HR 522

Regular Session 2018
Dodson, Bryan, outstanding professional achievement, commended
Resolutions, Congratulatory
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HR522 194108-1 By Representative Sanderford RFD: First Read: 29-MAR-18 194108-1:n:03/29/2018:AR/ar LSA2018-1575 COMMENDING BRYAN DODSON FOR OUTSTANDING PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENT. WHEREAS, highest commendations and congratulations are herein proudly presented to Bryan Dodson for outstanding professional achievement on the occasion of his retirement as CEO and President of the Huntsville Rehabilitation Foundation; and WHEREAS, Mr. Dodson has dedicated his entire career to making life better for thousands of citizens with disabilities by enabling those who needed help the most to gain independence through employment; and WHEREAS, Bryan Dodson joined Huntsville Rehabilitation Foundation in 1981, and became President in 1984; as a result, over 16,000 people with disabilities have been provided services which have positively changed the course of their lives by receiving training for both job success and life skills, and meaningful employment and benefits that enabled them to care for themselves and their families; this, in turn, provided the most valuable benefit of all, self-esteem; and WHEREAS, during his tenue, the annual wage for people with disabilities has increased by almost 200 percent; and WHEREAS, to help clients pursue financial independence, Mr. Dodson obtained money management classes and then, through a partnership with Redstone Federal Credit Union, enabled those who completed the class to obtain appropriate loans, giving them an opportunity that most of us simply take for granted; and WHEREAS, Brian Dodson's commitment to serve has not been limited to the Huntsville Rehabilitation Foundation, he used their substantial profits and resources to serve other non-profits engaging in improving the quality of life in our community, including: providing a building for the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services to enable much needed services for children and adults; and providing startup funding, facilities or grants to The Volunteer Center, Still Serving Veterans, Kids on the Block, HEALS, INC., Community Free Clinic, Madison County Special Olympics, Interfaith Mission Service, and The United Way of Madison County; and WHEREAS, he is a member of St. Thomas Episcopal Church, and he has served as a member of several community and statewide boards, including: Alabama Association of Rehabilitation Facilities, Southern Disability Foundation, Better Business Bureau, Community Free Clinic, Huntsville City Transportation Advisory Board, and The Huntsville Madison County Chamber of Commerce; and WHEREAS, Bryan Dodson was presented with the 2016 Distinguished Service Award, the highest individual honor given by the Chamber of Commerce; and WHEREAS, through the years, Bryan Dodson has earned immense respect for his tireless dedication and exceptional abilities, and he is truly deserving of special recognition; now therefore, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES OF THE LEGISLATURE OF ALABAMA, That Bryan Dodson is highly honored and commended, and this resolution is offered to him in deepest admiration and appreciation, along with sincere best wishes for all future endeavors.

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