2018 Alabama Senate Resolutions

A list of all 2018 Alabama Senate Resolutions. Click any bill to read the full text and get the current status.

BillTitleSponsorLast ActionSigned
SR2Macon Co., tobacco tax, distrib. of portion for recreational purpose, Sec. 45-44-246 am'd.J.T. Waggoner01/11/2018
SR13Gynecological Cancer Awareness Month, recognizedLinda Coleman-Madison01/11/2018
SR23Senate, Special Order CalendarLinda Coleman-Madison01/16/2018
SR32Senate, Special Order CalendarLinda Coleman-Madison01/23/2018
SR37Senate, Special Order CalendarLinda Coleman-Madison01/25/2018
SR40Senate, Special Order CalendarLinda Coleman-Madison01/30/2018
SR45Senate, Special Order CalendarLinda Coleman-Madison02/01/2018
SR47Republic of Korea, host of the 2018 XXIII Winter Olympic Games and XII Winter Paralympic Games, recognizedGerald O. Dial02/01/2018
SR49Senate resolution, local application for Clay, Jackson, Morgan, and Calhoun CountiesJ.T. Waggoner02/06/2018
SR50Senate, Special Order CalendarJ.T. Waggoner02/06/2018
SR51Sexual Harassment, adopting Legislative Policy onBill Hightower03/06/2018
SR52Senate, Special Order CalendarBill Hightower02/08/2018
SR59Pregnancy care centers, contributions of, recognizedBill Hightower03/06/2018
SR61Senate, Special Order CalendarBill Hightower02/13/2018
SR63Senate, Special Order CalendarBill Hightower02/15/2018
SR64Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, AKA Day at the Capitol, recognizedVivian Davis Figures02/15/2018
SR72Senate, Special Order CalendarVivian Davis Figures02/20/2018
SR79International Paper Company, recognizedHank Sanders02/22/2018
SR80Senate, Special Order CalendarHank Sanders02/22/2018
SR82Senate, Special Order CalendarHank Sanders02/27/2018
SR85Senate, Special Order CalendarHank Sanders03/01/2018
SR88Alabama School of Fine Arts, commended, on its 50th anniversary.Rodger Smitherman03/06/2018
SR89Senate, Special Order CalendarRodger Smitherman03/06/2018
SR91Senate, Special Order CalendarRodger Smitherman03/08/2018
SR94Senators Linda Coleman-Madison, Priscilla Dunn, Vivian Davis Figures, and Harri Anne Smith, highly honored and recognizedDel Marsh03/13/2018
SR104Senate, Special Order CalendarDel Marsh03/13/2018
SR106Cooper, Carl, distiguished military service and 98th birthday, commendedJ.T. Waggoner03/15/2018
SR109Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, condemning vote againstBill Hightower03/27/2018
SR110Plainview High School Boys Basketball Team, commendedSteve Livingston03/20/2018
SR111Pisgah County High School girls basketball team, commendedSteve Livingston03/20/2018
SR114Senate, Special Order CalendarSteve Livingston03/15/2018
SR120Senate, Special Order CalendarSteve Livingston03/15/2018
SR132Senate, Special Order CalendarSteve Livingston03/20/2018
SR133Senate, Special Order CalendarSteve Livingston03/21/2018
SR134Senate, Special Order CalendarSteve Livingston03/21/2018
SR139Grace, Rosalyn Taylor, exemplary service, commendedGerald O. Dial03/22/2018
SR140Senate, Special Order CalendarGerald O. Dial03/22/2018
SR146Senate, Special Order CalendarGerald O. Dial03/27/2018
SR147Senate, Special Order CalendarGerald O. Dial03/27/2018
SR149Senate, Special Order CalendarGerald O. Dial03/28/2018
SR150Senate, Special Order CalendarGerald O. Dial03/28/2018
SR151Senate, Special Order CalendarGerald O. Dial03/28/2018
SR152Pittman, Senator Trip, honorary designationDel Marsh03/28/2018
SR153Senate, Special Order CalendarDel Marsh03/28/2018
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