HR 277

Regular Session 2018
Vasilakis, Niko, nominee for the 2018 Alabama Legislative Medal of Honor for Law Enforcement, commended
Resolutions, Congratulatory
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HR277 192537-1 By Representatives Sanderford, Rowe and Baker RFD: First Read: 01-MAR-18 192537-1:n:03/01/2018:AR/ar LSA2018-1138 COMMENDING DEPUTY NIKO VASILAKIS OF THE JEFFERSON COUNTY SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT AS A NOMINEE FOR THE 2018 ALABAMA LEGISLATIVE MEDAL OF HONOR FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT. WHEREAS, it is with highest commendation that we recognize Deputy Niko Vasilakis of the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department as a nominee for the 2018 Alabama Legislative Medal of Honor for Law Enforcement, Alabama's highest law enforcement award for extraordinary courage in the line of duty; and WHEREAS, Deputy Vasilakis observed a multiple car accident take place in which one car caught on fire and two more left the road and plunged into a flowing creek; the vehicle that remained in the roadway was on fire; Deputy Vasilakis, with the assistance of two citizens, extinguished the burning car and called for paramedics and backup; and WHEREAS, while waiting for backup, Deputy Vasilakis crawled on top of the cars in the creek to assess the situation and relay information to Fire and Rescue; he was able to assist one victim to the edge of the creek but could not remove the other; once Fire and Rescue arrived on the scene they were able to form a human ladder and remove the victims of the cars and up the step embankment; and WHEREAS, Deputy Vasilakis performed his duties without thought to his personal safety while awaiting backup; his actions kept a hazardous situation from escalating to something far worse; and WHEREAS, Deputy Vasilakis demonstrated immense courage, diligence, and quick response in a life-threatening situation; his loyalty and unwavering commitment to protect and serve the residents of Jefferson County were evidenced through his willingness to make quick and proper response in order to save lives; and WHEREAS, Deputy Vasilakis epitomizes the qualities of those who serve and protect, and he is truly deserving of this distinguished nomination for the Legislative Medal of Honor for Law Enforcement; now therefore, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES OF THE LEGISLATURE OF ALABAMA, That we hereby recognize and honor Deputy Niko Vasilakis as a nominee for the 2018 Legislative Medal of Honor for Law Enforcement and direct that he receive a copy of this resolution as evidence of our admiration.

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