HR 276

Regular Session 2018
Roney, Kris, nominee for the 2018 Alabama Legislative Medal of Honor for Law Enforcement, commended
Resolutions, Congratulatory
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HR276 192415-1 By Representatives Sanderford, Rowe and Baker RFD: First Read: 01-MAR-18 192415-1:n:02/28/2018:AR/ar LSA2018-1144 COMMENDING OFFICER KRIS RONEY OF THE SCOTTSBORO POLICE DEPARTMENT AS A NOMINEE FOR THE 2018 ALABAMA LEGISLATIVE MEDAL OF HONOR FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT. WHEREAS, it is with highest commendation that we recognize Officer Kris Roney of the Scottsboro Police Department as a nominee for the 2018 Alabama Legislative Medal of Honor for Law Enforcement, Alabama's highest law enforcement award for extraordinary courage in the line of duty; and WHEREAS, while effecting a felony robbery arrest at the intersection of Highway 72 and Snodgrass Road on August 10, 2017, Officer Kris Roney witnessed a vehicle that was traveling west on Highway 72 leave the roadway, crash into an embankment, and partially overturn; he asked Officer Tyler McLemore, a police trainee assigned to him, to keep the felony prisoner secure, and he and Lieutenant McGhee drove their patrol cars a short distance, exited their vehicles, and ran toward the flame engulfed vehicle; while Lieutenant McGhee warded off the fire with a fire extinguisher and searched for occupants inside the vehicle, Officer Roney climbed into the overturned vehicle's broken sunroof and located the driver, Jennifer Nicole Brownfield, 39, of Scottsboro, Alabama; Officer Roney ensured there was no one else inside the vehicle before coaxing Ms. Brownfield to stand, grabbing her from under her arms, and pulling her out of the burning vehicle; Officer Roney carried Ms. Brownfield to a safe distance so she would not incur harm in case the vehicle should explode; and WHEREAS, placed in a life-threatening situation and without a moment's hesitation, Officer Kris Roney placed himself in the line of peril and saved a life; for his meritorious actions, Officer Roney received the Scottsboro Police Department Life Saving Certificate; and WHEREAS, Officer Kris Roney demonstrated immense courage, diligence, and quick response in a life-threatening situation; his loyalty and unwavering commitment to protect and serve the residents of Scottsboro were evidenced through his willingness to make the quick and proper response in order to protect the lives of others; and WHEREAS, Officer Kris Roney epitomizes the qualities of those who serve and protect, and he is truly deserving of this distinguished nomination for the Legislative Medal of Honor for Law Enforcement; now therefore, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES OF THE ALABAMA LEGISLATURE, That we hereby recognize and honor Officer Kris Roney of the Scottsboro Police Department as a nominee for the 2018 Legislative Medal of Honor for Law Enforcement and direct that he receive a copy of this resolution as evidence of our admiration and esteem.

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