2018 Alabama House Joint Resolutions

HJR 501

Oakes, Sylvia, dedicated service and retirement, commended

HJR 493

Crittenton Youth Services, commended

HJR 486

Fetzer, Kenneth A., commended

HJR 484

Public teaching hospital system in Alabama, recognized

HJR 483

Broadband issues, urging county officials to designate one person as contact in each county regarding

HJR 479

Potts, David, commended

HJR 476

Jefferson State Community College's Shelby-Hoover Campus, 25th anniversary, commended

HJR 473

Alabama Baptist, 175th anniversary, recognized

HJR 472

Elliott, Carl Atwood, commended

HJR 471

Donald, James S., outstanding professional achievement, commended

HJR 470

Fuller, Tommy, outstanding professional achievement, commended

HJR 469

National Stop the Bleed Day, March 31, 2018, recognized

HJR 468

Jackson, James O., outstanding professional achievement, commended

HJR 457

Yom HaShoah Commemoration, recognized

HJR 452

Garofano, Patrick L., commended

HJR 448

Reed, William D., commended

HJR 444

Huntsville City School System student ambassadors, 1988 XV Winter Olympics in Calgary, Canada, recognized

HJR 434

Legislature, Alabama State House security force, commended

HJR 433

Marlow, Red, commended

HJR 428

Carver High School Boy's Basketball Team, commended