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Who is Zeb Little?
Zeb Little

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Status: Out of Office
Party: Democrat
Social Media:
Birthday: August 24, 1968 55

Education Information

Known educational history for Zeb Little from Cullman, AL.

  • BA, University of Alabama, Birmingham
  • JD, Cumberland School of Law of Samford University

Political Information

Known political history for Zeb Little from Cullman, AL.

  • Candidate, Alabama State Senate, District 4, 2010
  • Senator, Alabama State Senate, 1998-2010
  • Senate Floor Leader, Alabama State Senate, 2002-present
  • Majority Leader

Professions Information

Known professional history for Zeb Little from Cullman, AL.

  • Attorney, present

Organizations Information

Known organizational history for Zeb Little from Cullman, AL.

  • Member, Saint John's United Church, present
  • Member, Cullman County Bar Association, present
  • Member, Bar Associations of the United States District Court for the Northern and Middle Districts of Alabama, present
  • Member, Alabama State Bar Association, present

Sponsored Bills

View legislative bills that Zeb Little has sponsored.

Prepaid Affordable College Tuition (PACT) Program, contracts further provided for
Elections, candidates for public office, deadline time for filing altered, Sec. 17-13-5 am'd.
Banks receiving state funds from State Treasurer, required to lend funds for purchases and refinancing of homes and businesses, Sec. 41-14-33 am'd.
Employees' Retirement System and Teachers' Retirement System, investments authorized to be made in mortgages for Alabama homeowners, Secs. 16-25-20, 36-27-25 am'd.
Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center Commission and the Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center, members, operation, powers, duties, fees, crime of misuse of ACJIC information established, Alabama Statistical Analysis Center established, background checks by licensing agencies, interstate exchange of criminal history information, ratification of compact, penalties, Secs. 41-9-590, 41-9-591, 41-9-592, 41-9-594, 41-9-597, 41-9-600, 41-9-601, 41-9-621, 41-9-622, 41-9-623, 41-9-630 am'd. (2010-20820)
Restaurants, smoking prohibited in, Secs. 22-15A-3, 22-15A-5, 22-15A-6 am'd.
Taxation, purchase of real property used as a residence, exempt from privilege or license tax or recording tax pursuant to Chapter 22, Title 40 of Code of Alabama 1975
Motor vehicles, new passenger vehicle or new truck manufactured within this state, tax rate removed for certain period, Sec. 40-23-2, 40-23-61 am'd.
Funeral Service, Board of, mortuary service regulated, diversity in board membership, fees and fines increased, authorized agent and liability of funeral director substantially revised, Secs. 34-13-1, 34-13-7, 34-13-9, 34-13-11, 34-13-12, 34-13-20, 34-13-22, 34-13-23, 34-13-26, 34-13-50, 34-13-51, 34-13-53, 34-13-55, 34-13-56, 34-13-70, 34-13-72, 34-13-73, 34-13-74, 34-13-90, 34-13-111, 34-13-113, 34-13-114, 34-13-115, 34-13-116, 34-13-120 am'd.; Secs. 34-13-150, 34-13-151, 34-13-152 repealed
State parks, lodging rate, temporary reduction for residents
Abortions, human embryonic stem cell research, human embryo cloning, euthanasia, or physician-assisted suicide, requirement to perform in private or denominational hospital by employees or physicians, prohibited, civil action for damages or reinstatement of employment
Alzheimer's Disease Task Force, established to assess the current and future impact of Alzheimer's disease in Alabama, members, duties, Mental Health Department to provide administrative support, report of findings to Governor and Legislature, termination date
Workers' compensation, owner-operator defined, Sec. 25-5-1 am'd.
Courts, civil jurisdiction of circuit and district courts, dollar amount in controversy, concurrent jurisdiction, Secs. 12-11-30, 12-12-30 am'd.
Lawrence Co., court costs, additional levied in circuit, district, and municipal courts on all drug cases charged under Article 5 of Chapter 12 of Title 13A of the Code of Alabama 1975, commencing with Section 13A-12-201, distrib. to county commission for enforcement of drug laws
Child custody, rebuttable presumption that change of principal residence not in best interest of child, application to initial determination of custody, Secs. 30-3-161, 30-3-169.7 am'd.
Motor vehicles, motorcycles, distinctive license tags, established for Breast Cancer Research, personalized, additional fee, portion distrib. to Breast Cancer Research Foundation of Alabama, duties to Revenue Department
Cullman Co., 32nd Judicial Circuit, additional district judge, appointment by Governor, conditional appropriation
Fee covenants, transfer fee covenants prohibited, Prohibition Against Transfer Fee Covenants Act, Sec. 35-4-77 added
Human trafficking, crime established, coercion or deception to perform labor or certain sexual activities, prohibited, criminal penalties
Pharmacy, Alabama State Board of, pharmacists, regulation and licensing, pharmacy and permit defined, Sec. 34-23-1 am'd. (2010-20449)
Alabama Coal Mine Safety Law of 1975, state mining laws extensively revised to modernize and supplemented to comply with federal law to enhance mining safety, Secs. 25-9-31, 25-9-32, 25-9-217, 25-9-380, 25-9-400 to 25-9-407, inclusive, added; Secs. 25-9-7, 25-9-9, 25-9-20, 25-9-22, 25-9-24, 25-9-40, 25-9-60, 25-9-61, 25-9-67, 25-9-80, 25-9-81, 25-9-82, 25-9-83, 25-9-86, 25-9-88, 25-9-131, 25-9-132, 25-9-133, 25-9-210, 25-9-216, 25-9-273, 25-9-276, 25-9-277, 25-9-278, 25-9-279, 25-9-280, 25-9-282, 25-9-360, 25-9-361 am'd.; Secs. 25-9-87, 25-9-153 repealed
Boxing Commission, name changed to Athletic Commission, mixed martial arts, authorized and regulated, definitions, commission authorized to employ executive director, penalties, Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts Act, Act 2009-622, 2009 Reg. Sess. am'd.; Secs. 41-9-1020, 41-9-1021, 41-9-1023, 41-9-1024, 41-9-1028, 41-9-1029, 41-9-1030, 41-9-1032, 41-9-1033, 41-9-1034, 41-9-1035, 41-9-1036, 41-9-1037, 41-9-1038, 41-9-1039, 41-9-1040 am'd.
University of Alabama, board of trustees, age requirement altered, Section 264 (Section 264, Recompiled Constitution of Alabama of 1901, as amended), am'd., const. amend.
Children, day care providers, leaving child unattended in a motor vehicle unless supervised by person of certain age prohibited, penalties determined by first, second, or subsequent conviction and whether child is injured or fatally injured, Amiyah White Unattended Children in Motor Vehicle Safety Act
Teachers, principals, and education employees, State Superintendent of Education, revocation of education certificate or termination of employment required for conviction of felony or sex offense involving a child, regarding Teacher Tenure Law, Teacher Accountability Act, and Fair Dismissal Act, Secs. 16-24-8.1, 16-24B-3.1, 36-26-102.1 added; Sec. 16-23-5 am'd.
Building codes, Alabama Residential Energy Code Board changed to Alabama Energy and Residential Codes Board, board membership further provided for, Model Energy Code replaced with Alabama Energy and Residential Codes, adoption of energy codes for commercial buildings and residential building codes, implementation by counties and municipalities, certain farm structures excluded, residential sprinkler systems requirements prohibited in certain residences, Secs. 41-23-80, 41-23-81, 41-23-82, 41-23-83, 41-23-84, 41-23-85 am'd. (2010-20221)
Alabama Firefighters Annuity and Benefit Fund, established, voluntary participation established for paid and volunteer firefighters, board of commissioners to administer, funding through voluntary payments with ad valorem tax payments, investment of assets by Employees' Retirement System, qualified service, disability and death benefits, annual audits and reports, duties to Insurance Department
Lewis Smith Lake, surface coal mining operations prohibited within certain distance of, area of protection extended, Sec. 9-16-96 am'd.
Law enforcement officers, assaults of while performing lawful duty, classified as assault in the second degree, to include off-duty officers employed by a private entity, Sec. 13A-6-21 am'd.
Animals, procedures for seizing when involved in charge for fighting dogs, hog and canine fighting, cruelty to animals, disposition of animal expedited, bond required under certain conditions, Secs. 3-1-29, 13A-11-14, 13A-11-244, 13A-12-6 am'd.
Motor vehicles, text messaging while operating a motor vehicle on public street, road, or highway prohibited, penalties
Teachers, principals, and education employees, State Superintendent of Education, revocation of education certificate or termination of employment required for conviction of felony or sex offense involving a child, regarding Teacher Tenure Law, Teacher Accountability Act, and Fair Dismissal Act, Secs. 16-24-8.1, 16-24B-3.1, 36-26-102.1 added; Sec. 16-23-5 am'd.
Occupational tax, levy by county or municipality, prohibited, const. amend.
Highways and other roads, Alabama Trust Fund, $100 million transferred annually in 2010 to 2020, inclusive, distrib. of portion after appropriation to Transportation Department, portions earmarked for special projects, distrib. of portion to counties and municipalities for transportation purposes, transfers from Alabama Trust Fund to Municipal Government Capital Improvement Fund and County Government Capital Improvement Fund, const. amend.
Ethics Law, substantially revised, bribery of public servant, failure to disclose conflict of interest, and trading in public office, penalties increased, soliciting contributions for certain purposes prohibited, lobbyist and thing of value defined, Ethics Commission, members, compensation, online reporting, issuance of subpoenas, representation of clients by legislators limited, contracting with educational institutions limited, fees and reports of registered lobbyists, limitation on certain members of awarding authority, disclosure forms for certain travel, penalties, Secs. 13A-10-61, 13A-10-62, 13A-10-63, 17-5-7, 36-25-1, 36-25-3, 36-25-4, 36-25-10, 36-25-11, 36-25-18, 36-25-19, 36-25-27 am'd.
Veterinary medicine, definitions, licensure and regulation further provided for, prohibited acts, authorized tasks for veterinary technicians and unlicensed assistants revised, Secs. 34-29-61, 34-29-76, 34-29-77, 34-29-94 am'd.
Onsite Wastewater Board, definitions, membership, compensation, classes of licenses, exempted property owners, application and issuance procedures, records, disciplinary powers, appeals procedure, penalties increased, civil penalties, Secs. 34-21A-1, 34-21A-2, 34-21A-3, 34-21A-4, 34-21A-7, 34-21A-10, 34-21A-12, 34-21A-13, 34-21A-14, 34-21A-15, 34-21A-16, 34-21A-17, 34-21A-21, 34-21A-22, 34-21A-24, 34-21A-25 am'd.
Electronic Security Board of Licensure, definitions, training and licensure, locksmiths and alarm system installers, additional classifications established for central station, closed circuit television system, and electronic access system, Secs. 34-1A-1, 34-1A-4 am'd.
Municipal annexations, validated and ratified under certain conditions, Sec. 11-42-5 am'd.
Motor vehicles, driving under the influence, penalties to include mandatory use of ignition interlock device under certain conditions, Forensic Sciences Department to approve devices, Public Safety Department to issue restricted driver's license, fee, provisions for indigent defendants, Sec. 32-5A-191.4 added; Sec. 32-5A-191 am'd.
State contracts, employment of illegal immigrants by contractor prohibited, certification required, penalties
Prisoners, who operate motor vehicles on public roads and streets, liability insurance required
Cullman Co., occupational tax, levy prohibited, const. amend.
Winston Co., occupational tax, levy prohibited, const. amend.
Lawrence Co., occupational tax, levy prohibited, const. amend.
Revenue Department, income tax refunds, payment within certain period of receipt of tax return, computation of interest, Sec. 40-1-44 am'd.

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