HJR 186

Regular Session 2018
XV Winter Olympics Ambassadors, recognized
Resolutions, Congratulatory
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HJR186 191587-2 By Representatives Sanderford, Whorton (R), Ball, Williams (P), Daniels and Hall RFD: Rules First Read: 13-FEB-18 HJR186 ENROLLED, House Joint Resolution, RECOGNIZING THE FORTY-ONE AMBASSADORS WHO REPRESENTED THE CITY OF HUNTSVILLE AND THE STATE OF ALABAMA AT THE 1988 XV WINTER OLYMPICS IN CALGARY, CANADA. WHEREAS, in 1988, former Alabama Governor Harold Guy Hunt selected the Huntsville City School System to represent our great state at the XV Winter Olympics in Calgary, Alberta, Canada; Superintendent Dr. Mary Jane Caylor and Doris McHugh, Supervisor of Physical Education for the Huntsville City School System organized and coordinated the trip for the Huntsville City School System XV Winter Olympics delegation, which consisted of 30 fourth and fifth grade students and 11 chaperones; and WHEREAS, as the eyes of the world were upon Calgary during the XV Winter Olympic Games, Huntsville City School students served as the official Alabama ambassadors at the opening ceremony in McMahon Stadium on February 13, 1988; and WHEREAS, during the opening ceremony, the Alabama delegation had the utmost privilege of witnessing the parade of 59 countries, an event they considered impressive and exciting; notably, CF Flag Company in Huntsville, Alabama, designed the 59 flags carried by all 59 countries in the parade of nations; the athletes entered the stadium donning HJR186 their native attire and carrying banners representative of their respective countries; the children and chaperones representing the Huntsville City School System gazed upon a breathtaking and thrilling spectacle; teams and spectators, alike, anticipated the most stirring moment of the afternoon, which occurred when a young athlete entered the stadium with the Olympic Torch, climbed the stairs to the huge bowl, and lit the flame; and WHEREAS, these young students gained a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to share educational and international events with students worldwide as well as witness the Olympic Winter Games firsthand; activities included a tour of Olympic museums, a tour of the Olympic Center, and attendance of several competitions and award ceremonies; and WHEREAS, this august body endorsed, approved, and supported the Governor's appointment in 1988; this body, again, deems it appropriate, three decades later, to recognize the 41 Ambassadors for their historic participation; and WHEREAS, it is our collective wish to emphasize how the selection of elementary school children as the primary ambassadors of our state during the XV Winter Olympics three decades ago was a tribute to the excellence of Alabama and the value of its education as well as a reminder that the heart HJR186 and soul of our future is found in the quality of our youth and performance of our educational system; now therefore, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE LEGISLATURE OF ALABAMA, BOTH HOUSES THEREOF CONCURRING, That we hereby commend the members of the Huntsville City School System delegation who represented the Huntsville City School System at the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, as ambassadors for the State of Alabama and proclaim that our hope for the future is our youth and participation in international events. HJR186 Speaker of the House of Representatives President and Presiding Officer of the Senate House of Representatives I hereby certify that the within Act originated in and was adopted by the House 20-FEB-18. Jeff Woodard Clerk Senate 01-MAR-18 Adopted

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