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Who is Dickie Drake?
Dickie Drake

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Status: Out of Office
Party: Republican
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Education Information

Known educational history for Dickie Drake from Leeds, AL.

  • Attended, Community College of the Air Force
  • Attended, Jefferson State Community College

Political Information

Known political history for Dickie Drake from Leeds, AL.

  • Candidate, Alabama State House of Representatives, District 45, 2018
  • Representative, Alabama House of Representatives, District 45, 2011-present

Professions Information

Known professional history for Dickie Drake from Leeds, AL.

  • Co-Owner, Drake Lawn Maintenance, Limited Liability Cooperation
  • Served, Air National Guard
  • Served, United States Air Force

Organizations Information

Known organizational history for Dickie Drake from Leeds, AL.

  • Charter Member, Leeds Exchange Club
  • Member, Chamber of Commerce of Center Point
  • Member, Advisory Board, Lehigh Hanson/Leeds Community
  • Member, E-9 Association, State of Alabama
  • Former President, Leeds Historical Society
  • Former President, Leeds Youth Baseball
  • Former Vice President, Leeds Jaycees
  • Member, Chamber of Commerce of Leeds
  • Member, Chief's Council, 117th Air Refueling Wing
  • Member, Chamber of Commerce of Irondale
  • Member, Advisory Board, 3 Hots and a Cot
  • Member, Leeds Historical Society
  • Member, Military Stability and Job Creation Commission
  • Member, Chamber of Commerce of Mountain Brook
  • Member, Chamber of Commerce of Moody
  • Member/Deacon, Leeds First Baptist Church
  • Serves, Jefferson County Republican Executive Comittee

Election History

Dickie Drake from Leeds, AL has participated in elections listed below in the state of Alabama.

Sponsored Bills

View legislative bills that Dickie Drake has sponsored.

Livestock, private cause of action for damages to livestock cause by a dog, provided, certain officers to initiate an investigation of injury to livestock, authorized, Secs. 3-1-4, 3-1-6 repealed; Secs. 3-1-1, 3-1-5 am'd.
Taxation, sales and use taxes, Touch of Faith Family Services exempt from state, county, and municipal taxes
Occupational therapy, Occupational Therapy Licensure Compact, occupational therapists authorized to practice on a limited basis among compact states

Taxation, Community Foundation of South Alabama, Community Foundation of West Alabama, Black Belt Community Foundation, Community Foundation of Northeast Alabama, Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham, Community Foundation of Greater Huntsville, Community Foundation of Greater Decatur, Limestone Area Community Foundation, Central Alabama Community Foundation, Autauga Area Community Foundation, Elmore County Community Foundation, Southeast Alabama Community Foundation, Community Foundation of East Alabama, and Walker Area Community Foundation exempt from state, county, and municipal sale and use taxes
Jefferson Co., ad valorem taxes, senior property tax appraisal, person 70 or older, valuation frozen under certain conditions, const. amend.
Legislature, to call itself into a special session under certain conditions authorized, const. amend.
Ad valorem tax on real property, senior property tax appraisal for persons age 70 or older on principal residence used for 10 years, appraisal value frozen on immediate prior year, exceptions, rules by Revenue Dept.
Taxation, County Boards of Equalization, valuation procedures further provided, Secs. 40-2-18, 40-3-21, 40-3-25, 40-7-25 am'd.
Crimes and offenses, crimes of riot and inciting to riot, harassment, and assault II, amended, crimes of assault against a first responder, aggravated riot, and unlawful traffic interference, created, mandatory holding period for certain violations, provided, mandatory incarceration period for certain violations, provided, exceptions to sovereign immunity, further provided, restrictions on distribution of revenue to defunding jurisdictions, provided, Secs. 13A-11-3.1, 13A-11-5.1, 13A-11-8.1 added; Secs. 12-25-32, 13A-6-21, 13A-6-132, 13A-11-1, 13A-11-3, 13A-11-4, 13A-11-8, 13A-11-70, 15-13-2, 36-1-12, 36-2-1 am'd.
ClasTran, Birmingham Regional Paratransit Consortium, exempt from all sales and use taxes
Elections, requires implementation date of any legislation affecting conduct of general election to be at least six months before general election, const. amend.
Shelby Co., privately owned sewer systems using public rights-of-way of public roads, required to be regulated and certified by PSC, const. amend.
Corrections Dept., inmates being released, application for nondriver identification authorized, Sec. 14-10-1 am'd.
Elections, Governor suspending laws that would affect election process during state of emergency, prohibited before the election
Election, clarifying the distance from a polling place within which an individual may not campaign, Sec. 17-9-50 am'd.
Pistol permits, active member of U.S. Armed Forces and an honorably discharged veteran, issuance without payment of fee, Sec. 13A-11-75.1 am'd.
Veterans Affairs, authorize to purchase certain promotional items, Secs. 31-5-4, 31-5-6, 31-5-9, 31-5-14 am'd.

Veterans, distinctive license plates, Air Medal added to military awards eligible to be commemorated, Secs. 32-6-250, 32-6-251 am'd.

HB 582
Business filing requirements, providing for an electronic process for submission of filings to judges of probate and the Sec. of State, counties may voluntarily participate
HB 544
Crimes and offenses, sexual offenses, false sexual allegation, Sec. 13A-6-72 added
HB 464
Pistol permits, permits issued to retired military veterans, revocation of permit further provided, Sec. 13A-11-75.1 am'd.
HB 452
State employees, annual and sick leave accrual, certified firefighters working at Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport or Dannelly Field on a 24-hour shift, amounts increased, Sec. 36-26-35 am'd.

HR 454
Cedar Grove Baptist Church, 175th anniversary, commended
HB 246
Leeds, ad valorem tax, add'l authorized, distrib. to public schools and city, referendum
HR 449
Brown, James Franklin, death mourned
HJR 236
Treadaway, Kelsey Marie, death mourned
HB 88
Competitive bids on public contracts by state agencies and institutions, preference for vendors owned by veterans of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, joint purchasing agreements further provided for, cities and counties authorized to use fleet fuel cards, Secs. 41-16-20, 41-16-21.1, 41-16-27, 41-4-110 am'd.
HB 58
Conservation and Natural Resources, state parks, admission, free to Alabama residents who are active or retired military personnel, Park for Patriots Act, Sec. 9-14-8 am'd.
HB 11
Legislative procedure, requirement that bill must be read at length prior to final passage removed, const. amend.

Schools, military recruiters and Dept. of Homeland Security recruiters, access to public schools, Sec. 16-1-25 am'd.
Military, military installations, Military Stability Fund established, funds to be expended upon submission and acceptance of necessary project plans to retain or expand military bases, matching of local funds required, Alabama Job Creation and Military Stability Commission to award funds
Military, military support, Alabama Job Creation and Military Stability Commission created

Three Hots and a Cot, Inc., exempt from sales and use taxes
Education, public elementary school, instruction in handwriting, cursive writing by end of third grade year, Sec. 16-6B-2 am'd.

Three Hots and a Cot, Inc., exempt from sales and use taxes
Education, public elementary school, instruction in handwriting, cursive writing by end of third grade year, Sec. 16-6B-2 am'd.

Courts, circuit and districts, witnesses, video testimony authorize for members of Armed Services on active duty, requirements, Armed Services Accommodation Act, Sec. 12-21-135.1 added
Heroes for Hire Tax Credit Act of 2012, renamed, Veterans Employment Act, Secs. 40-18-320, 40-18-321, 40-18-322 am'd.
Veterans, in state government, authorizing preference in employment and promotion, Sec. 36-26-16 am'd.
Military, National Guard, post exchanges and canteens, purchase eligibility extended to dependents of active and retired members of National Guard and U.S. Armed Forces, Sec. 31-2-81 am'd.
Three Hots and a Cot, Inc., exempt from sales and use taxes
Education, public elementary school, instruction in handwriting, cursive writing by end of third grade year, Sec. 16-6B-2 am'd.
Motor vehicles, distinctive license plates, professional firefighters tag, penalties for falsely obtaining, veteran tag for members of Legion of Valor without fee or taxes, Secs. 32-6-250, 32-6-251 am'd.

Victims of Crime and Leniency, Inc., exempt from state, county, and municipal sales and use taxes
Contractors, public works contracts, timely payments, contractor required to timely pay a subcontractor for work completed, Sec. 8-29-3 am'd.
Tax exemption, Southern Research Institute exempt from certain tax
Municipalities, allow Class 6, 7, or 8 municipality to establish not more than two entertainment districts, Act 2013-382, 2013 Reg. Sess., Sec. 28-3A-17.1 am'd.
Minors, Internet post, removal under certain circumstances
Abortions, information required to be provided to a woman prior to abortion, time period increased from 24 hours to 48 hours, Sec. 26-23A-4 am'd.
Water works boards, serving counties other than co., where organized, additional board members, term, compensation, coverage by Ethics Law, notice and hearing regarding rate increases, subject to the Alabama Open Meetings Act
Controlled substances, Schedule I, additional synthetic controlled substances and analogue substances included in, trafficking in controlled substance analogues, requisite weight increased, Secs. 13A-12-231, 20-2-23 am'd.
Municipalities, golf carts, limited operation on streets authorized, restrictions, liability insurance
Oil and Gas Board, oil and gas wells, drainage or production units, regulation of horizontal wells in oil reservoirs and offshore wells in gas reservoirs, Secs. 9-17-1, 9-17-12 am'd.
Motor vehicles, distinctive license plates for professional firefighters, penalties
Election, Class 1 municipalities, election commission required to schedule an election to fill vacancy on city council under certain circumstances, Sec. 11-46-9 am'd.
Jefferson Co., water and sewer systems, collection of sewer service charges, Act 616, 1953 Reg. Sess. am'd.; Act 886, 1961 Reg. Sess. repealed
Class 1 municipalities, municial elections, assignment of voting locations in new precincts, limit of one voting location per district in municipal and city board of education elections, Sec. 11-46-7 am'd.
Title loan business, licensure and regulation of, charges concerning title loans, definitions, penalties, Alabama Title Loan Act
State employee benefits, employee to receive summary of annually
Hunting and fishing, right to clarified, subject to reasonable rules that promote conservation and management, const. amend.
Trussville, corp. limits alt., transitional provisions
Solid waste, application process for permits, local governing body approval, deemed denied if not approved within certain number of days, Sec. 22-27-48 am'd.
Grandparents, visitation with grandchildren, petition procedure and burden of proof established, Sec. 30-3-4.1 repealed
Jurors, service in criminal cases, names of sealed, contact by parties with for specified purposes prohibited, procedures for contact with jurors, penalties for violation
Criminal procedure, new classes of capital offense, Secs. 13A-5-40, 13A-5-49 am'd.
Criminal witnesses, contact with by criminal defendant prohibited without notice to prosecutor, penalties for violations, Defense Initiated Victims Outreach initiative, funding of by public funds prohibited, Sec. 15-23-73 am'd.
Criminal procedure, new classes of capital offense, reduce appeal time, Fair Justice Act
Airbag fraud, crime of created, penalties, enhanced penalties for physical injury, Sec. 13A-11-270 am'd, Sec. 13A-11-271 repealed
Revenue Department, taxes and fees, suspension by administrative rule when cost of collection is higher than amount collected, periodic review, Sec. 40-1-49 added
Sovereign immunity, immunity for officers, employees, agents of the state, including certain employees of local school boards and State Board of Education, specified in official and personal capacity under certain conditions
St. Clair Co., food pantry, sales and use tax exemption from state, county, and municipal taxes

Springville, corp. limits alt.
St. Clair Co., pretrial diversion program, city located within authorized to establish, basic operating standards provided
Water works boards, serving counties other than co., where organized, additional board members, term, compensation, coverage by Ethics Law, notice and hearing regarding rate increases
Motor Vehicles, dump trucks, operation with bed raised prohibited, penalties
Irondale, pretrial diversion program, city authorized to establish, set basic operating standards
Jefferson Co.,municipal judges and magistrates for municipal courts authorized to issue warrant recall fee for failure to appear for municipal ordinance or traffic violation, distrib. to municipal corrections fund
Irondale, municipal court, prisoner transport fee authorized for transporting defendants on misdemeanor warrants from another municipal jail
Motor vehicles, license plates, National Guard plates, net proceeds from sale to be distributed to the National Guard Foundation, proceeds to be used in furtherance of National Guard Foundation's program and purpose, Sec. 32-6-111.2 am'd.
St. Clair Co., judge of probate, expense allowance, Act 80-195, 1980 Reg. Sess., am'd.
St. Clair Co., judge of probate, marriage ceremony, additional fee
Veterans, permanently and totally disabled, state income tax, credit for sales tax paid up to a certain amount
Unemployment compensation, substitute employees of schools, exempt from collecting, Sec. 25-4-10 am'd.
Motor vehicles, low speed motor vehicles, limited operation on public roads, restrictions and equipment, Sec. 32-19-1 am'd.
Public education employees, salary increase, including K-12 and certain other designated education institutions, liability insurance program to be established by Finance Department in consultation with Education Department
Alabama Title Loan Act, licensure by Banking Dept., bonds, fees, penalties
Colleges and universities, residency for determining admission and tuition, active duty service members, spouses, dependents, veterans and other students considered resident students under certain conditions, Sec. 16-24-2 am'd.
Public employees, certain employees on active military duty, compensation provided for, Secs. 31-12-5, 31-12-6 am'd.
Motor fuel, state levy equivalent amount of tax should Congress fail to levy, eliminate, or reduce, Road and Bridge Funding Preservation Act
Elections, absentee ballots, Sec. of State by emergency rule may permit first responders to vote absentee, expenses paid by state, Secs. 17-11-3, 17-11-7 am'd.
Capital offenses, appeal directly to Alabama Supreme Court, Sec. 13A-5-53 am'd.
Weights and measures, registered service agent to conduct testing and inspection of devices, Agriculture and Industries Department to provide registration and regulation of agents, Board of Agriculture and Industries authorized to adopt a schedule of civil fines for violations, Secs. 8-16-1, 8-16-6, 8-16-7, 8-16-18 am'd.
Aircraft, manufacturers of commercial aircraft or aircraft parts, statute of limitations, statute of repose, forum non conveniens provided in civil liability actions, allocation of fault, Alabama Commercial Aviation Business Improvement Act of 2013
Retirement, retirees of Employees' Retirement System limited to certain annual amount, annual compensation limitation removed for certain law enforcement officers who are retired, Sec. 36-27-8.2 am'd.
Youthful Offender Act, persons charged with a Class A felony excluded, Sec. 15-19-1 am'd.
Child abuse and neglect, mandatory reporting by education employees, postsecondary and higher education employees, and physical therapists included, protection of employees for reporting, criminal penalties, Sec. 26-14-3 am'd.
Ten Commandments, display of on state property and at public schools, authorized, const. amend.
Flexible School Calendar Act, local board of education may opt out of calendar parameters by written notices to State Superintendent of Education, Sec. 16-13-231, as amended by Act 2012-482, 2012 Reg. Sess., am'd.
Crime of promoting prison contraband in the first, second, and third degrees, attempt included, increased penalties, Secs. 13A-10-36, 13A-10-37, 13A-10-38 am'd.
Smoking, in places of employment and public places, prohibited, State Board of Health to enforce, Alabama Smoke-free Air Act, Secs. 22-15A-1 to 22-15A-10, inclusive, repealed
Jefferson Co., Birmingham-Jefferson Co. Civic Center Authority, board of directors, procedures and terms for appointments by legislative delegation, Act 87-741, 1987 Reg. Sess., am'd.
Pardons and Paroles Board, Scottsboro Boys Act, posthumous pardons for certain convictions prior to 1932
Income tax, tax credit for rehabilitation, preservation, and development of certain historic structures
Child abuse and neglect, mandatory reporting for all persons, training required for certain persons, criminal penalties for making false child abuse or neglect reports, criminal penalties for discharging, disciplining, or penalizing an employee for making a false report, The Savannah Hardin Mandatory Reporting Act, Sec. 26-14-3 am'd

St. Clair Co., warrant recall fee for City of Moody
Cigarettes, user fee added, distrib., Sec. 40-25-2 am'd.
Farm to School Procurement Act, established, coordination effort between Department of Education and Department of Agriculture and Industries to provide local grown food to schools, certain purchases of food by local board exempt from competitive bid law, Sec. 16-13B-2 am'd
Child abuse, law enforcement agencies, individuals mandated to report child abuse to report directly to a duly constituted authority, Sec. 26-14-3 am'd
Legislative School Performance Recognition Program, established to reward high performing public K-12 schools
Solid waste landfill, permits, prohibition against issuance by Alabama Department of Environmental Management and local governments of new permits pursuant to Act 2011-297 extended until after May 31, 2014, Act 2011-297, 2011 Reg. Sess., am'd; Sec. 22-27-5.2 am'd
Jefferson County, motor vehicle license plates, renewal, cities authorized to renew, bonding, audits
Workers' compensation, sports officials to qualify as independent contractors, exempt from workers' compensation coverage, Sec. 25-5-50 am'd.
Jefferson County, Legislative Delegation Office, employees, participation in Retirement Systems of Alabama allowed, Merit System benefits and protections
Crimes and offenses, gambling, person defined, penalties, Secs. 13A-12-20, 13A-12-22, 13A-12-23, 13A-12-24, 13A-12-27 am'd
Military museum, Baldwin County designated as site for museum, Military Department authorized to cooperate with (2012-20417)
Law enforcement officers, firefighters, first responders, corrections officers, exposure to contagious, infectious, or communicable disease in the line of duty, blood and saliva testing of offender authorized, testing procedures, use of test results specified, notification of offender of positive results and availability of counseling and health care
Use of life jackets, persons operating vessels or boats on state waters with a child under 13 years of age aboard without an approved lifejacket, prohibited, Sec. 33-5-69 am'd
Crime of Looting, established, penalties, violation would be Class C felony
Counties, sewer system, operating, prohibited from charging any fee to person or entity not connected to the sewer system
Unemployment compensation, compensable week further defined, Sec. 25-4-73 am'd
Taxation, state income tax credit relating to Class 1, 2, 3 municipalities for rehabilitation of historic structures
Supplemental appropriations from Education Trust Fund to Education Department for teachers certified by National Board of Professional Teaching Standards (2012-20090)
Ethics, employees of local school system may receive up to two seasonal gifts valued less than $25, Sec. 36-25-1 am'd; Act 2010-764, 2010 First Sp. Sess. am'd

Criminal history background checks, Human Resources Department and Public Safety Department, duties clarified, transmission of criminal history reports via FBI-certified channeler, suitability determinations, types considered for reversal, clarified, Secs. 38-13-2, 38-13-3, 38-13-4, 38-13-7 am'd.
Homestead exemptions, income qualification amount increased, Secs. 40-9-19, 40-9-21 am'd.
Nursing scholarships, qualifications altered, funding increased, appropriation, Secs. 34-21-60, 34-21-61, 34-21-62, 34-21-63 am'd.
Motor vehicles, driving under the influence, penalties to include mandatory use of ignition interlock device under certain conditions, Forensic Sciences Department to approve devices, Public Safety Department to issue restricted driver's license, fee, provisions for indigent defendants, Sec. 32-5A-191.4 added; Sec. 32-5A-191 am'd.
Income tax credit authorized for employers creating jobs, under certain conditions, Full Employment Act, Secs. 40-18-270, 40-18-271, 40-18-272 repealed; Act 2010-557, 2010 Reg. Sess. repealed
Teachers, educational support personnel, and other certified educational employees and student teachers, professional liability insurance, Education Department and Finance Department to purchase or provide by July 1, 2012, rules authorized, Teacher and Education Employee Protection Act
Polling places, proximity of persons to door of building, distance increased, Sec. 17-9-50 am'd.
Physical Therapy Practice Act, substantially revised re licensing of physical therapists and physical therapist assistants, Secs. 34-24-190, 34-24-191, 34-24-192, 34-24-193, 34-24-210, 34-24-211, 34-24-212 am'd.; Secs. 34-24-194, 34-24-195, 34-24-196, 34-24-214, 34-24-216, 34-24-217 amended and renumbered; Secs. 34-24-213, 34-24-215 repealed; Secs. 34-24-194, 34-24-195, 34-24-199, 34-24-200, 34-24-215, 34-24-216, 34-24-217, 34-24-218, 34-24-219, 34-24-221 added
Continuous sexual abuse of a child, crime of established, penalties
Motor carriers, federal Unified Carrier Registration Act of 2005, responsibility for administration transferred from Public Service Commission to Revenue Department, distrib. of net fees to Public Safety Department, Sec. 37-3-32.1 amended and renumbered as Sec. 40-12-435
Counties, sewer system, operating, prohibited from charging any fee to person or entity not connected to the sewer system

Federal cap and trade regulations, goods produced and distributed only in Alabama (intrastate), exempt from cap and trade regulations
Health care, persons, employers, or health care providers, mandatory participation in any health care system prohibited, const. amend.
Gangs, criminal street gang defined, membership prohibited, graffiti prohibited, murder as part of street gang activity made a capital offense, Street Gang Act, Sec. 13A-5-49 am'd.; Sec. 13A-6-26 repealed
Criminal sex offenders, registration, registration fee upon initial registration and annually thereafter, penalties, Sec. 13A-11-200.1 added
Counties with Class 1 municipality, elected county council, elected chief executive, and appointed county manager, positions established, members, duties
Health, smoking prohibited in enclosed public places, places of employment, private clubs, enclosed residential facilities, outdoor areas, exceptions, posting of signs, enforcement by State Board of Health, fines, Smokefree Air Act, Secs. 22-15A-1 to 22-15A-10, inclusive, repealed
Jefferson Co., bonds and other debt issued by county and certain swap agreements, notice, public records, requirements, competitive bids on swap agreements
Jefferson Co., automobile rental tax, operative date of tax immediately, Act 2001-550, 2001 Reg. Sess. am'd.
Businesses or public employers, reguired to verify legal status of new employees through federal E-verify program, penalties
Jefferson Co., sewer system, fee on person, entity, or property not connected to system, prohibited
Girls and Women in the Criminal Justice System, Commission on, established, composition, duties, compensation, operation, annual report to Governor and Legislature
Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation, Inc., exempt from state, county, and municipal sales and use tax
Identity theft, penalties increased, statute of limitations removed, Sec. 13A-8-192 am'd.
Firearms and ammunition, sales tax limited, const. amend.
Criminal sex offenders, residence prohibited within certain number of feet of park or playground, penalties, Sec. 15-20-26 am'd.; Act 2009-558, 2009 Reg. Sess. am'd.
Continuous sexual abuse of a child, crime of established, penalties
Civil procedure, civil defendants required to inform court of current address and name and address of employer, in contempt for failure to report
Elections, person who is convicted of certain election offense prohibited from serving in certain capacities
Human trafficking, coercion or deception causing a person to work or to perform services having financial value or to perform certain sexual activities, prohibited, criminal penalties, Representatives Jack Williams and Merika Coleman Act (2010-20826)
Municipalities, municipal courts, court costs for jails, distrib. for municipal jails, Sec. 11-47-7.1 am'd.
Campaign contributions, limitation imposed on contributions by political action committees to candidates
Ephedrine, pseudoephedrine, and phenylpropanolamine, State Board of Health required to classify as controlled substances, exemptions, removed from list of precursor chemicals maintained by State Board of Pharmacy, Secs. 20-2-20, 20-2-181 am'd.
Aliens, illegal, forfeiture of property acquired while illegal alien, procedures, exceptions
Motor vehicles, driving without license or insurance or proof of legal entry into the United States, motor vehicle may be impounded, Secs. 32-6-18, 32-7A-4 am'd.
Sheriffs, prisoners in county jail, allowance for feeding, Prisoner Feeding Fund, established, records, audit, Secs. 14-6-40, 14-6-41, 14-6-42, 14-6-43, 14-6-47, 14-6-48, 36-22-17 am'd.
Obscene material involving children, disseminate further defined, material that constitutes possession of visual obscene matter further provided for, Secs. 13A-12-190, 13A-12-192 am'd.
Women's Commission, qualifications, duties, funding, terms of office, altered, employees and benefits provided for, fees for programs authorized, Secs. 41-9-415, 41-9-416 added; Secs. 41-9-410, 41-9-411, 41-9-413 am'd.
Alabama Residential Energy Code Board changed to Alabama Energy and Residential Codes Board, Model Energy Code replaced with Alabama Energy and Residential Codes, adoption of modern building and energy codes in compliance with federal law to be implemented by counties and municipalities, board members increased, certain farm structures excluded, sprinkler systems provided for, Secs. 41-23-80, 41-23-81, 41-23-82, 41-23-83, 41-23-84, 41-23-85 am'd.
Public education employees and law enforcement officers, offenses committed in the line of duty, arrest warrants, procedures for arrest
Elections, photo identification required, Public Safety Department required to issue identification cards to persons without photo identification, Sec. 17-9-30 am'd.
Corrections Department, certain correctional officers authorized to participate in Deferred Retirement Option Plan after meeting certain requirements, Sec. 36-27-170 am'd.
State of Alabama, counties and municipalities prohibited from issuing business licenses without proof of citizenship or legal status in United States
Greenhouse gas emissions, state agency prohibited from adopting or enforcing a state or regional program to limit or regulate motor vehicle fuel economy or from implementing a cap and trade program without legislative authorization
Federal law enforcement officers, permission of sheriff or Attorney General required before conducting arrest or search and seizure, district attorney required to prosecute violations, supremacy of sheriff as chief law enforcement officer of county declared
Income tax, employer's deduction for health insurance premiums, compensation paid to qualifying employees for calculation of employer's deduction further provided for, Sec. 40-18-15.3 am'd.
Medical savings accounts, established, limits on deductible amounts contributed, interest excluded from gross income, use of funds, withdrawals, distribution upon death of account holder, Medical Savings Account Act
Schools in unincorporated areas of county, reduced speed school zones on roads and highways established, signs required, Transportation Department to provide signs on state highways, fines doubled, County and Municipal Reduced Speed School Zone Act
Jefferson Co., elected county council, elected chief executive, and appointed county manager, positions established, members, duties
Motor vehicles, text messaging or operating a handheld global positioning system (GPS) while operating a motor vehicle on public street, road, or highway prohibited, penalties
Elections, right of individuals to vote by secret ballot guaranteed, Amendment 579 (Section 177, Recompiled Constitution of Alabama of 1901, as amended), am'd., const. amend.

Appropriations, pass-through appropriations, defined and prohibited, exception for valid support of agency programs, administrative and criminal penalties for violations by agencies, line-item appropriations authorized, reporting requirements, Budget Accountability Act
Political action committees, transfer of funds between prohibited, transfers between principal campaign committees, prohibited, exceptions, certain receipts and expenditures of campaign funds from federal candidates limited, penalties, Congressman Mike Rogers/Jeff McLaughlin Campaign Finance Transparency Act, Secs. 17-5-7, 17-5-15 am'd. (2010-21164)

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