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Regular Session 2018
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SR61 191516-1 By The Standing Committee on Rules RFD: First Read: 13-FEB-18 191516-1:n:02/12/2018:RULES/sts SPECIAL ORDER CALENDAR BE IT RESOLVED BY THE SENATE, That the following bills in the order named shall be the special, paramount and continuing order of business taking precedence over all other matters until disposed of for the Eleventh Legislative day only: Page Senator Ward: SB38 Private judges, to expand types of cases private judges can hear, Secs. 12-11A-2, 12-11A-4 am'd. Senator Shelnutt: SB159 22 Public schools, grant all professional educators' associ- ations same level of access to employees of public schools Representative Pringle: HB131 26 Public examiners, provisions governing operation of sub- stantially revised, Chapter 5 of Title 41 repealed, Chap- ter 5A of Title 41 added Representative Faulkner: HB190 37 Transportation network companies, Public Service Commis- sion permit required to operate, minimum requirements im- posed Senator Sanders: SB257 33 Taxation, sale of land for unpaid tax, redeem property by paying interest only on tax, Secs. 40-10-75, 40-10-76, 40-10-77, 40-10-83, 40-10-121, 40-10-122 am'd. Senator Albritton: SB31 Municipal courts, municipal judges, bail, to require de- fendants to be released as an unsecured appearance bond or on personal recognizance, with exceptions, Sec. 12-14-5 am'd. Representative Rich: HB48 25 Local Government Health Insurance Program, Care Assurance System for the Aging and Homebound authorized to partici- pate, Sec. 11-91A-2 am'd. Senator Dial: SB246 35 EMS personel, revise licensing process to authorize crim- inal background checks, revise licensing fees, etc., Secs. 22-18-4, 22-18-6 am'd. Representative Poole: HB72 19 Alabama Partnership Act, repealed and replaced, proce- dures for formation and dissolution, conforming changes, Secs. 10A-1-5.10, 10A-1-9.01 added; Secs. 10A-1-5.07, 10A-1-7.33, 10A-8-1.01 to 10A-8-11.04, inclusive, re- pealed; Secs. 10A-1-1.02, 10A-1-1.03, 10A-1-1.06, 10A-1-1.08, 10A-1-1.12, 10A-1-2.02, 10A-1-3.06, 10A-1-3.17, 10A-1-3.32, 10A-1-3.33, 10A-1-3.41, 10A-1-4.01, 10A-1-4.02, 10A-1-4.25, 10A-1-4.31, 10A-1-5.01, 10A-1-5.02, 10A-1-5.03, 10A-1-5.04, 10A-1-5.05, 10A-1-5.06, 10A-1-5.07, 10A-1-5.08, 10A-1-5.11, 10A-1-5.12, 10A-1-5.31, 10A-1-5.32, 10A-1-5.33, 10A-1-6.02, 10A-1-7.01, 10A-1-7.02, 10A-1-7.03, 10A-1-7.04, 10A-1-7.05, 10A-1-7.06, 10A-1-7.07, 10A-1-7.11, 10A-1-7.12, 10A-1-7.13, 10A-1-7.14, 10A-1-7.22, 10A-1-7.23, 10A-1-7.24, 10A-1-7.31, 10A-1-7.32, 10A-1-7.34, 10A-1-7.36, 10A-1-7.37, 10A-1-8.01, 10A-1-8.02, 10A-1-8.03, 10A-1-9.21, 10A-1-9.22, 10A-5A-1.02, 10A-5A-1.06, 10A-9A-1.07, 10A-17-1.02 am'd. Senator Sanford: SB113 18 Pistol permits, clarify law in regard to issuing, provide that a sheriff may not impose time constraint on appli- cant to take possession of, Sec. 13A-11-75 am'd.Senator Scofield: SB30 24 Residential property, foreclosure, right-of-redemption, time period to redeem further provided for, notice re- quirement actions, affirmative defense, provided for, time frame for notice requirement actions, further pro- vided for, Sec. 6-5-248 am'd. Senator Whatley: SB258 36 Food service establishments, require grease traps to hav- ing locking manhole covers Senator Livingston: SB232 23 Dogs, dangerous defined, procedure and hearing provided to determine if dangerous, registration, penalties, lia- bility of owner, Emily's Law

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February 13, 2018 S Waggoner motion to Adopt adopted Roll Call 369
February 13, 2018 S Introduced

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