HR 168

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Regular Session 2018
House of Representatives, Special Order Calendar
Resolution, Legislative

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HR168 182229-52 By Rules Committee RFD: First Read: 13-FEB-18 182229-52:n:02/08/2018:TA/ta SPECIAL ORDER CALENDAR BY: HOUSE RULES COMMITTEE BE IT RESOLVED BY THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES OF THE LEGISLATURE OF ALABAMA, That immediately upon the adoption of this resolution, the following business, in the order set forth below, shall be the special and paramount order of business for the 11th legislative day taking precedence over the regular order of business or any pending or unfinished business. Page Representative Poole: HB174 Public education employees, salary increase, including K-12 and certain other designated education institutions Representative Poole: HB175 Education budget, appropriations for the support, mainte- nance, and development of public education Representative Poole: HB176 Lyman Ward Military Academy, appropriation Representative Poole: HB177 Talladega College, appropriation Representative Poole: HB178 Tuskegee University, appropriationRepresentative Poole: HB179 Appropriations, supplemental appropriations for fiscal year ending September 30, 2018, Education Trust Fund Ad- vancement and Technology Fund to the Department of Educa- tion and Alabama Community College System Representative Poole: HB180 Appropriations, supplemental appropriations for fiscal year 2018, from Education Trust Fund Representative Clouse: HB321 Nursing facilities, supplemental privilege assessment and monthly surcharge for Medicaid extended, expiration under certain conditions, Sec. 40-26B-21 am'd. Representative Clouse: HB322 Hospitals, private hospital assessment and Medicaid fund- ing program extended for fiscal year 2019, Secs. 40-26B-71, 40-26B-73, 40-26B-77.1, 40-26B-79, 40-26B-80, 40-26B-81, 40-26B-82, 40-26B-84, 40-26B-88 am'd.

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Action Date Chamber Action
February 13, 2018 H Jones motion to Adopt adopted Voice Vote
February 13, 2018 H Introduced

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