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Regular Session 2018
House of Representatives, Special Order Calendar
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HR137 182229-49 By Rules Committee RFD: First Read: 06-FEB-18 182229-49:n:02/02/2018:TA/ta SPECIAL ORDER CALENDAR BY: HOUSE RULES COMMITTEE BE IT RESOLVED BY THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES OF THE LEGISLATURE OF ALABAMA, That immediately upon the adoption of this resolution, the following business, in the order set forth below, shall be the special and paramount order of business for the 9th legislative day taking precedence over the regular order of business or any pending or unfinished business. Page Representative Weaver: HB194 Palliative and end of life individual health plans, au- thorized to provide health care and other directives to health care providers, schools, etc. for terminally ill minors, Alex Hoover Act, Secs. 22-8A-15 to 22-8A-18, in- clusive, added; Secs. 22-8A-2, 22-8A-3, 22-8A-7 am'd. Representative Weaver: HB202 Terminally ill minors, Palliative and End of Life Indi- vidual Health Plans to be used in school setting, program established, Secs. 16-30B-1 to 16-30B-6, inclusive, added Representative Lee: HB106 Court reporters, state salary tied to pay scale of Ala- bama Personnel Dept. Pay Plan for state employees, sub- ject to cost-of-living and merit raises, provide pay for court reporter returning to state service, provide salary of supernumerary court reporters, Secs. 12-17-274, 12-17-292 am'd.Representative Davis: HB166 Marriage and Family Therapy Board, practice of marriage and family therapy further defined to include diagnosis of mental and emotional problems, certain limitations de- leted, Sec. 34-17A-3 am'd. Representative Brown: HB39 Driver's licenses and similar cards, applicant for new or renewal, inclusion of emergency contact information in records of Alabama State Law Enforcement Agency Representative Garrett: HB164 Tax Exemption Reform Act, grace period to obtain or renew certificate of exemption from Dept. of Revenue for united appeal fund entities and supported charities provided through Sept. 30, 2018, Sec. 40-9-12.1added Representative Beech: HB299 Pharmaceutical Services Providers, may petition Dept. of Revenue for direct refund of overpayment of supplemental privilege tax, Sec. 40-26B-9 am'd. Representative Johnson (R): HB53 Environment, Alabama Legacy for Environmental Research Trust, abolished, Sec. 22-30B-19 repealed Representative Standridge: HB228 State agencies, to permit but not mandate the use of na- tional motto "In God We Trust" in and on public buildings and vehicles Representative South: HB248 First-time home buyers, to establish ability to open first-time home buyer savings accounts to save funds for a down payment and closing costs and establish a tax de- duction for contributions to the accountRepresentative Crawford: HB35 Taxation, certain tax-exempt public water and sewer au- thorities, districts, boards, and systems eligible as government entities for certificates of exemptions from the Dept. of Revenue, Sec. 40-9-14.1 am'd. Representative Johnson (R): HB85 Prosecutions for tax law violations, Dept. of Revenue au- thorized to reimburse Attorney General or district attor- ney for associated costs, Sec. 40-2-11 am'd. Representative Ledbetter: HB56 Alabama Disaster Recovery Program, established to assist counties and municipalities with disaster recovery, com- mittee to administer, Sec. 31-9-86 added; Secs. 31-9-10, 31-9-83 am'd. Representative Fincher: HB13 Education, time increased for public K-12 teachers to give notice of terminating employment from 5 to 30 days, requirement for postsecondary education employees de- leted, Sec. 16-24C-11 am'd. Representative McClammy: HB91 Motor vehicles, distinctive license plates, Helping Schools, fee increased, Sec. 32-6-300 am'd. Representative Ledbetter: HB277 Dogs, dangerous defined, procedure and hearing provided to determine if dangerous, registration, penalties, lia- bility of owner, Emily's Law Representative Boyd: HB86 Municipality, repeal laws that abolished certain munici- palities and provide that each municipal corporation that was abolished by a law shall function as a municipality from the date of its initial organization

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February 6, 2018 H Jones motion to Adopt adopted Voice Vote
February 6, 2018 H Introduced

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