SJR 117

Regular Session 2018
Kuykendahl, Bryce R., commended
Resolutions, Congratulatory
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SJR117 193069-3 By Senators Bussman, Albritton, Allen, Beasley, Blackwell, Brewbaker, Chambliss, Coleman-Madison, Dial, Dunn, Figures, Glover, Hightower, Holley, Holtzclaw, Livingston, Marsh, McClendon, Melson, Orr, Pittman, Reed, Sanders, Sanford, Scofield, Shelnutt, Singleton, Smith, Smitherman, Stutts, Waggoner, Ward, Whatley and Williams RFD: First Read: 15-MAR-18 SJR117 SJR117 ENROLLED, SJR117, COMMENDING MAJOR BRYCE R. KUYKENDAHL FOR EXTRAORDINARY SERVICE TO THE CIVIL AIR PATROL. WHEREAS, we take great pride and pleasure in commending Major Bryce R. Kuykendahl for extraordinary service to the Civil Air Patrol; and WHEREAS, Major Bryce R. Kuykendahl entered the Civil Air Patrol in 2008 and progressed through the cadet program, earning the Spaatz Award in January 2014; he served as the Deputy Commander of Cadets in Fresno, California, and only 10 months into his leadership, the squadron exponentially improved and earned the National Unit Distinction; he was active in the Southside Composite Squadron in central Virginia and became involved in the Wing's search and rescue program, focusing on missing person searches; and WHEREAS, as a current member of the Alabama Wing, he serves both at the Redstone Composite Squadron as a Cadet Programs Officer and on the Wing staff as Director of Emergency Services; previously, he served as Director of Professional Development for the Wing and increased senior professional development completion by 20 percent; as Director SJR117 of Emergency Services, he works to modernize and streamline the Wing's operations to make Alabama Wing a premier emergency response provider; and WHEREAS, his extensive record of excellence includes earning the Wilson Award in November 2017, holding Master ratings in Cadet Programs, Aerospace, Professional Development, and Administration, serving as an Incident Commander in Emergency Services, and serving as the initial Operations Section Chief in Puerto Rico for Hurricane Maria relief and providing over 40,000 pictures to FEMA in 10 days and developing a sustainable model of operations for the duration of the relief mission; and WHEREAS, Lieutenant Colonel Harvey L. Yarborough served as Squadron Commander and as the Deputy Commander of Cadets for the Cullman Squadron before entering his first Wing Staff position as Director of Emergency Services in 2014; he currently serves as a Mission Pilot, Communications Officer, and as theMission Aircrew School Lead for the Alabama Wing Emergency Services School (WESS); and WHEREAS, among his many Civil Patrol awards and honors are the Meritorious Service Award, Commanders Commendation, Achievement Award, Unit Citation, Find, Disaster Relief with V, and Community Service; and WHEREAS, a Fresno, California, native, he earned Bachelor of Arts Degrees in Chinese, International Relations, SJR117 and Studies in War and Peace from Norwich University in Vermont, where he graduated cum laude; he contributes exceptional direction as a Logistics Management Specialist for the United States Army's Aviation and Missile Command in Huntsville, Alabama, and manages over $4B in Patriot Missile maintenance; and WHEREAS, through the years, he has earned widespread respect for the commitment and capability he brought to every challenge while compiling an outstanding record of leadership; now therefore, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE LEGISLATURE OF ALABAMA, BOTH HOUSES THEREOF CONCURRING, That Major Bryce Kuykendall is commended for extraordinary service to the Civil Air Patrol, and this resolution is offered in highest tribute and deepest appreciation on behalf of the citizens of the State of Alabama. SJR117 President and Presiding Officer of the Senate Speaker of the House of Representatives Senate 15-MAR-18. I hereby certify that the within Act originated in and was adopted by the Senate. Senate 27-MAR-18 I hereby certify that the within Act originated in and was adopted by the Senate, as amended by Executive Amendment. Patrick Harris, Secretary. House of Representatives Adopted: 21-MAR-18 House of Representatives Adopted: 28-MAR-18, as amended by Executive Amendment. By: Senator Bussman

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Action Date Chamber Action
March 28, 2018SAssigned Act No. 2018-532.
March 28, 2018HSignature Requested
March 28, 2018SEnrolled
March 28, 2018SSecond House Concurs in Executive Amendment
March 28, 2018HRowe motion to Concur In and Adopt adopted Roll Call 1086
March 28, 2018HHouse of Origin Concurs in Executive Amendment
March 27, 2018SBussman motion to Concur In and Adopt adopted Roll Call 1178
March 27, 2018SExecutive Amendment Offered
March 27, 2018SForwarded to Governor
March 21, 2018SEnrolled
March 21, 2018HSignature Requested
March 21, 2018SPassed Second House
March 21, 2018HJones motion to Concur In and Adopt adopted Voice Vote
March 21, 2018HReported from Rules
March 15, 2018HReceived in House of Representatives and referred to the House of Representatives committee on Rules
March 15, 2018SBussman motion to Adopt adopted Voice Vote
March 15, 2018SIntroduced
Chamber: House
Result: Passed
Chamber: Senate
Result: Passed