HR 346

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Regular Session 2018
House of Representatives, Consent Calendar
Resolutions, Legislative

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HR346 192890-1 By Rules Committee RFD: First Read: 08-MAR-18 192890-1:n:03/07/2018:TA/ta CONSENT CALENDAR BY RULES COMMITTEE BE IT RESOLVED BY THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES OF THE LEGISLATURE OF ALABAMA, That the following business, in the order set forth below, is proposed as a Consent Calendar to be considered on the 21st legislative day, or on a subsequent day if not reached in the regular order of business on that day. Under the rules of the House, members have until adjournment on the 20th legislative day, to file an objection to any bill so listed. BE IT RESOLVED FURTHER, That bills which are considered on Consent Calendar may not be amended, substituted, or debated, and may not be carried over. Page Representative Rogers: HB336 Teachers' Retirement System, UAB employees who served as postdoctoral fellow, allowed to purchase up to two years credit in the system

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Action Date Chamber Action
March 8, 2018 H Jones motion to Adopt adopted Voice Vote
March 8, 2018 H Introduced

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