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Regular Session 2018
Senate, Special Order Calendar
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SR40 190665-1 By The Standing Committee on Rules RFD: First Read: 30-JAN-18 190665-1:n:01/29/2018:RULES/sts SPECIAL ORDER CALENDAR BE IT RESOLVED BY THE SENATE, That the following bills in the order named shall be the special, paramount and continuing order of business taking precedence over all other matters until disposed of for the Seventh Legislative day only: Page Senator Ward: SB39 Schedule I controlled substances, Fentanyl and Fentanyl analogues included, criminal penalties for trafficking, Secs. 13A-12-211, 13A-12-231, 20-2-23 am'd. Senator Pittman: SB47 21 Revenue Dept., sale of state land, employment of auction company, Sec. 40-10-134 am'd. Senator Bussman: SB74 Pilotage Commission, State, Sunset Law Review, continued until October 1, 2020. Senator Dial: SB79 11 Income tax credits, increase for rural physicians and dentists, Secs. 40-18-130 to 40-18-132, inclusive, am'd. Senator Orr: SB101 10 Education, gifted or talented children, grants for educa- tional programs provided by State Department of Educa- tion, local match requiredSenator Scofield: SB149 18 Rural Broadband Act, investment in infrastructure in ru- ral areas, income tax credit and property tax exemption under certain conditions, termination date Senator Livingston: SB146 21 Community development districts, alcoholic beverages, off-premises sales authorized under certain conditions, Sec. 35-8B-3 am'd. Senator Singleton: SB169 25 Injection-Associated infectious disease elimination, pi- lot programs by Dept. of Public Health and local health authorities authorized, limited criminal immunity granted Senator Ward: SB179 13 Human trafficking, increase criminal penalties for ob- structing enforcement of, Secs. 13A-6-152, 13A-6-153 am'd. Senator Reed: SB194 13 University of Alabama, Board of Trustees, congressional districts for membership as constituted on 1/1/2018, State Superintendent of Education removed from member- ship, age restriction of 70 deleted, Section 264 of the Constitution of Alabama of 1901, am'd, const. amend. Senator Smitherman: SB197 26 Ticket websites, prohibit unauthorized web developers from creating websites with web addresses containing name of venue, artist, or show Senator Dial: SB192 18 Agriculture and Conservation Development Commission, al- location of funds to soil and water conservation dis- tricts, minimum deleted, Sec. 9-8A-5 am'd.Senator Coleman-Madison: SB23 12 Employee's Retirement System, active members, reopening of service credits for certain employees of local agen- cies or organizations, qualification that employee had to be employed prior to Oct. 1, 2000, removed, Sec. 36-27-70 am'd. Senator Waggoner: SB78 Motor vehicles, overtaking and passing, vehicles to be driven in right lane, with exceptions, Sec. 32-5A-80 am'd. Senator Bussman: SB123 23 Dental Examiners, Board of, patient abandonment defined, exemption of mobile facilities expanded to all state and local health dept. mobile dental facilities, exemptions for limited pracitce clarified, cont. education provid- ers, time for taking licensing exam extended, display of license and reproduction of registration cert., fees, disciplinary action, approval of specialty status by board, membership ballot procedure, succession on bd., technical corrections, Secs. 34-9-1, 34-9-6.1, 34-9-7, 34-9-7.1, 34-9-10, 34-9-13, 34-9-15, 34-9-16, 34-9-18, 34-9-19, 34-9-40, 34-9-41, 34-9-88 am'd. Senator Sanford: SB111 Revenue Department, notification requirements by local governments regarding tax levies, revised, certain col- lection services authorized at no cost, Sec. 11-51-210.1 added; Secs. 11-3-11.3, 11-51-183, 11-51-208, 11-51-210, 40-12-4, 40-12-7 am'd. Senator Whatley: SB125 Motor vehicles, following too closely, exemption pro- vided, truck platoons, Dept. of Transportation, Secs. 32-1-1.1, 32-5A-89 am'd. Senator Chambliss: SB55 Motor vehicles, driver's license, issuance of a re- stricted driving permit, authorized under certain condi- tions, penalties, rulemaking authority given to Secretary of Alabama State Law Enforcement Agency

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January 30, 2018 S Waggoner motion to Adopt adopted Roll Call 174
January 30, 2018 S Introduced

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