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Regular Session 2018
Senate, Special Order Calendar
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SR52 191324-1 By The Standing Committee on Rules RFD: First Read: 08-FEB-18 191324-1:n:02/07/2018:RULES/sts SPECIAL ORDER CALENDAR BE IT RESOLVED BY THE SENATE, That the following bills in the order named shall be the special, paramount and continuing order of business taking precedence over all other matters until disposed of for the Tenth Legislative day only: Page Senator Scofield: SB157 21 Motor Vehicle Franchise Act, unfair and deceptive trade practices, coercion of dealer to change or modify pre- mises when unreasonable, further provided for, Sec. 8-20-4 am'd. Senator Pittman: SB49 Neighborhood Infrastructure Authorities, municipalities, assessments for neighborhood infrastructure revitaliza- tion projects, income tax credits, expiration date de- leted, tax credits extended until 2022, Secs. 11-71-11, 11-71-12 am'd. Senator Brewbaker: SB189 25 Wallace-Folsom Savings Investment Plan, certain contribu- tions to savings accounts by guardians and conservators, authorized, Secs. 16-33C-1, 16-33C-3, 16-33C-10,16-33C-25 am'd. Senator Bussman: SB202 26 Education, school buses, 12-year depreciation schedule for, Sec. 16-13-233 am'd.Senator Singleton: SB198 Employment practice, unlawful to inquire from job appli- cant information relating to arrests or conviction of crimes, criminal record, with exceptions Senator Melson: SB156 16 Sales and use taxes, exemption for sales of gold bullions, money, etc, Secs. 40-23-4, 40-23-62 am'd. Senator Chambliss: SB57 20 Voyeurism, crime created, criminalize the taking of a video or photo depicting intimate areas of a person with- out that person's consent, privacy, penalties Senator Sanford: SB190 14 Code of Alabama 1975, Acts of 2016 First Special Session, 2017 Regular Session, supplements and certain replacement volumes, codified with certain corrections, local laws of certain counties codified, duties of Secretary of State Senator Orr: SB218 29 Railroad authorities, add board members and amend certif- icate of incorporation, authorized, Secs. 37-13-1, 37-13-4, 37-13-5, 37-13-7 am'd.

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February 8, 2018 S Waggoner motion to Adopt adopted Roll Call 333
February 8, 2018 S Introduced

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