HR 28

Regular Session 2018
Gynecological Cancer Awareness Month, recognized
Resolutions, Congratulatory
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HR28 189401-1 By Representatives Weaver, Hall, Bracy, Williams (P), Fridy, Rowe, Sessions, Ainsworth, Alexander, Baker, Ball, Bandy, Beckman, Beech, Black, Blackshear, Boothe, Boyd, Brown, Buskey, Butler, Carns, Chesteen, Chestnut, Clarke, Clouse, Coleman, Collins, Crawford, Daniels, Davis, Drake, Drummond, Ellis, England, Farley, Faulkner, Faust, Fincher, Ford, Forte, Garrett, Gaston, Givan, Greer, Grimsley, Hanes, Harbison, Harper, Henry, Hill, Hollis, Holmes (A), Holmes (M), Howard, Hurst, Ingram, Jackson, Johnson (K), Johnson (R), Jones, Knight, Lawrence, Ledbetter, Lee, Lindsey, Lovvorn, Martin, McCampbell, McClammy, McCutcheon, McMillan, Millican, Mooney, Moore (B), Moore (M), Morrow, Nordgren, Pettus, Polizos, Poole, Pringle, Rich, Rogers, Sanderford, Scott, Sells, Shedd, Shiver, South, Standridge, Todd, Treadaway, Tuggle, Wadsworth, Warren, Whorton (I), Whorton (R), Wilcox, Williams (JD), Williams (JW), Wingo and Wood RFD: First Read: 11-JAN-18 189401-1:n:01/05/2018:DSM*/tj LSA2018-66 RECOGNIZING GYNECOLOGIC CANCER AWARENESS MONTH. WHEREAS, gynecologic (GYN) cancers are among the leading cancer killers of women in the United States, and more than 107,000 women will be diagnosed, and more than 31,000 women will die from these diseases this year and the absence they leave in our hearts will be deeply felt forever; and WHEREAS, the Laura Crandall Brown Foundation and its "A State of Teal" initiative brings awareness of all GYN cancers to the people throughout the State of Alabama; and WHEREAS, the good health and well-being of women in our state are enhanced by increased awareness of GYN cancers and their symptoms and treatments; and WHEREAS, it is also crucial that all women in our state take an active role in learning the symptoms and risk factors associated with GYN cancers, developing healthy habits, and undergoing regular medical examinations so that any occurrence of these diseases may be detected in their early and treatable stages; and WHEREAS, we reflect upon the memory of those lost to these diseases, the bravery of those currently battling these diagnoses, and the need for increased awareness, screening, and research so that the women of our state might be spared from them in the future, and encourage all citizens to work together to raise awareness of GYN cancers; now therefore, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES OF THE LEGISLATURE OF ALABAMA, That we hereby recognize September 2018 as Gynecological Cancer Awareness Month throughout the state and encourage all residents to work together to raise awareness of GYN cancers, and we commend this observance to all of our citizens.

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Action Date Chamber Action
January 11, 2018HWeaver motion to Adopt adopted Voice Vote
January 11, 2018HIntroduced
Chamber: Senate
Result: Passed
Chamber: House
Result: Failed