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Regular Session 2018
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SR153 194089-1 By The Standing Committee on Rules RFD: First Read: 28-MAR-18 194089-1:n:03/28/2018:RULES/sts SPECIAL ORDER CALENDAR BE IT RESOLVED BY THE SENATE, That the following bills in the order named shall be the special, paramount and continuing order of business taking precedence over all other matters until disposed of for the Twenty-fifth Legislative day only: Page Representative Fridy: HB119 36 Attorneys, encouraging litigation, criminal penalties in- creased, Secs. 34-3-24, 34-3-35 am'd. Representative Sells: HB161 52 Capital offenses, aggravating circumstances if victim was a law enforcement or correctional officer, first re- sponder, or under 14 years of age, Secs. 13A-5-40, 13A-5-49 am'd. Representative Boyd: HB356 44 Education, Kyle Graddy Act, administration of single dose autoinjectable epinephrine on K-12 school campuses by students and pursuant to anaphylaxis preparedness program provided, Secs. 16-1-39, 16-1-48 am'd Representative Johnson (R): HB325 47 Sky lantern, possession or sale prohibited, Act 2017-387, 2017 Reg. Sess., am'd; Sec. 13A-11-225 am'd. Representative England: HB379 56 Indigent defense, juvenile court, guardian ad litems, maximum atty fee for services raised, Sec. 15-12-21 am'd. Representative Hanes: HB5 41 Taxation, check-off contribution to State Park Division of the Dept. of Conservation and Natural Resources, Dept. of Mental Health or the Alabama Medicaid Agency, Sec. 40-18-140 am'd. Representative Pettus: HB236 54 Education, school resource officers, qualifications fur- ther provided for, Sec. 16-1-44.1 am'd. Representative Sessions: HB361 45 Roads and bridges, correct technical revision of Act 2017-375, provide for suspension of vehicle registration for unpaid toll violation, Secs. 23-2-167, 23-2-168, 23-2-169, 23-2-172, 23-2-173, 23-2-175 am'd. Representative Poole: HB398 54 Zoning, boards of zoning adjustment, appeals of final de- cision, aggrieved party can file in circuit court, no- tice, board required to send transcript to court; Sec. 11-52-81 am'd.

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March 28, 2018 S Marsh motion to Adopt adopted Roll Call 1239
March 28, 2018 S Introduced

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Chamber: Senate
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