HR 344

Regular Session 2018
Nalls, Chad, nominee for the 2018 Alabama Legislative Medal of Honor for Law Enforcement, commended
Resolutions, Congratulatory
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HR344 192724-1 By Representatives Sanderford, Baker and Rowe RFD: First Read: 08-MAR-18 192724-1:n:03/06/2018:JEC/jec LRS2017-1215 COMMENDING TROOPER CHAD NALLS OF THE ALABAMA LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCY AS A NOMINEE FOR THE 2018 ALABAMA LEGISLATIVE MEDAL OF HONOR FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT. WHEREAS, it is with highest commendation that we recognize Trooper Chad Nalls of the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency as a nominee for the 2018 Alabama Legislative Medal of Honor for Law Enforcement, Alabama's highest law enforcement award for extraordinary courage in the line of duty; and WHEREAS, on November 17, 2017, Trooper Chad Nalls responded to a call regarding a reckless driver and assisted Officer Blalock of the Jemison Police Department with the apprehension of a missing, suicidal subject in Chilton County, Alabama; when Trooper Nalls arrived on the scene, the suicidal subject was facing Officer Blalock and aiming a handgun at his own head; Trooper Nalls quickly grabbed the gun and turned it away from the subject's head and any bystanders in the area; Trooper Nalls and Officer Blalock secured the subject on the ground and handcuffed him; Trooper Nalls secured the handgun and cleared a live round from the chamber; Trooper Nalls, Officer Blalock, the subject, nor any bystanders were injured in this incident; the subject, Mr. Matthew Middleton, was reported in NCIC as a missing and suicidal person from Kentucky; and WHEREAS, Trooper Chad Nalls demonstrated extraordinary courage, diligence, and quick response in grabbing a loaded weapon which a subject had placed to his head; Trooper Nalls acted with exceptional heroism, and his loyalty and unwavering commitment to protect and serve the residents of our state were evidenced through his willingness to make the quick and proper response in order to save lives and end an immediate threat to the area; his valorous actions reflect immense credit upon the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency and the entire State of Alabama; and WHEREAS, Trooper Chad Nalls epitomizes the qualities of those who serve and protect, and he is truly deserving of this distinguished nomination for the Legislative Medal of Honor for Law Enforcement; now therefore, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES OF THE LEGISLATURE OF ALABAMA, That we hereby recognize and honor Trooper Chad Nalls as a nominee for the 2018 Legislative Medal of Honor for Law Enforcement and direct that he receive a copy of this resolution as evidence of our admiration and esteem.

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