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2018 Alabama Senate Joint Resolutions

A list of all 2018 Alabama Senate Joint Resolutions. Click any bill to read the full text and get the current status.

BillTitleSponsorLast ActionSigned
SJR28Jere L. Beasley Highway, portion of State Road 51, namedUnknown02/06/2018Signed
SJR29Reapportionment Office, urged to work with Census Bureau to increase awareness of census programUnknown01/30/2018Signed
SJR30Goodson, Mary Lou, 90th birthday, commendedUnknown01/30/2018Signed
SJR31National Board Certified Teacher Day, January 18, 2018, recognizedUnknown01/30/2018Signed
SJR33Brown, Mr. Wallace Lamar and Mrs. Bobby Jean, death mournedUnknown02/01/2018Signed
SJR34Public Health Dept., sustaining the disapproval by the Joint Committee on Admin. Reg. Review of proposed amendment of Chapter 420-7-2Unknown02/01/2018Signed
SJR35Forensic Sciences Dept., sustaining the disapproval by the Joint Committee on Admin. Reg. Review of proposed new Rule 370-4-1-.01Unknown02/01/2018Signed
SJR36United States Postal Service, urged to continue delivery service to individualized curbside boxes in new residential developmentsUnknown01/25/2018
SJR38University of Alabama football team, winning the College Football Playoff National Championship, commendedUnknown02/06/2018Signed
SJR39Braddock, Coleman Linn, attaining the rank of Eagle Scout, commendedUnknown02/06/2018Signed
SJR41Beverage Association, 100th anniversary, recognizedUnknown02/08/2018Signed
SJR42Corrections Dept., Decatur Community Based Facility and Community Work Center, name change requestedUnknown02/27/2018Signed
SJR43Joint Legislative Task Force on Budget Reform, continuedUnknown02/20/2018Signed
SJR44Eating Disorders Awareness Week, February 26 through March 4, 2018, recognizedUnknown02/06/2018
SJR46Mike "Doc" Mahan Bridge, on Highway 139 in Brierfield, namedUnknown02/08/2018Signed
SJR48Alabama Trails Commission, progress on Pinhoti Trail, commendedUnknown02/01/2018
SJR53Matthew Cox Blue Memorial Highway, portion of Alabama Highway 223, namedUnknown02/20/2018Signed
SJR54Coleman, John, death mournedUnknown02/20/2018Signed
SJR55Resolution, Local Constitutional Amendment application, Clay Co., sheriff, election to authorize participation in Employees Retirement SystemUnknown02/13/2018
SJR56Harold Deon Powell Memorial Highway, portion of U.S. Highway 80 in Macon Co., namedUnknown02/20/2018Signed
SJR57Davis, Don and his congregation, First Assembly of God in Atmore, commendedUnknown02/27/2018Signed
SJR58Joint Legislative Task Force on Budget Reform, continuedUnknown02/13/2018
SJR60U.S. Senator Doug Jones, disapproving the vote of, on the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection ActUnknown02/13/2018
SJR62American Board of Medical Specialities, urged to honor commitment to reduce the cost of the maintenance of certification program on Alabama physiciansUnknown02/20/2018Signed
SJR65Scottsboro Rotary Club, 60th anniversary, commendedUnknown03/06/2018Signed
SJR66Corporal Sidney E. Manning Memorial Highway, portion of Highway 31 in Escambia County, namedUnknown03/06/2018Signed
SJR67Sergeant William Wayne Seay Memorial Highway, portion of Highway 31 in Escambia County, namedUnknown03/15/2018Signed
SJR68Sanderson, Winfrey, outstanding achievement, commendedUnknown02/27/2018Signed
SJR69PANDA Awareness Day, for certain pediatric health issues, October 9, 2018, recognizedUnknown03/06/2018Signed
SJR70Bethlehem Baptist Church, 150th anniversary, commendedUnknown03/06/2018Signed
SJR71Aronov, Josephine Ilyssa, commendedUnknown02/27/2018Signed
SJR73Exports, Alabama's record for 2017, commendedUnknown02/27/2018Signed
SJR74Larson, Barbara Waters, outstanding professional achievement, commendedUnknown03/06/2018Signed
SJR75Thompson High School Wrestling Team, commendedUnknown03/06/2018Signed
SJR76Eating Disorders Awareness Week, February 26 through March 4, 2018, recognizedUnknown03/06/2018Signed
SJR77Evidence-based budgeting process, adoptedUnknown03/27/2018Signed
SJR78Meningococcal disease awareness and prevention, recognizedUnknown03/08/2018Signed
SJR81Kitchen and Bath Cabinetry Industry, recognizedUnknown03/21/2018Signed
SJR83Jones, Ronald L., outstanding professional achievement, commendedUnknown03/06/2018Signed
SJR84Graham, Billy, death mournedUnknown03/06/2018Signed
SJR86Sanders, Senator Henry "Hank", professional achievement, commendedUnknown03/13/2018Signed
SJR87Pornography, public health crisis, recognizedUnknown03/06/2018
SJR90State of Character, Alabama redesignatedUnknown03/21/2018Signed
SJR92Alabama School of Fine Arts, commended, on it's 50th anniversary.Unknown03/15/2018Signed
SJR93Ship Clotilda, supporting the finding of and the preservation of AfricatownUnknown03/13/2018Signed
SJR95Kellogg, Terry - CommendedUnknown03/21/2018Signed
SJR96Boozer, Young, outstanding service, commendedUnknown03/21/2018Signed
SJR97Bethlehem United Methodist Church - CommendedUnknown03/20/2018Signed
SJR98Colleges and universities, state-supported, encouraged to waive out-of-state tuition for dependents of certain disabled service men and women.Unknown03/20/2018Signed
SJR99Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, March 2018, recognizedUnknown03/20/2018Signed
SJR100Cumbus, Alice Griggs, commendedUnknown03/21/2018Signed
SJR101Daylight Saving Time, Congress urged to permanently adoptUnknown03/21/2018Signed
SJR102Second Chance Month, April 2018, recognizedUnknown03/20/2018Signed
SJR103Chris Beeker, United States Dept. of Agriculture Director, commended, urged to continue rural state housing developmentsUnknown03/21/2018Signed
SJR105Senator Trip Pittman Interchange, in Baldwin Co., namedUnknown03/13/2018
SJR107Alabama School of Fine Arts, commended, on it's 50th anniversary.Unknown03/21/2018Signed
SJR108Republic of Korea, host of the 2018 XXIII Winter Olympic Games and XII Winter Paralympic Games, recognizedUnknown03/21/2018Signed
SJR112Black, David, commendedUnknown03/21/2018Signed
SJR113School-based vaccination program, urging State Department of Education to participate inUnknown03/21/2018Signed
SJR115Hunkapiller, Katrina, commendedUnknown03/21/2018Signed
SJR116Yarborough, Harvey L., commendedUnknown03/21/2018Signed
SJR117Kuykendahl, Bryce R., commendedUnknown03/28/2018Signed
SJR118Madison, Nicholas R., commendedUnknown03/21/2018Signed
SJR119McCollum, Hardy, outstanding service, commendedUnknown03/21/2018Signed
SJR121Brewbaker, Senator Dick, distinguished legislative service, commendedUnknown03/22/2018Signed
SJR122Holtzclaw, Senator William L., distinguished legislative service, commendedUnknown03/22/2018Signed
SJR123Glover, Senator Rusty, distinguished legislative service, commendedUnknown03/22/2018Signed
SJR124Pittman, Senator Lee "Trip", distinguished legislative service, commendedUnknown03/22/2018Signed
SJR125Dial, Senator Gerald, distinguished legislative service, commendedUnknown03/22/2018Signed
SJR126Hightower, Senator Bill, distinguished legislative service, commendedUnknown03/22/2018Signed
SJR127Smith, Senator Harri Anne, distinguished legislative service, commendedUnknown03/22/2018Signed
SJR128Williams, Senator Phillip W., distinguished legislative service, commendedUnknown03/22/2018Signed
SJR129Sanders, Senator Hank, distinguished legislative service, commendedUnknown03/22/2018Signed
SJR130Sandord, Senator Paul, distinguished legislative service, commendedUnknown03/22/2018Signed
SJR131Blackwell, Senator Slade, distinguished legislative service, commendedUnknown03/22/2018Signed
SJR135Days of Prayer over Alabama Students, first full weekend following the first Friday in August, recognizedUnknown03/28/2018Signed
SJR136Gulf of Mexico, urging United States to expand access toUnknown03/28/2018Signed
SJR137Bass, William R., commendedUnknown03/21/2018
SJR138Arthur P. White Memorial Highway, portion of Alabama Highway 35 in DeKalb County, namedUnknown03/28/2018Signed
SJR141Pierce, Samuel D., commendedUnknown03/28/2018Signed
SJR142Curtis Wilson-Stephanie Harmon Interlock Act, Senate Bill 1 of the 2018 Regular Session, namedUnknown03/28/2018Signed
SJR143Post-Traumatic Stress Injury Awareness, recognizedUnknown03/28/2018Signed
SJR144Haver, Robert J., commendedUnknown03/28/2018Signed
SJR145Reidy, Charles A., commendedUnknown03/28/2018Signed
SJR148Nix, David S., outstanding professional achievement, commendedUnknown03/28/2018
SJR154Bass, William R., commendedUnknown03/28/2018
SJR1Legislature, committee appointed to escort Governor to joint sessionUnknown01/11/2018
SJR2Governor, committee appointed to notify that Legislature is in session and ready for the transaction of businessUnknown01/11/2018
SJR3Borg, Joseph, commendedUnknown01/11/2018
SJR4Pinhoti Trail, requesting Dept. of Transportation to place signs in Cleburne Co., forUnknown01/18/2018
SJR5Don C. East Memorial Bridge, portion of Highway 48 in Randolph County, namedUnknown01/18/2018
SJR6Specification Rubber Products, Inc., 50th anniversary, commendedUnknown01/18/2018
SJR7Sergeant William "Troy" Seamon Memorial Highway, portion of U.S. Highway 31 N in Autauga County, namedUnknown01/18/2018
SJR8Cahawba, first permanent capital of the state, recognizedUnknown01/18/2018
SJR9St. Stephens, Territorial Capital of Alabama, recognizedUnknown01/18/2018
SJR10Huntsville, founding capital of the state, recognizedUnknown01/18/2018
SJR11Ethics, Code of Ethics Reform and Clarification Commission, createdUnknown03/22/2018Signed
SJR12Pornography, public health hazard, recognizedUnknown01/11/2018
SJR14Brown, Neal, commendedUnknown01/11/2018
SJR15Marion Bailey Brunson, Sr., Memorial Bridge, two new Pea River bridges in Elba, namedUnknown01/18/2018
SJR16Lake, Robert B., death mournedUnknown01/18/2018
SJR17Ross, Senator Quinton T., professional service, recognizedUnknown01/18/2018
SJR18State firefighter cancer registry database, created by Alabama Fire College, recognizedUnknown02/01/2018Signed
SJR19Brown, Neal, commendedUnknown01/18/2018
SJR20Bolen, William Ossian, Sr., death mournedUnknown01/30/2018Signed
SJR21Tuscaloosa, second capital of the State of Alabama, recognizedUnknown01/30/2018Signed
SJR22Montgomery, the capital of the State of Alabama, recognizedUnknown01/30/2018Signed
SJR24Public Accounts, Legislative Committee conveningUnknown01/25/2018
SJR25Law enforcement officers, recognizedUnknown01/25/2018
SJR26Martin, Alan J., outstanding professional achievement, commendedUnknown01/30/2018Signed
SJR27Post-Traumatic Stress Injury Awareness, recognizedUnknown03/06/2018Signed
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