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Who is Kimberly A. Madison?
Kimberly A. Madison

Kimberly was born March 23, 1975 to Rev. Jesse Adcox and Virginia. She grew up in Coker, Alabama alongside her two older brothers.

In 1997, she married now-retired Tuscaloosa Police officer, Lt. Perry Madison. Together, they made Northport, Alabama their home, and raised three amazing young men.

She attended Westwood Elementary, attended middle- school at Northport Junior High and is a 1993 graduate of Tuscaloosa County High.

She briefly studied at Shelton State before accepting an Account Executive position with Clear Channel Radio, where she transitioned from the business side of radio to the broadcasting perspective.

Kimberly was first introduced to the airwaves on WTXT’s ‘Double D in the Mornings’ with DD Hamric from Pickensville, Alabama. In 2006, she began a successful marketing agency from her kitchen table in Northport, before returning to radio once again in 2008 as co-host of ‘Madison & Shepherd’.

In 2017, she retired from radio and created ‘She Shed Radio’, which publishes podcasts and other broadcasting concepts.

On June 19th, 2021, Kimberly’s neighborhood, including her own family’s home, was destroyed by a largely-avoidable flood. She watched from her front door as neighbors suffered and struggled to rebuild their properties, and the once-rich wildlife abandoned their street’s portion of Twomile creek.

For years, hundreds of lives have been impacted and even lost, along both sides of Highway 82/McFarland Boulevard and beyond, by infrastructure failures born of willful blindness, stubborn neglect, and intentional deafness from city officials.

Her own experience, and other concerns voiced from residents who chose to make their family's home in District 61, left her feeling conviction that there is a serious imbalance between the citizen's voice and the city's motivations.

Status: Out of Office
Party: Republican
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