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2018 Alabama House Resolutions

A list of all 2018 Alabama House Resolutions. Click any bill to read the full text and get the current status.

BillTitleSponsorLast ActionSigned
HR503House of Representatives, Special Order CalendarUnknown03/27/2018
HR504Lewis, Rhonda Steele, death mournedUnknown03/27/2018
HR505McGregor, Milton Earl, death mournedUnknown03/27/2018
HR506Blountsville United Methodist Church, commendedUnknown03/28/2018
HR507Norman, Siddie Mae, death mournedUnknown03/28/2018
HR508Horton, Judge James E., Jr, urging Congress to approve a postage stamp in his honorUnknown03/28/2018
HR509Lott, Jimmie L., 100th birthday celebration, commendedUnknown03/28/2018
HR510Cates, Eric O., Jr., outstanding professional achievement, commendedUnknown03/28/2018
HR511Parker, Daisy Love, death mournedUnknown03/28/2018
HR512House of Representatives, Special Order CalendarUnknown03/28/2018
HR513Vaughn, Alice Collins, death mournedUnknown03/28/2018
HR514Bennett, Wildon Harbin, death mournedUnknown03/28/2018
HR515Expungement law, urging Legislauture to amendUnknown03/28/2018
HR516House of Representatives, Special Order CalendarUnknown03/28/2018
HR517McGregor, Milton Earl, death mournedUnknown03/28/2018
HR518Service of veterans in Selma and Dallas Counties - CommendedUnknown03/29/2018
HR519Hale, Marjorie McKinnon, death mournedUnknown03/29/2018
HR520Wilborn, Joseph Quenion, death mournedUnknown03/29/2018
HR521Madison County Republican Men's Club, commendedUnknown03/29/2018
HR522Dodson, Bryan, outstanding professional achievement, commendedUnknown03/29/2018
HR523Thompson, Linda Brown, death mournedUnknown03/29/2018
HR524Bettie Joe Campbell Hennington George-Pinkney, death mournedUnknown03/29/2018
HR525Debter, Glynn and Debter Hereford Farm, recognizedUnknown03/29/2018
HR526Shroud Award, winner designatedUnknown03/29/2018
HR376Major League Baseball Players Alumni Association on the occasion of its 2nd Youth Baseball Clinic. - CommendingUnknown03/13/2018
HR377Sanders, Martha Gwendolyn Stewart, 100th birthday, commendedUnknown03/13/2018
HR378Boss, Philip III., death mournedUnknown03/13/2018
HR379Lamb, Neil - CommendingUnknown03/13/2018
HR384Auburn University Mens Basketball Team, commendedUnknown03/13/2018
HR385McWilliams, Devique, commendedUnknown03/13/2018
HR386Benjamin, Denver Sha-Vonne, commendedUnknown03/13/2018
HR387Mills, Aidan Olivia, commendedUnknown03/13/2018
HR388Walker, Andrew T., commendedUnknown03/13/2018
HR389Evans, Brie, commendedUnknown03/13/2018
HR390Spain Park Girls Varsity Basketball Team, commendedUnknown03/13/2018
HR391Morris Crawford - CommendingUnknown03/13/2018
HR400House of Representatives, Special Order CalendarUnknown03/13/2018
HR401Ardmore High School, 100th Anniversary, commendedUnknown03/13/2018
HR402Lott, Jimmie, 100th birthday, commendedUnknown03/13/2018
HR403Girl Scouts, over 100 years of changing the world, commendedUnknown03/13/2018
HR406Cooper, Carl, distiguished military service and 98th birthday, commendedUnknown03/13/2018Signed
HR407House of Representatives, Consent CalendarUnknown03/15/2018
HR408House of Representatives, Special Order CalendarUnknown03/15/2018
HR409Truevine Missionary Baptist Church, 135th anniversary, commendedUnknown03/15/2018
HR410Ballard, Chauncey, honoredUnknown03/15/2018
HR411Billa, Justin Taylor, death mournedUnknown03/15/2018
HR412Abney, Conley Terry, death mournedUnknown03/15/2018
HR413Martin, Patrick V., death mournedUnknown03/15/2018
HR414Bennett, Wildon Harbin, death mournedUnknown03/15/2018Signed
HR415Cleveland, Henry E., Jr., death mournedUnknown03/15/2018
HR416Mashburn, Blake Miles, death mournedUnknown03/15/2018
HR417Hodge, Donna, death mournedUnknown03/15/2018
HR418Alverson, Elbert Glennis, death mournedUnknown03/15/2018
HR419Copeland, Charles E., death mournedUnknown03/15/2018
HR420Hale, Millard, death mournedUnknown03/15/2018
HR421Stephens, Sherokee T., death mournedUnknown03/15/2018
HR422Jones, Dorothy McPherson, death mournedUnknown03/15/2018
HR425Ballard, Chauncey, honoredUnknown03/15/2018
HR426Carver High School Boy's Basketball Team, commendedUnknown03/15/2018
HR427Jones, Dorothy McPherson, death mournedUnknown03/15/2018
HR429Sigma day, March 15, 2018, recognized and Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Incorporated honoredUnknown03/15/2018
HR430Security Force, Alabama State House, exemplary service, commendedUnknown03/15/2018
HR431"Fix it America", urging Congress to pass.Unknown03/15/2018
HR432Tombrella, Ronnie, death mournedUnknown03/15/2018
HR435Roberts, Elaine, death mournedUnknown03/15/2018
HR436George, Rodney, death mournedUnknown03/15/2018
HR437Dorcas Art and Social Club, Anniston Chapter, commendedUnknown03/15/2018
HR438House of Representatives, Special Order CalendarUnknown03/20/2018
HR439Warren, Eleanor Williams, 90th birthday, commendedUnknown03/20/2018
HR440Cramer, Vernon E., death mournedUnknown03/20/2018
HR441Russell, Mark, commendedUnknown03/20/2018
HR442Nathan, Robert L., death mournedUnknown03/20/2018
HR443Tubbtown, recognizedUnknown03/20/2018
HR445McGill-Toolen Boys and Girls Basketball Teams, outstanding athletic achievement, commendedUnknown03/20/2018
HR446Huntsville City School System student ambassadors, 1988 XV Winter Olympics in Calgary, Canada, recognizedUnknown03/20/2018
HR447House of Representatives, Special Order CalendarUnknown03/20/2018
HR449Brown, James Franklin, death mournedUnknown03/20/2018
HR450House of Representatives, Special Order CalendarUnknown03/20/2018
HR451Garofano, Patrick L., commendedUnknown03/20/2018
HR453Wilson, Mildred D., death mournedUnknown03/20/2018
HR454Cedar Grove Baptist Church, 175th anniversary, commendedUnknown03/20/2018
HR455Whitaker, Dante, commendedUnknown03/20/2018
HR456National Stop the Bleed Day, March 31, 2018, recognizedUnknown03/22/2018
HR458House of Representatives, Special Order CalendarUnknown03/21/2018
HR459Yom HaShoah Commemoration, recognizedUnknown03/21/2018
HR460Arrington, Courtlin La'Shawn, death mournedUnknown03/21/2018
HR461Jackson, James O., outstanding professional achievement, commendedUnknown03/21/2018
HR462Dye, Carolyn Harris, 70th birthday celebration, commendedUnknown03/21/2018
HR463Fuller, Tommy, outstanding professional achievement, commendedUnknown03/21/2018
HR464Donald, James S., outstanding professional achievement, commendedUnknown03/21/2018
HR465Elliott, Carl Atwood, commendedUnknown03/21/2018
HR466Ruf, Ashlyn, commendedUnknown03/21/2018
HR467Boyd, Dow, commendedUnknown03/21/2018
HR474Alabama Baptist, 175th anniversary, recognizedUnknown03/21/2018
HR475Jefferson State Community College's Shelby-Hoover Campus, 25th anniversary, commendedUnknown03/21/2018
HR477House of Representatives, Special Order CalendarUnknown03/22/2018
HR478Potts, David, commendedUnknown03/22/2018
HR480Swift, Nancy Christine Mitchell, death mournedUnknown03/22/2018
HR481Lindsay, David, posthumously honored, David Lindsay Day, September 9, 2018, recognizedUnknown03/28/2018
HR482Broadband issues, urging county officials to designate one person as contact in each county regardingUnknown03/28/2018
HR485First responders of Baldwin Co., recognizedUnknown03/22/2018
HR487Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.,, commendedUnknown03/22/2018
HR488Fetzer, Kenneth A., commendedUnknown03/22/2018
HR489Tate, Laura H., Alabama Middle School Principal of the Year - CommendedUnknown03/27/2018
HR490Townes, Charles, death mournedUnknown03/27/2018
HR491Hazel Green High School Girls Basketball Team, commendedUnknown03/27/2018
HR492Carlisle, Nicholas, commendedUnknown03/27/2018
HR494Crittenton Youth Services, commendedUnknown03/27/2018
HR495Hyatt, Jeramiah Charles, death mournedUnknown03/27/2018
HR496Ward, Robinson J., Jr., death mournedUnknown03/27/2018
HR497Green, Robert Lawson, death mournedUnknown03/27/2018
HR498Tumlin, Robert Ray, death mournedUnknown03/27/2018
HR499Law Institute House Interns, commendedUnknown03/27/2018
HR500Law Institute Law Clerks, exemplary service, commendedUnknown03/27/2018
HR502Oakes, Sylvia, professional achievement, commendedUnknown03/27/2018
HR204Balch, James Villard, death mournedUnknown02/15/2018
HR208Ahmadi, Timothy Peter, death mournedUnknown02/15/2018
HR209Woodstock Senior Center, grand opening, recognizedUnknown02/15/2018
HR210Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., bid of Leonardo-DRS, urging Congress, President Trump, and the United States Department of Defense to give consideration ofUnknown02/15/2018
HR211House of Representatives, Consent CalendarUnknown02/15/2018
HR212House of Representatives, Special Order CalendarUnknown02/15/2018
HR213Johnson, Carrie Mae, death mournedUnknown02/15/2018
HR214House of Representatives, Special Order CalendarUnknown02/20/2018
HR216Evangel High School Football Team, commendedUnknown02/20/2018
HR217House of Representatives, Special Order CalendarUnknown02/20/2018
HR219House of Representatives, Consent CalendarUnknown02/22/2018
HR220NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center and May, Todd, commendedUnknown02/22/2018
HR221Taylor, Recy, life and legacy, honoredUnknown02/22/2018
HR222Turner, Nancy Sue, death mournedUnknown02/22/2018
HR223Hagedorn, Donna, outstanding professional achievement, commendedUnknown02/22/2018
HR228Caples, Virginia, death mournedUnknown02/22/2018
HR229Cotton, Ardis Brewer, death mournedUnknown02/22/2018
HR230House of Representatives, Special Order CalendarUnknown02/22/2018
HR231Gray, Eddie Mae, death mournedUnknown02/22/2018
HR233Taylor, Recy, life and legacy, honoredUnknown02/22/2018
HR234Mitchell, Jane J., 100th birthday, commendedUnknown02/22/2018
HR237House of Representatives, Consent CalendarUnknown02/27/2018
HR238Robinson, Lucille, death mournedUnknown02/27/2018
HR239Coates, Robert Frank, Jr., death mournedUnknown02/27/2018
HR240Cox, Alma Lee Todd, 105th birthday, commendedUnknown02/27/2018
HR241Billa, Justin Taylor, death mournedUnknown02/27/2018
HR242Huntsville City School System student ambassadors, 1988 XV Winter Olympics in Calgary, Canada, recognizedUnknown02/27/2018
HR243Henry, Laura Grace and her non profit foundation, commendedUnknown02/27/2018
HR247Chapman, Pearlie Mae Savage, death mournedUnknown02/27/2018
HR248House of Representatives, Special Order CalendarUnknown02/27/2018
HR249Busby, Mickey D., death mournedUnknown02/27/2018
HR252Matthews, Adell Huff, death mournedUnknown02/27/2018
HR253Thomas, Aurora, outstanding professional achievement, commendedUnknown02/27/2018
HR255Myers, Limuer, professional achievement, commendedUnknown02/27/2018
HR256Huggins, Katherine, commendedUnknown02/27/2018
HR260Central Missionary Baptist Church, 100th anniversary, commendedUnknown02/27/2018
HR261Lawrence County High School, commendedUnknown02/27/2018
HR263House of Representatives, Consent CalendarUnknown03/01/2018
HR264House of Representatives, Special Order CalendarUnknown03/01/2018
HR265Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School survivors, efforts to end school gun violence, supportedUnknown03/01/2018
HR266Stacy, Sarah Bernice, 100th birthday, commendedUnknown03/01/2018
HR267Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Incorporated, Day in Alabama, March 6, 2018, recognizedUnknown03/01/2018
HR268Chaney, Mattie Giles, 100th birthday, commendedUnknown03/01/2018
HR273Garlen, Joshua, nominee for the 2018 Alabama Legislative Medal of Honor for Law Enforcement, commendedUnknown03/01/2018
HR274McGhee, Greg, nominee for the 2018 Alabama Legislative Medal of Honor for Law Enforcement, commendedUnknown03/01/2018
HR275Rogers, Chris, nominee for the 2018 Alabama Legislative Medal of Honor for Law Enforcement, commendedUnknown03/01/2018
HR276Roney, Kris, nominee for the 2018 Alabama Legislative Medal of Honor for Law Enforcement, commendedUnknown03/01/2018
HR277Vasilakis, Niko, nominee for the 2018 Alabama Legislative Medal of Honor for Law Enforcement, commendedUnknown03/01/2018
HR284Henegar, Parker and Shelton, Jordan, receiving the "Life Saving" Award, commendedUnknown03/01/2018
HR285Pruitt, Jeremy, commendedUnknown03/01/2018
HR289Boggs-MacGuire, Henrietta, recognizedUnknown03/01/2018
HR290Douglas, Nancy, death mournedUnknown03/01/2018
HR292Wordell, Joseph, nominee for the 2018 Alabama Legislative Medal of Honor for Law Enforcement, commendedUnknown03/01/2018
HR295House of Representatives, Special Order CalendarUnknown03/06/2018
HR301Robert Brazier, death mourned.Unknown03/06/2018
HR302McGhee, Greg, nominee for the 2018 Alabama Legislative Medal of Honor for Law Enforcement, commendedUnknown03/06/2018
HR303Garlen, Joshua, and Collins, Joshua, nominees for the 2018 Alabama Legislative Medal of Honor for Law Enforcement, commendedUnknown03/06/2018
HR304Clements, Hayden; Cline, Tyler and Reed, Andy, nominee for the 2018 Alabama Legislative Medal of Honor for Law Enforcement, commendedUnknown03/06/2018
HR305Recognizing Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans DayUnknown03/06/2018
HR306Fine, Kathleen Shelton, 90th birthday, commendedUnknown03/06/2018
HR309Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., Delta Day, recognizedUnknown03/13/2018
HR310Governor, urged to expand MedicaidUnknown03/06/2018
HR336Lewis, Tommy, outstanding professional achievement, commendedUnknown03/06/2018
HR338Fletcher, Richard, commendedUnknown03/06/2018
HR339Fletcher, Ronald, commendedUnknown03/06/2018
HR342Sidney Adkins - CommendingUnknown03/06/2018
HR344Nalls, Chad, nominee for the 2018 Alabama Legislative Medal of Honor for Law Enforcement, commendedUnknown03/08/2018
HR346House of Representatives, Consent CalendarUnknown03/08/2018
HR347House of Representatives, Special Order CalendarUnknown03/08/2018
HR348Pisgah High School girls basketball team, commendedUnknown03/08/2018
HR349Red Bay Garden Club, commendedUnknown03/08/2018
HR350Monrovia Middle School Scholar Bowl Team - 2018 ASCA Championship - CommendedUnknown03/08/2018
HR355Brian Clayton - CommendedUnknown03/08/2018
HR356Martin, Nathaniel W., commendedUnknown03/08/2018
HR357Hogan, Jennifer, commnededUnknown03/08/2018
HR358Courtney Wilburn, Alabama Middle School Principal of the Year - CommendedUnknown03/08/2018
HR359Nalls, Chad, nominee for the 2018 Alabama Legislative Medal of Honor for Law Enforcement, commendedUnknown03/08/2018
HR360Rev. C.L. Daniel - CommendedUnknown03/08/2018
HR361Recognizing Plainview High School Boys Basketball TeamUnknown03/08/2018
HR364Courtney Wilburn, Alabama Middle School Principal of the Year - CommendedUnknown03/08/2018
HR365Hogan, Jennifer, commnededUnknown03/08/2018
HR366Brian Clayton - CommendedUnknown03/08/2018
HR367Martin, Nathaniel W., commendedUnknown03/08/2018
HR368Robert Brazile inuction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. - CommendedUnknown03/08/2018
HR371Mountain Brook High School basketball team, commendedUnknown03/08/2018
HR372Arnell, James - Death MournedUnknown03/08/2018
HR373House of Representatives, Special Order CalendarUnknown03/13/2018
HR374Samson High School Lady Tigers Basketball Team - CommendedUnknown03/13/2018
HR375David Klein - Death MournedUnknown03/13/2018
HR140Roberson, Mary Frances, death mournedUnknown02/06/2018
HR141Marble, Leslie Lee, death mournedUnknown02/06/2018
HR142Trotman, John, death mournedUnknown02/06/2018
HR148Military in Alabama, recognizedUnknown02/06/2018
HR151Pack, James I., professional achievement, commendedUnknown02/06/2018
HR154Calhoun, Vick Eugene, death mournedUnknown02/08/2018
HR156House of Representatives, Consent CalendarUnknown02/08/2018
HR157Jones, John Daniel, outstanding professional achievement, commendedUnknown02/08/2018
HR158Jackson Tyler Baughman, Phillip Grant Baughman, Nolan Jacob Goldman, Jordan Lee Inwood, Andrew John Powell, and Jacob Patrick Young, earning the Arrow of Light Award in the Cub Scouts Program, commendedUnknown02/08/2018
HR159Peter F. Alba School, 100th anniversary, commendedUnknown02/08/2018
HR160Gamble, Carl, commendedUnknown02/08/2018
HR162Fletcher, Karen Anita Ross, death mournedUnknown02/08/2018
HR163House of Representatives, Special Order CalendarUnknown02/08/2018
HR164Isaac, Charles Edward, Jr., death mournedUnknown02/08/2018
HR165Roberson, Richard Ervin, death mournedUnknown02/08/2018
HR166Carlton, Mary K., commendedUnknown02/08/2018
HR167Balch, James Villard, death mournedUnknown02/08/2018
HR168House of Representatives, Special Order CalendarUnknown02/13/2018
HR172Tinker, Justin Wayne, death mournedUnknown02/13/2018
HR173Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, AKA Day at the Capitol, recognizedUnknown02/13/2018
HR174Howell, Homer Scott, death mournedUnknown02/13/2018
HR175Endometriosis Awareness Month, March 2018, recognizedUnknown02/20/2018
HR176Troy University, commendedUnknown02/13/2018
HR177NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center and May, Todd, commendedUnknown02/13/2018
HR178Hamilton, Patricia A., death mournedUnknown02/13/2018
HR179Dunnington, Raymond Lee, death mournedUnknown02/13/2018
HR180Stanley, R. E., death mournedUnknown02/13/2018
HR181Gamble, Carl, commendedUnknown02/13/2018
HR182Alabama HIV Awareness Day, recognizedUnknown02/20/2018
HR189Technology industry providers, urged to inform public re: access and blockage of inappropriate materialUnknown02/20/2018
HR190XV Winter Olympics Ambassadors, recognizedUnknown02/13/2018
HR192Small Businesses and the work of Alabama Small Business Commission, commendedUnknown02/13/2018
HR193Seales, Bobby Joe, commendedUnknown02/13/2018
HR194Hunt, Lillian Bracy, death mournedUnknown02/13/2018
HR199Phillips, Grayson, commendedUnknown02/15/2018
HR200Johnson, Carrie Mae, death mournedUnknown02/15/2018
HR201House of Representatives, Special Order CalendarUnknown02/15/2018
HR50Hall, Rick, death mournedUnknown01/11/2018
HR51Allen, Jimmy, Thomasville Alabama Chamber of Commerce's Citizen of the Year, commendedUnknown01/11/2018
HR60McGhee, Greg, Scottsboro Police Department Life Saving Certificate, commendedUnknown01/16/2018
HR61Harris, Percy, commendedUnknown01/16/2018
HR62Wheat, William Jessie, death mournedUnknown01/16/2018
HR63Adkins, Eli Denson, death mournedUnknown01/16/2018
HR64Upton, Donnie Ray, death mournedUnknown01/16/2018
HR65Teel, Jeffrey Scott, death mournedUnknown01/16/2018
HR66Stroup, William Earl, death mournedUnknown01/16/2018
HR67Johnson, Leta Henson, death mournedUnknown01/16/2018
HR68Copeland, Toney, death mournedUnknown01/16/2018
HR69Davis, John Stanford, death mournedUnknown01/16/2018
HR72Baird, Olivia Elizabeth Hall, death mournedUnknown01/18/2018
HR73Dixon, Martha Belvin, death mournedUnknown01/18/2018
HR74Miller, Gordon Wayne, Jr., death mournedUnknown01/18/2018
HR79Self-Care Awareness Month, March 2018, recognizedUnknown01/18/2018
HR80Baker, Barbara Denise, death mournedUnknown01/23/2018
HR81Coffey, Danny M., death mournedUnknown01/23/2018
HR82Mosley, Gary Dwight, death mournedUnknown01/23/2018
HR83Simmons, Charles Edward, death mournedUnknown01/23/2018
HR84Stafford, Samuel Ray, death mournedUnknown01/23/2018
HR85Hammett, Jerry L., death mournedUnknown01/23/2018
HR86Day, Dorothy Mazell, death mournedUnknown01/23/2018
HR87Hill, James Malcolm, death mournedUnknown01/23/2018
HR94Lanett High School Football Team, commendedUnknown01/23/2018
HR95White, William Benny, death mournedUnknown01/23/2018
HR98Arc of Madison County, exceptional service, commendedUnknown01/23/2018
HR102Coates, Robert Frank, Jr., death mournedUnknown01/23/2018
HR103Roberson, Emma, 100th birthday, commendedUnknown01/25/2018
HR109Smithfield Walk Club, commendedUnknown01/25/2018
HR110Portis, Luberta Westry, death mournedUnknown01/25/2018
HR111Stedham, W. Gene, death mournedUnknown01/25/2018
HR113House of Representatives, Special Order CalendarUnknown01/30/2018
HR114Ratcliff, Cheryl Curtis Strong, outstanding professional achievement, commendedUnknown01/30/2018
HR117Oliver, Debra J., outstanding professional achievement, commendingUnknown01/30/2018
HR118Bandy, Representative George C., Sr., death mournedUnknown01/30/2018
HR119Banks, Edwin, commendedUnknown01/30/2018
HR121House of Representatives, Special Order CalendarUnknown02/01/2018
HR123Oliver, William David, outstanding professional achievement, commendedUnknown02/01/2018
HR124Wall, Rodney Lee, death mournedUnknown02/01/2018
HR125Sherman, John Richard, death mournedUnknown02/01/2018
HR126House of Representatives, Special Order CalendarUnknown02/01/2018
HR127Jones, Jay, Sheriff of the Year, commendedUnknown02/01/2018
HR134Butterworth, Maria del Pilar Menendez de, death mournedUnknown02/01/2018
HR137House of Representatives, Special Order CalendarUnknown02/06/2018
HR138Perna, Gustave F., commendedUnknown02/06/2018
HR139Walker, Robert, outstanding military achievement, posthumously commendedUnknown02/06/2018
HR4Rose, Gary Michael, Medal of Honor recipient, commendedUnknown01/09/2018
HR5Adkins, Bennie G., Medal of Honor recipient, commendedUnknown01/09/2018
HR6Sprayberry, James Michael, Medal of Honor recipient, commendedUnknown01/09/2018
HR8Military veterans, recognizedUnknown01/09/2018
HR9House of Representatives, Senate notified that House is in session and ready to transact businessUnknown01/09/2018
HR12Hall, Rick, death mournedUnknown01/09/2018
HR28Gynecological Cancer Awareness Month, recognizedUnknown01/11/2018
HR35Rogers, Johnny, professional achievement, commendedUnknown01/11/2018
HR36Carruth, Nicole, athletic accomplishments, recognizedUnknown01/11/2018
HR38Franklin County Cattlemen, commendedUnknown01/11/2018
HR39Keahey, Ronnie E., death mournedUnknown01/11/2018
HR40Rudder Funeral Home, 103rd anniversary, recognizedUnknown01/11/2018
HR41Waldrop, Eric and Courtney, birth of sextuplets, commendedUnknown01/11/2018
HR42Rogers, Johnny, professional achievement, commendedUnknown01/11/2018
HR47Transportation Department, urged to reduce speed limit on Highway 431 in AlexandriaUnknown01/16/2018
HR49Lucas, Polly Torti, death mournedUnknown01/11/2018
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