advisory committee deleted, oversight committee established, use of funds for high-quality standards-based broadband wifi infrastructure provided, effective date amended, Secs. 16-16B-1, 16-16B-2 am'd., Act 2012-560 am'd.

Geneva Co., co. commission, excise tax on motor fuel, const. amend.
Alabama Ahead Act, provisions re pen-enabled, phase-in, reassignment, and advisory committee deleted, oversight committee established, use of funds for high-quality standards-based broadband wifi infrastructure provided, effective date amended, Secs. 16-16B-1, 16-16B-2 am'd., Act 2012-560 am'd.

Schools, Alabama Ahead Act, use of bonds to purchase and install high quality standards-based broadband Wi-Fi infrastructure in all public K-12 schools, Sec. 16-16B-2.1 added; Secs. 16-16B-1, 16-16B-2, 16-16B-3 am'd.
State agencies, local boards of ed., colleges, employee benefits, employees to receive annual summary
Flexible School Calendar Act, temporary calendar parameters removed, local board of education may provide for 1080 instructional hours, Sec. 16-13-231 am'd.

Alabama Retired Education Employees' Health Care Trust, percentage of full market value of trust allowed to be distributed, increased, Sec. 36-36-6 am'd.
Trails Commission, and advisory board, members, terms, commission may be transferred from Department of Economic and Community Affairs to another agency, Secs. 41-23-140, 41-23-141 am'd.
Contractors, public works contracts, timely payments, contractor required to timely pay a subcontractor for work completed, Sec. 8-29-3 am'd.
Public employees, certain employees on active military duty, compensation provided for, Secs. 31-12-5, 31-12-6 am'd.
Minors, Internet post, removal under certain circumstances
Fetal Heartbeat Act, prohibits physician from performing abortion without first determining fetal heartbeat, physician who does not make determination or who performs abortion when heartbeat detected is guilty of Class C felony
Abortions, information required to be provided to a woman prior to abortion, time period increased from 24 hours to 48 hours, Sec. 26-23A-4 am'd.
Athletic scholarships, limit of 4 awarded to out-of-state students at junior colleges
Oil and Gas Board, oil and gas wells, drainage or production units, regulation of horizontal wells in oil reservoirs and offshore wells in gas reservoirs, Secs. 9-17-1, 9-17-12 am'd.
Flexible School Calendar Act, temporary calendar parameters removed, local board of education may provide for 1080 instructional hours, Sec. 16-13-231am'd.
Sales tax exemption under certain conditions, effective date modified, Act 2013-443, 2013 Reg. Sess., am'd.; Sec. 40-9-39.1 am'd.
Title loan business, licensure and regulation of, charges concerning title loans, definitions, penalties, Alabama Title Loan Act
Boundaries, state, territorial waters and submerged lands, limits and boundaries, Sec. 41-1-1 am'd.
Employees' Retirement System, one-time lump-sum additional payment to retirement allowance of certain retirees and beneficiaries
Examiners of Public Accounts Department, placed in Office of State Auditor, appointment of Chief Examiner of the department, Secs. 36-16-1, 41-5-1, 41-5-3, 41-5-6, 41-5-6.1, 41-5-7, 41-5-8, 41-5-10 am'd; Secs. 41-5-4, 41-5-5, 41-5-9, 41-5-18, 41-5-19, 41-5-20 repealed
Geneva Co., sales tax, co. commission authorized to levy additional tax, collect, distrib. for jail construction, road and bridges, and resource officers, referendum
Alabama Workforce Council, created, duties, workforce development, membership, advisement of Postsecondary and Education Departments, administration by Commerce Department
Solid waste, application process for permits, local governing body approval, deemed denied if not approved within certain number of days, Sec. 22-27-48 am'd.
Grandparents, visitation with grandchildren, petition procedure and burden of proof established, Sec. 30-3-4.1 repealed
Jurors, service in criminal cases, names of sealed, contact by parties with for specified purposes prohibited, procedures for contact with jurors, penalties for violation
Criminal procedure, new classes of capital offense, Secs. 13A-5-40, 13A-5-49 am'd.
Criminal witnesses, contact with by criminal defendant prohibited without notice to prosecutor, penalties for violations, Defense Initiated Victims Outreach initiative, funding of by public funds prohibited, Sec. 15-23-73 am'd.
Criminal procedure, new classes of capital offense, reduce appeal time, Fair Justice Act
University of South Alabama, board of trustees, members, term decreased, chair pro tempore authorized to call special meetings, Secs. 16-55-2, 16-55-5, 16-55-6 am'd.
Human Resources Department, public assistance, drug testing for applicants and recipients required upon reasonable suspicion, ineligibility under certain conditions, department to implement, rulemaking authority
Revenue Department, taxes and fees, suspension by administrative rule when cost of collection is higher than amount collected, periodic review, Sec. 40-1-49 added
Sovereign immunity, immunity for officers, employees, agents of the state, including certain employees of local school boards and State Board of Education, specified in official and personal capacity under certain conditions

Motor vehicle license tags, renewal when the registration contains multiple parties, only one driver's license or other proof required, Sec. 32-7A-17 am'd.
Geneva Co., sheriff, expense allowance and compensation, retroactive effect
Public assistance, fraud in obtaining, crime established, penalties, theft of services, knowledge requirement deleted, Sec. 13A-8-10 am'd.
Sales and use tax, aircraft conversion, exemption for ground support equipment and vehicles, Sec. 40-9-25.19 added
Religious expression in schools, authorized, Alabama Student Religious Liberties Act
Civil actions, attorney fees and costs awarded to prevailing party
Veterans, permanently and totally disabled, state income tax, credit for sales tax paid up to a certain amount
Unemployment compensation, substitute employees of schools, exempt from collecting, Sec. 25-4-10 am'd.
Houston Co., judge of probate, co. commission authorized to levy additional insurance fee of $1 for all licenses and renewal
Public education employees, salary increase, including K-12 and certain other designated education institutions, liability insurance program to be established by Finance Department in consultation with Education Department
Geneva Co., pretrial diversion program, certain municipalities authorized to establish
Colleges and universities, residency for determining admission and tuition, active duty service members, spouses, dependents, veterans and other students considered resident students under certain conditions, Sec. 16-24-2 am'd.
Public employees, certain employees on active military duty, compensation provided for, Secs. 31-12-5, 31-12-6 am'd.
Motor fuel, state levy equivalent amount of tax should Congress fail to levy, eliminate, or reduce, Road and Bridge Funding Preservation Act
Planning and zoning, military land use planning, municipalities and counties, military installation, consideration of the effect of land use plan on, municipalities required to consider in master plan, Sec. 11-52-8 am'd.; Secs. 11-106-1 to 11-106-5, inclusive, added
Elections, absentee ballots, Sec. of State by emergency rule may permit first responders to vote absentee, expenses paid by state, Secs. 17-11-3, 17-11-7 am'd.
Conservation and Natural Resources Department, whitetail deer, hunting season extended, pilot program
Capital offenses, appeal directly to Alabama Supreme Court, Sec. 13A-5-53 am'd.
Weights and measures, registered service agent to conduct testing and inspection of devices, Agriculture and Industries Department to provide registration and regulation of agents, Board of Agriculture and Industries authorized to adopt a schedule of civil fines for violations, Secs. 8-16-1, 8-16-6, 8-16-7, 8-16-18 am'd.
Hunting licenses, disabled veterans, military appreciation hunting license, three day trip event hunting license authorized, Secs. 9-11-44, 9-11-49 am'd.
Military service members, credit for professional business or licensing requirements based on military training and service, licenses remain in effect for military members while on active duty
Aircraft, manufacturers of commercial aircraft or aircraft parts, statute of limitations, statute of repose, forum non conveniens provided in civil liability actions, allocation of fault, Alabama Commercial Aviation Business Improvement Act of 2013
Retirement, retirees of Employees' Retirement System limited to certain annual amount, annual compensation limitation removed for certain law enforcement officers who are retired, Sec. 36-27-8.2 am'd.
Sales tax, exempting ammunition manufactured for firearms from sales tax, Sec. 40-23-4 am'd.
Driving under the influence, crime further defined, term "under the influence" defined, Sec. 32-5A-191 am'd
Public assistance, TANF benefits, a person convicted of a felony ineligible for benefits, disclosure of felony conviction by applicant required
Business license tax, rental of residential real estate tax, not to be on a per unit basis, const. amend.
Firearms, infringement on the right to keep and bear arms by federal government prohibited, federal acts violating Second Amendment declared void, Second Amendment Preservation Act
Sales and use tax, aircraft parts used to refurbish cargo aircraft, use tax exemption further provided for, local government approval of local taxes, Sec. 40-23-62 am'd
Navigable waters, obstructing prohibited, civil enforcement, civil penalties, exceptions
Private Investigation Board, established, licensing and regulation of private investigators, members, terms, powers, vacancies, subject to Administrative Procedure Act, civil and criminal penalties, Private Investigators Licensing and Regulatory Act
Houston Co., sheriff, authorized to provide retiring officer with badge and pistol, retroactive effect
Income tax, tax credit for rehabilitation, preservation, and development of certain historic structures
Board of Hearing Instrument Dealers, to provide further for definitions, remove specific fees and authorize board to set by rule, Secs. 34-14-1 to 34-14-9, inclusive, 34-14-11, 34-14-30, 34-14-32, 34-14-33 am'd.

Geneva County, sales tax, county commission authorized to levy additional tax, collect, distribution for jail construction, road and bridges, and resouces officers, referendum
Geneva Co., sheriff, pistol permits, fee increased, Act 94-461, 1994 Reg. Sess. am'd.
Motor vehicles, parts, components, and systems used in the conversion, reconfiguration, or maintenance, physical and mental challenges to meet the needs of owner, conversion of motor vehicle exempt from motor vehicle license fees of Chapter 6, Title 32, Sec. 40-23-4 am'd
Dothan, pretrial diversion program, city authorized to establish
Education, school grading system to be developed by State Superintendent of Education for K-12 schools
Legislative School Performance Recognition Program, established to reward high performing public K-12 schools
Psychology, practice further defined, unauthorized practice further regulated, definitions altered, confidential communications privileged, membership of Board of Examiners altered, continuing education; license renewal, proof of citizenship or legal status required for applicants for licensure, temporary licenses, emergency disaster licenses, reciprocal licensing, fine and penalty for unauthorized practice, civil procedure for enjoining unauthorized practice, certain fees increased, examinations of applicants, disciplinary evidence required by clear and convincing evidence, judicial review of board's orders, complaints of alleged misconduct, Secs. 34-26-1, 34-26-2, 34-26-21, 34-26-22, 34-26-40, 34-26-41, 34-26-42, 34-26-43, 34-26-43.1, 34-26-44, 34-26-45, 34-26-46, 34-26-47 am'd
Solid waste landfill, permits, prohibition against issuance by Alabama Department of Environmental Management and local governments of new permits pursuant to Act 2011-297 extended until after May 31, 2014, Act 2011-297, 2011 Reg. Sess., am'd; Sec. 22-27-5.2 am'd
Taxation, exempt certain military personnel from income tax, Jason Barfield Act
Conservation and Natural Resources Department, whitetail deer, may be hunted over bait under certain conditions, additional fee, Sec. 9-11-244 am'd.
Conservation and Natural Resources Department, male whitetail deer, hunting season extended after close of regular gun deer season, additional fees
Tourism, limit the liability of an agritourism professional under certain circumstances
School Board Governance Improvement Act, to require public affirmation of board members to certain principles of educational governance, to require training and continuing education of city and county boards of education, Secs. 16-8-1, 16-11-2 am'd
Employees' Retirement System, Teachers' Retirement System, or Judicial Retirement Fund, certain active or retired members, forfeiture of employer-paid portion and interest thereon of retirement benefits upon conviction of certain felony offenses, immunity from civil or criminal liability for retirement systems officers and employees for certain actions taken
Crimes and offenses, gambling, person defined, penalties, Secs. 13A-12-20, 13A-12-22, 13A-12-23, 13A-12-24, 13A-12-27 am'd
Transportation Dept, chief engineer, appointment by Director of Transportation as an exempt position under the state Merit System, Sec. 23-1-22, 23-1-23, 23-1-24 am'd
Taxes, exemptions for Still Serving Veterans, Inc.
Unemployment compensation, compensable week further defined, Sec. 25-4-73 am'd
Government, local, prohibited from competing with private sector in waste management
Economic Development, entertain industry incentives, qualified production project, qualified expenditure available for rebate or exemption increased, Sec. 41-7A-43, 41-7A-45, 41-7A-48, am'd; Act 2011-695, 2011 Reg. Sess., am'd (2012-20079)
Veterans, additional tax credits for previously unemployed veterans who became employed or began a business, "Heroes for Hire " Act
Administrative Procedure Act, rules affecting small business, small business economic impact and regulatory flexibility analysis required under certain conditions, agencies to review rules every five years for effect on small businesses, Secs. 41-22-5.1, 41-22-5.2 added
Income tax credit for qualifying projects or new or expanding businesses creating new jobs, tax credits claimed authorized to be carried over up to four tax years, Sec. 40-18-194 am'd.
Aircraft, certain, any parts, components, and systems used in the conversion, reconfiguration, or maintenance of, exempt from sales tax, not applicable to local sales tax unless approved, Sec. 40-23-4 am'd.
Immigration, legal status and/or proof of citizenship, verification of eligibility to enter into business transactions with state or political subdivision, Uniformed Services Privilege and Identification card authorized, Act 2011-535, 2011 Reg. Sess. am'd.; Sec. 31-13-29 am'd.

Foreign law, application in violation of rights guaranteed United States and Alabama citizens, prohibited, exceptions, American and Alabama Laws for Alabama Courts Amendment, const. amend.
Health care providers, physicians, etc., requiring disclosure regarding firearm ownership, prohibited, medical record inclusion of firearm information or disclosure of information about firearm ownership, prohibited, civil penalties, exceptions
Underground storage tanks and aboveground storage tanks storing motor fuels currently subject to the Alabama Uniform Environmental Covenants Act, exempt from requirements of, Sec. 35-19-2 am'd.
County roads, forestry harvesting operations, prior notice to county commission, limitations, civil fines, other permits, bonds prohibited, Sec. 23-1-80.1 added
Prepaid Affordable College Tuition (PACT) Program, limit on cost of tuition for certain PACT plan contract participants, repealed, Act 2010-725, 2010 Reg. Sess. am'd.; Secs. 16-33C-17, 16-33C-18 repealed
Economic development, tax incentives authorized to certain companies and educational institutions for locating new or expanding business in state, or a retention project, capital investment and job requirements, Alabama Development Office and Revenue Department to recommend to Governor, Industrial Development Authority to approve project for incentive (2011-20902)
Industrial Development Authority, members, composition altered to include President Pro Tempore of Senate or designee and Speaker of the House or designee, Sec. 41-10-25 am'd.
Education employees, procedures regarding employment actions of revised, Teacher Tenure Law and Fair Dismissal Act repealed, Students First Act, Sec. 16-24B-7, 16-24-1 to 16-24-22, inclusive, 36-26-100 to 36-26-116, inclusive, repealed
Dental Examiners of Alabama, Board of, dentists and dental hygienists, regulation and licensure, substantially revised, Sec. 34-9-7.2 added; Secs. 34-9-2, 34-9-3, 34-9-5, 34-9-6, 34-9-6.1, 34-9-7, 34-9-8, 34-9-9, 34-9-10, 34-9-13, 34-9-15, 34-9-15.1, 34-9-16, 34-9-18, 34-9-20, 34-9-21, 34-9-22, 34-9-24, 34-9-26, 34-9-27, 34-9-28, 34-9-40, 34-9-41, 34-9-43, 34-9-44, 34-9-60, 34-9-63, 34-9-82, 34-9-89 am'd. (2011-20608)
Firearms, seized by law enforcement agency, disposal at auction to certain persons, proceeds for law enforcement purposes (2011-20970)
Chattahoochee River, certain landfills prohibited within certain distance of river
Class 5 municipalities, with mayor/commission/city manager form of government, election, qualifying date for candidates for mayor and city commission, Secs. 11-44E-41, 11-44E-71 am'd.
Alcoholic Beverage Control Board, prohibition against licensee, agent, or employee from being employed by another licensee, deleted, Sec. 28-3A-25 am'd.
Dothan, ad valorem tax, increased, referendum, distrib. to city board of education and Houston-Love Memorial Library Board
Transportation Department, required to design more complete public roads that enable safe access for all users, report of best practices utilized, required, Sec. 23-1-40.1 added
Alabama Development Office and Director of Development changed to Commerce Department and Secretary of Commerce, assistant secretaries of commerce, employment of certain persons outside of Merit System, authorized, Secs. 41-9-201, 41-9-202, 41-9-202.1, 41-9-203, 41-9-204 am'd. (2011-20679)
Beer, cider, and wine, homebrewing by adult persons for personal use authorized without taxation or licensure
Public education employees and law enforcement officers, offenses committed in the line of duty, arrest warrants, procedures for arrest
Competitive bids, Internet procedures required under certain conditions, Secs. 39-2-2, 41-16-50 am'd.
Solid waste disposal, application, approval by regional planning commission, deemed denied if not approved within certain number of days, Sec. 22-27-48 am'd.
Income tax credit authorized for employers creating jobs, under certain conditions, Full Employment Act, Secs. 40-18-270, 40-18-271, 40-18-272 repealed; Act 2010-557, 2010 Reg. Sess. repealed
Teachers, educational support personnel, and other certified educational employees and student teachers, professional liability insurance, Education Department and Finance Department to purchase or provide by July 1, 2012, rules authorized, Teacher and Education Employee Protection Act
Polling places, proximity of persons to door of building, distance increased, Sec. 17-9-50 am'd.
Fertilizers, local ordinance, rule, or regulation pertaining to prohibited, entire subject matter of Agriculture and Industries Department, exception
Pesticides and pesticide devices, registration biennially, new fee schedule, Sec. 2-27-9 am'd. (2011-20170)
Emergency management, Governor and local emergency management agencies, mutual aid agreements with federally recognized Indian tribes, authorized, Secs. 31-9-6, 31-9-9 am'd.
Fair Campaign Practices Act, campaign finance disclosure reports, monthly reports of contributions and expenditures, Secretary of State to maintain searchable electronic database of election documents, political action committees to include Section 527 organization, disqualification of candidate for noncompliance, Secs. 17-5-2, 17-5-8, 17-5-18 am'd.
Elections, right of individuals to vote by secret ballot for public office, referenda, employee representation, guaranteed, Amendment 579 (Section 177, Recompiled Constitution of Alabama of 1901, as amended), am'd., const. amend.
Elections, photo identification required to register to vote, Secretary of State required to issue identification cards to persons without photo identification at no cost, Sec. 17-9-30 am'd.; Act 2010-687, 2010 Reg. Sess. am'd.
Ethics Commission, annual appropriation to be certain percentage of General Fund Appropriations Act, reduction only by approval of House and Senate
Income tax, qualifying employers and qualifying employees authorized tax deductions for 100 percent of amounts paid for health insurance premiums, Sec. 40-18-15.3 am'd.
Health care, persons, employers, or health care providers, mandatory participation in any health care system prohibited, const. amend.
Retirement under Employees' Retirement System and Teachers' Retirement System, Deferred Retirement Option Plan (DROP) repealed, participants electing DROP prior to effective date not affected, Secs. 16-25-150, 16-25-151, 16-25-152, 16-25-153, 16-25-154, 36-27-170, 36-27-171, 36-27-172, 36-27-173, 36-27-174, 36-27-175 repealed
Public officials or spouses of public officials, names and compensation of those who are employed by or have contracts with a municipality, a county, or the state, public disclosure required, filing with Ethics Commission, Sec. 36-25-5.1 added
Education Trust Fund, appropriations in education budget act capped, Budget Stabilization Fund, Capital Fund, established, transfer of certain funds to Education Trust Fund Rainy Day Account, transfer of funds from Budget Stabilization Fund under certain conditions, Education Trust Fund Rolling Reserve Act, Sec. 40-1-32.1 repealed
Illegal immigrants, presence, employment, and benefits regulated, concealing, or protecting illegal aliens, prohibited, verification of legal status, penalties, Alabama Department of Homeland Security to establish E-Verify employer agent service, citizenship status of students required, eligibility and requirements for voter registration, certain business transactions prohibited, Beason-Hammon Alabama Taxpayer and Citizen Protection Act, Sec. 32-6-9 am'd. (2011-21101)

Appropriations, pass-through appropriations, defined and prohibited, exception for valid support of agency programs, administrative and criminal penalties for violations by agencies, line-item appropriations authorized, reporting requirements, Budget Accountability Act
Political action committees, transfer of funds between prohibited, transfers between principal campaign committees, prohibited, exceptions, certain receipts and expenditures of campaign funds from federal candidates limited, penalties, Congressman Mike Rogers/Jeff McLaughlin Campaign Finance Transparency Act, Secs. 17-5-7, 17-5-15 am'd. (2010-21164)

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