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Who is Ralph Howard?
Ralph Howard

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Status: Out of Office
Party: Democrat
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Education Information

Known educational history for Ralph Howard from Greensboro, AL.

  • BA, Criminal Justice, University of Alabama

Political Information

Known political history for Ralph Howard from Greensboro, AL.

  • Candidate, Alabama State House of Representatives, District 72, 2022
  • Representative, Alabama State House of Representatives, District 72, 2005-present

Professions Information

Known professional history for Ralph Howard from Greensboro, AL.

  • Adult Education Instructor, Shelton State Community College-Tuscaloosa
  • Served, United States Marines Corp

Congressional Information

Known congressional history for Ralph Howard from Greensboro, AL.

  • Former Member, Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs (ADECA) Legislative Oversight Commission, Alabama State House of Representatives
  • Former Member, State Government Committee, Alabama State House of Representatives

Organizations Information

Known organizational history for Ralph Howard from Greensboro, AL.

  • Member, Alabama Democratic Conference, present
  • Member, Pleasant Grove Missionary Baptist Church, present
  • Member, Disabled American Veterans, present
  • Member, Friendship Lodge 228, present

Election History

Ralph Howard from Greensboro, AL has participated in elections listed below in the state of Alabama.

Sponsored Bills

View legislative bills that Ralph Howard has sponsored.

Employment wages, establishing minimum wage
Lottery, Alabama Lottery Commission, powers and duties prescribed, Alabama Lottery Corporation, powers and duties prescribed, lottery retailers regulated
Lottery, authorized, Alabama Lottery Corporation, created, Lottery Trust Fund, established, distrib. of proceeds, Sec. 65, Constitution of Alabama of 1901 am'd., const. amend.

Time; to adopt Daylight Savings Time statewide if Congress amends Federal law to allow it.
Taxation, Black Belt Regional Child Advocacy Center, exempt from state, county, municipal sales and use taxes, Sec. 40-23-5 am'd.
Employment wages, establishing minimum wage
State sales and use tax increased, phase-in period, sales and use tax on food phased out, exempt by 2007, counties and municipalities prohibited from increasing sales tax on food, Secs. 40-23-2, 40-23-61 am'd.
Election ballots, straight political party ballots prohibited, constitutional amendment ballot measure, contents may not mislead description of, Secs. 17-6-36, 17-6-37. 17-6-38, 17-6-39 repealed; Secs. 17-6-35, 17-6-41, 17-7-21 am'd.
Traffic stops, racial profiling by law enforcement officers, prohibited, written policies, forms for statistics, and reports to Attorney General required, provision for complaints, reporting and collection of data on injuries to officers, required
Board of Cosmetology and Barbering, provide for the licensure and regulation of mobile salons, Sec. 34-7B-30 added; Sec. 34-7B-1 am'd.
Nicotine, raise the age to buy, possess, or use nicotine products to 21, impose restrictions on marketing of certain nicotine products, Secs. 28-11-17.1, 28-11-20, 28-11-21 added; Secs. 13A-12-3, 13A-12-3.1, 28-11-1, 28-11-2, 28-11-3, 28-11-4, 28-11-5, 28-11-6.1, 28-11-6.2, 28-11-11, 28-11-13, 28-11-14, 28-11-15, 28-11-16, 28-11-18 am'd.

Alabama Job Creation and Military Stability Commission, membership, to include one senator appointed by Lt. Governor from the minority caucus, and one representative from minority caucus appointed by the Speaker of the House, Sec. 31-14-3 am'd.
HB 142
Faunsdale, alcoholic beverages, Sunday sales

HB 627
Eutaw, alcoholic beverages, draft beer, sale of authorized by ordinance
HB 626
Eutaw, alcoholic beverages, Sunday sales under certain conditions
HB 553
Bibb Co., sales and use tax, county comm. authorized to levy, conditions for levy based on retirement of certain school debt, distrib. for education and co. gen. fund

HB 513
Assault weapons, prohibit sale or transfer of an assault weapon to anyone under 21 years of age, to prohibit anyone under 21 years of age from possessing an assault weapon
HB 411
Appropriations, supplemental appropriations for fiscal year ending September 30, 2018, from Security Certification Fund to the Alabama Security Regulatory Board
HB 399
Alabama Security Regulatory Board, bd. auth. to hold hearings and issue subpoenas, fees set by rule of board, classroom training requirements provided and modified by rule of board, practice without license a Class A misdemeanor, Secs. 34-27C-1 to 34-27C-5, inclusive, 34-27C-7 to 34-27C-13, inclusive, 34-27C-16, 34-27C-17, 34-27C-18 am'd.
HR 509
Lott, Jimmie L., 100th birthday celebration, commended
HR 267
Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Incorporated, Day in Alabama, March 6, 2018, recognized

Education, Alabama School Choice and Student Opportunity Act, subject charter schools to same laws, rules, policies, and procedures as other public schools, Sec. 16-6F-9 am'd.

Hale Co., probate office, add'l transaction fees, co. commission authorized to establish, distrib.
Sumter Co., taxation, additional ad valorem tax providing for a referendum

Hale Co., probate office, add'l transaction fees, co. commission authorized to establish, distrib.
Sumter Co., taxation, additional ad valorem tax providing for a referendum

Hale Co. alcoholic beverages sold in ABC stores, sales and use tax authorized, distrib. for district attorneys, const. amend.

Taxation, certain foods exempt from sales and use tax annually at start of the season of Lent and ending last day of season
Title loan business, licensure and regulation of, charges concerning title loans, definitions, penalties, Alabama Title Loan Act
Scottsboro Boys Museum and Cultural Center, approp.

Voter registration, to allow persons to register up to and on date of election, Sec. 17-3-50 am'd.
Bibb Co., sheriff, jail store, operation, proceeds earmarked for co. general fund for salaries
Veterans, permanently and totally disabled, state income tax, credit for sales tax paid up to a certain amount
Colleges and universities, residency for determining admission and tuition, active duty service members, spouses, dependents, veterans and other students considered resident students under certain conditions, Sec. 16-24-2 am'd.
Retirement, DROP reestablished, exceptions, Secs. 16-25-150, 36-27-170 am'd.
Highway Finance Corporation, borrowing power clarified, Governor added as member of authority, proceeds of bonds, use by counties and municipalities to match federal funds, Secs. 23-1-174, 23-1-177, 23-1-178, 23-1-181 am'd.
State income tax, federal deduction limited for individual taxpayers, state sales tax on food removed, Amendment 225 (Section 211.04, Recompiled Constitution of Alabama of 1901, as amended), repealed, const. amend.
Hate crimes, motivated by victim's sexual orientation, additional penalties imposed, Sec. 13A-5-13 am'd.

Education Trust Fund (ETF), transfer of certain funds to State General Fund and to provide for repayment to the ETF, Sec. 29-9-2, 29-9-3 am'd
Perry County, court costs, law enforcement defenders fee, collected on service of process in civil cases, distrib. general fund, Peace Officers Annuity and Benefit Fund, Solicitor's Fund, Sheriff's Fund
Perry County, Solicitors fee, civil cases in circuit and district courts, distrib. to District Attorney and Circuit Clerk
Health care, licensed physician or health care provider, allowed to refuse to perform unnecessary medical services or services that could harm patient, Right to Professional Medical Judgment Act
Food stamps and welfare, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), persons convicted of drug related felony eligible for assistance if serving period of probation and completing or completed substance abuse program
Crime of Looting, established, penalties, violation would be Class C felony
Prisoners, permitted to attend church at request of church pastor or leader
Secondary metals recycler, additional records to be maintained, purchases of specified metal property limited, registration with ACJIC, required, database of metal property sales created, criminal penalties, purchase of specified metal property prohibited, Secs. 13A-8-30 to 13A-8-37, inclusive, 13A-8-39 am'd; Secs. 13A-8-31.1, 13A-8-31.2, 13A-8-35.1, 13A-8-37.1, 13A-8-37.2 added
Alabama Marine Corps League exempt from state, county, and municipal sales and use tax

Alabama Marine Corps League exempt from state, county, and municipal sales and use tax
Dental Examiners of Alabama, Board of, dentists and dental hygienists, regulation and licensure, substantially revised, Sec. 34-9-7.2 added; Secs. 34-9-2, 34-9-3, 34-9-5, 34-9-6, 34-9-6.1, 34-9-7, 34-9-8, 34-9-9, 34-9-10, 34-9-13, 34-9-15, 34-9-15.1, 34-9-16, 34-9-18, 34-9-20, 34-9-21, 34-9-22, 34-9-24, 34-9-26, 34-9-27, 34-9-28, 34-9-40, 34-9-41, 34-9-43, 34-9-44, 34-9-60, 34-9-63, 34-9-82, 34-9-89 am'd. (2011-20608)
Motor vehicles, veterans, permanently and totally disabled, exempt from license tax and registration fee for one tag, Sec. 40-12-244 am'd.
Homestead exemption, ad valorem tax except taxes for schools, permanently and totally disabled veterans and surviving spouses, exempt from under certain conditions, Sec. 40-9-19 am'd.
Motor vehicles, disabled veterans distinctive license tag, veteran with service-connected disability of 100 percent exempt from license fees and ad valorem tax, Sec. 32-6-130 am'd.
Equal Pay Remedies and Enforcement Act, established, legislative findings regarding wage differentials between minorities and nonminorities and males and females, Equal Pay Commission established, members, duties, powers, report to Governor and Legislature
Beer, cider, and wine, homebrewing by adult persons for personal use authorized without taxation or licensure
State income tax, federal deduction limited for individual taxpayers, state sales tax on food removed, Amendment 225 (Section 211.04, Recompiled Constitution of Alabama of 1901, as amended), repealed, const. amend.
Income tax, Alabama resident individuals, gross income includes an owner's entire allocable share of income earned from both in-state and out-of-state sources, Sec. 40-18-14 am'd.
Supplemental appropriation from Education Trust Fund to Education Department for teachers certified by National Board for Professional Teaching Standards
Agricultural tourist attractions, to be defined by rule and approved by Agriculture and Industries Department, application and renewal fees, directional signs under certain conditions (2011-20698)
Hale Co., ad valorem tax, additional authorized, pursuant to Act 92-565, 1992 Reg. Sess., for new county jail, excess amount collected to be used for law enforcement purposes, continuation of tax collection, retroactive effect, const. amend.

Transportation Department, Good Faith Effort Committee, members subject to diversity, annual report to Legislature
Child abuse or neglect, suspected, mandatory reporting, requirements for school teachers and school officials, established, responsibilities of principals and local superintendents of education Sec. 26-14-3 am'd.
Drugs, chemical compounds HU-210, JWH-018, JWH-073, and salvia divinorum or salvinorum A, possession prohibited, penalties (2010-20801)
Homestead exemption, increased for protection against confiscation of a homestead for debts, Sec. 6-10-2 am'd.
Perry Co., coal ash, disposal fee levied, distrib. evenly to Uniontown and Marion general funds, const. amend.
Municipalities, domestic violence statistics compiled and maintained by a municipality, posted on municipal website, Melanie Camp Act
Agriculture and livestock, regulation of livestock and animal husbandry, sole jurisdiction of Agriculture and Industries Department, State Veterinarian, duties re livestock diseases, etc., exclusive, cruelty to animals, penalties, Secs. 2-4-1, 13A-11-14 am'd. (2010-20627)
Marengo Co., court costs, Legislature authorized to provide by general or local law, prior local laws ratified, const. amend.
Supernumerary ad valorem tax officials, cap on compensation increased, Sec. 40-6-3 am'd.
Railroads, standards of stationary assembly points and mobile labor camps for maintenance-of-way employees, established, drinking water provided, Board of Health to adopt rules for mobile camps, investigations, inspection fees, distrib.
Ephedrine, pseudoephedrine, and phenylpropanolamine, State Board of Health required to classify as controlled substances, exemptions, removed from list of precursor chemicals maintained by State Board of Pharmacy, Secs. 20-2-20, 20-2-181 am'd.
Obscene material involving children, disseminate further defined, material that constitutes possession of visual obscene matter further provided for, Secs. 13A-12-190, 13A-12-192 am'd.
Assault in the second degree, utility workers included as a protected class, utility worker defined, Sec. 13A-6-21 am'd.; Act 2009-586, 2009 Reg. Sess. am'd.
State income tax, federal deduction limited for individual taxpayers, state sales tax on food removed, Amendment 225 (Section 211.04, Recompiled Constitution of Alabama of 1901, as amended), repealed, const. amend.

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