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Regular Session 2018
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SR134 193715-1 By The Standing Committee on Rules RFD: First Read: 21-MAR-18 193715-1:n:03/21/2018:RULES/sts SPECIAL ORDER CALENDAR BE IT RESOLVED BY THE SENATE, That the following bills in the order named shall be the special, paramount and continuing order of business taking precedence over all other matters until disposed of for the Twenty-second Legislative day only: Page Representative Crawford: HB31 38 County Superintendent of Education, prohibition against additional employment removed, Sec. 16-9-12 am'd. Representative Standridge: HB69 30 Competitive Bid law, purchase and installation of heating and air conditioning units for local boards of education, exempted when bid pursuant to purchasing cooperative and process approved by Dept. of Examiners of Public Ac- counts, Secs. 39-1-5, 39-2-2 am'd. Representative Baker: HB170 67 Workforce Council, membership revised, regional workforce development councils, membership qualifications revised, Secs. 41-29-290, 41-29-291, 41-29-300 am'd. Representative South: HB248 33 First-time home buyers, to establish ability to open first-time home buyer savings accounts to save funds for a down payment and closing costs and establish a tax de- duction for contributions to the accountRepresentative Brown: HB237 31 Funeral Service, Board of, specific race requirements for memberships removed, Secs. 34-13-20, 34-13-23 am'd. Representative South: HB419 52 Insurance, self-service storage facilities, clarified, not engaged in the transaction of insurance business when certain coverages are provided for personal property, limited license provided, Sec. 27-7-5.3 added; Sec. 27-7-1 am'd. Representative Beech: HB457 71 Pharmacies, pharmacy records, auditing procedures, fur- ther provided for, recoupment limited under certain con- ditions, Secs. 34-23-181, 34-23-183, 34-23-184, 34-23-185, 34-23-186 am'd. Representative Sessions: HB302 40 Oysters, regulation of tagging by Marine Resources Divi- sion, Conservation and Natural Resources Dept., including private lease sites and aquaculture sites, oyster aquaculture license provided for, Secs. 9-12-67, 9-12-82 am'd. Representative Weaver: HB194 68 Palliative and end of life individual health plans, au- thorized to provide health care and other directives to health care providers, schools, etc. for terminally ill minors, Alex Hoover Act, Secs. 22-8A-15 to 22-8A-18, in- clusive, added; Secs. 22-8A-2, 22-8A-3, 22-8A-7 am'd. Representative Weaver: HB202 69 Terminally ill minors, Palliative and End of Life Indi- vidual Health Plans to be used in school setting, program established, Secs. 16-30B-1 to 16-30B-6, inclusive, added Representative Fridy: HB199 50 Motor vehicles, traffic accident reports, confidential- ity, exceptions, Sec. 32-10-7 am'd.Representative Scott: HB320 59 Income tax, filing requirement threshold to be sum of standard deduction and personal exemptions, Sec. 40-18-27 am'd. Representative Crawford: HB301 67 Community development districts, add'l type authorized, marina on lake, sale of alcoholic beverages for on-premises, Secs. 35-8B-1, 35-8B-2, 35-8B-3 am'd. Senator Singleton: SB236 66 Colleges and universities, Alabama State University, au- thority and responsibilities of the board of trustees and president of university, further provided for, Sec. 16-50-23 am'd. Representative Drummond: HB376 55 State Fire Marshal, regulation and licensing of pyrotech- nic display operators and pyrotechnic special effects op- erators, fireworks displays, fees, violation of act Class A misdemeanor Representative South: HB358 56 Environmental Management Commission, membership to in- clude licensed geologist, Sec. 22-22A-6 am'd. Representative Hall: HB427 70 Missing persons, persons with Alzheimer's or dementia el- igible for Silver Alert regardless of age, law enforce- ment personnel required to undergo training in searching for dementia patients, Secs. 26-19A-2, 26-19A-4 am'd. Representative Johnson (K): HB139 57 Warranties, New Assistive Devices Warranty Act, defini- tions, remediesRepresentative Brown: HB211 75 Funeral Service, mortuary school, students with valid ap- prenticeships or internships in another state may attend, criminal prosecution of funeral service law violations, quorum of the board, provided further, Secs. 34-13-3, 34-13-5, 34-13-6, 34-13-22 am'd. Senator Melson: SB391 78 Education, public schools, grades 6 to 12, allow elective courses on the study of the Bible and display artifacts, monuments, symbols, and text related to the study of the Bible, State Board of Education to implement rules and policies Representative Hill: HB68 49 Courts Judicial Resources Allocation, Chief Justice of Supreme Court of Alabama, require to reassign judges for prompt administration of justice, presiding circuit judge, authorized to reassign judges within circuit, Secs. 12-9A-7, 12-9A-8 added Representative Johnson (R): HB53 60 Environment, Alabama Legacy for Environmental Research Trust, abolished, Sec. 22-30B-19 repealed Representative Pettus: HB57 49 Domestic violence, capital offense expanded to include murder of a parent or guardian in the presence of a child, add'l aggravating circumstances included, Secs. 13A-5-40, 13A-5-49 am'd. Representative Harbison: HB59 65 Domestic violence, increased incarceration periods and enhanced penalties for convictions of first, second, or third degree domestic violence if committed in the pres- ence of a minor, Secs. 13A-6-130, 13A-6-131 am'd. Representative Johnson (R): HB85 17 Prosecutions for tax law violations, Dept. of Revenue au- thorized to reimburse Attorney General or district attor- ney for associated costs, Sec. 40-2-11 am'd.Representative Lee: HB107 37 Municipal business licenses, not required for certain persons travelling through municipality on business, Sec. 11-51-90.2 am'd. Representative Lee: HB298 52 Motor fuel taxes, single point of filing and payment sys- tem, Rev. Dept. to administer, taxes and exemptions stan- dardized, Local Motor Fuel Tax Advisory Committee estab. Representative Scott: HB384 46 Income tax credit only offset tax liability derived from non-Alabama sources, Sec. 40-18-21 am'd. Representative Sells: HB364 54 Prescription drugs, federally-qualified health centers authorized to deliver medications to clinics, Sec. 34-23-70 am'd. Representative Johnson (K): HB140 75 Motor vehicles, handicapped parking, sign designated spe- cial access parking place not required to specify fine, Sec. 32-6-233.1 am'd. Representative Chesteen: HB310 39 Forestry Commission, authorized to adopt rules concerning state forests and other land it controls, penalties; Sec. 9-13-10.2 added Representative Daniels: HB303 64 Alcoholic beverages, manufacturers of, prohibition on selling alcohol between certain hours eliminated, Sec. 28-3A-25 am'd.

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March 21, 2018 S Waggoner motion to Adopt adopted Roll Call 932
March 21, 2018 S Introduced

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