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Regular Session 2018
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SR104 193098-1 By The Standing Committee on Rules RFD: First Read: 13-MAR-18 193098-1:n:03/12/2018:RULES/sts SPECIAL ORDER CALENDAR BE IT RESOLVED BY THE SENATE, That the following bills in the order named shall be the special, paramount and continuing order of business taking precedence over all other matters until disposed of for the Nineteenth Legislative day only: Page Representative Warren: HB76 34 Child care facilities, church based, licensing required, Sec. 38-7-21 added; Secs. 13A-6-29, 38-7-2, 38-7-3, 38-13-2, 38-13-3 am'd. Senator Dial: SB96 14 Nursing, Board of, investigators granted power of peace officers, Act 2017-46, 2017 Reg. Sess.; Sec. 34-21-2 am'd. Senator Albritton: SB199 50 Forestry Commission, authorized to adopt rules concerning state forests and other land it controls, penalties; Sec. 9-13-10.2 added Senator Livingston: SB233 29 Income tax, filing requirement threshold to be sum of standard deduction and personal exemptions, Sec. 40-18-27 am'd.Senator Ward: SB289 23 Electric lines, high voltage overhead lines, operation of equipment, etc, near prohibited under certain conditions, distance increased, warning signs on certain equipment required, Secs. 37-8-52, 37-8-53 am'd. Senator Smitherman: SB335 56 Law enforcement, to require law enforcement officers to undergo sensitivity training, require law enforcement to recruit social workers Senator Reed: SB351 71 Health care, Alabama Rural Hospital Resource Center, cre- ated, within Univ. of Alabama at Birmingham, staffing and reporting requirements, rural administrative residency program, created Senator Pittman: SB323 63 Education Trust Fund Rolling Reserve Act, Education Trust Fund Budget Stabilization Fund, authorize funds to be used for school security, Sec. 29-9-4 am'd. Senator Chambliss: SB316 28 Engineers and Land Surveyors Board, definitions, board duties, disciplinary actions, revised, Secs. 34-11-9.1, 34-11-11.1, 34-11-11.2 added; Sec. 34-11-16 repealed; Secs. 34-11-1 to 34-11-15, inclusive, 34-11-30, 34-11-31, 34-11-32, 34-11-34, 34-11-35, 34-11-35.1, 34-11-36, 34-11-37 am'd Senator Orr: SB364 62 Local governments, bond financing review forms, bond fi- nancing agreement documents to include a schedule of all of the debt obligations of the county under certain con- ditions, signed acknowledgement required, municipalities and local school boards required to follow the same pro- cedures required of a county before entering into a bond financing agreement and required to complete a government bond financing review form developed by the Department of Examiners of Public Accounts, Secs. 11-8A-3 & 11-8A-4 am'd.Senator Holley: SB352 55 Alcoholic Beverage Control Board, manufacturer licenses, sale of liquor produced on site for off-premises consump- tion, amount increased, Sec. 28-3A-6 am'd. Senator Scofield: SB322 44 Domestic violence, protection orders, definitions clari- fied, notice of hearing and service of process require- ments clarified, fines and penalties for violations clar- ified, Sec. 13A-6-139.1 repealed; Secs. 13A-6-130, 13A-6-131, 13A-6-132, 13A-6-134, 13A-6-138, 13A-6-142, 15-10-3, 15-13-190, 15-23-68, 30-5-2, 30-5-3, 30-5-5, 30-5-8 am'd. Senator Singleton: SB309 57 Real estate, licenses, definitions, clarify and add re- quirements for brokerage agreements, continuing educa- tion, Secs. 34-27-2, 34-27-3, 34-27-6, 34-27-30, 34-27-32, 34-27-33, 34-27-34, 34-27-35 am'd. Senator Sanford: SB325 54 Fantasy contests, regulation of, consumer protection mea- sures by operators required, audits, civil penalties, Fantasy Contests Act, established Senator Sanders: SB167 65 Drivers license, suspension, prohibited for failure to pay fines, fees, or court costs, Sec. 32-5A-195 am'd. Senator Dial: SB97 14 Nursing Board, authorize certain anti-competitve rules that prioritize patient safety and wellness, Sec. 34-21-2.1 added Senator McClendon: SB278 22 Mayors, legislative functions in cities/towns with 12,000 or more but less than 25,000 inhabitants, authorized to continue operating as a city or town with less than 12,000 inhabitants by majority vote of council and mayor under certain conditions, veto power restricted, Secs. 11-43-2, 11-43-3, 11-43-40, 11-45-4, 11-45-5 am'd.Senator Melson: SB294 30 Taxation, Josh Willingham Foundation, exempt from sales and use taxes Senator Holtzclaw: SB334 52 Alcoholic beverages, beer manufacturers sell on Sundays in limited circumstances, Sec. 28-3A-25 am'd. Senator Smitherman: SB341 53 Missing persons, persons with Alzheimer's or dementia el- igible for Silver Alert regardless of age, law enforce- ment personnel required to undergo training in searching for dementia patients, Secs. 26-19A-2, 26-19A-4 am'd. Senator Whatley: SB160 19 Expungement of criminal records, authorized for youthful offenders, Sec. 15-27-2.1 added

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March 13, 2018 S Waggoner motion to Adopt adopted Roll Call 772
March 13, 2018 S Introduced

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