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Regular Session 2018
House of Representatives, Special Order Calendar
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HR450 182229-71 By Rules Committee RFD: First Read: 20-MAR-18 182229-71:n:03/16/2018:TA/ta SPECIAL ORDER CALENDAR BY: HOUSE RULES COMMITTEE BE IT RESOLVED BY THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES OF THE LEGISLATURE OF ALABAMA, That immediately upon the adoption of this resolution, the following business, in the order set forth below, shall be the special and paramount order of business for the 21st legislative day taking precedence over the regular order of business or any pending or unfinished business. Page Senator Scofield: SB149 Rural Broadband Act, investment in infrastructure in ru- ral areas, income tax credit and property tax exemption under certain conditions, termination date Senator Ward: SB179 Human trafficking, increase criminal penalties for ob- structing enforcement of, Secs. 13A-6-152, 13A-6-153 am'd. Senator Pittman: SB272 Capital defendant, execution of, elect to be executed by nitrogen hypoxia if lethal injection is unavailable, Secs. 15-18-82, 15-18-82.1 am'd. Senator McClendon: SB1 Driving under the influence, ignition interlock provi- sions, further provided for, required for persons ap- proved for pretrial diversion, ignition interlock fee for municipal court cases distributed to municipality, fee for indigents lowered, Sec. 32-5A-191, 32-5A-191.4 am'd. Senator Sanders: SB257 Taxation, sale of land for unpaid tax, redeem property by paying interest only on tax, Secs. 40-10-75, 40-10-76, 40-10-77, 40-10-83, 40-10-121, 40-10-122 am'd. Senator Glover: SB15 Legislature, House or Senate, vacancies, if less than two years left in term, gov. would appt., adding new Sec. 46, const. amend. Senator Bussman: SB301 Driving under the influence, ignition interlock devices, further provided, blood alcohol content (BAC) for en- hancement lowered, distrib of court fees, use for bond and pretrial diversion, indigent further provided for and funded, Sec. 32-5A-191, 32-5A-191.4 am'd. Senator Reed: SB351 Health care, Alabama Rural Hospital Resource Center, cre- ated, within Univ. of Alabama at Birmingham, staffing and reporting requirements, rural administrative residency program, created Senator Chambliss: SB316 Engineers and Land Surveyors Board, definitions, board duties, disciplinary actions, revised, Secs. 34-11-9.1, 34-11-11.1, 34-11-11.2 added; Sec. 34-11-16 repealed; Secs. 34-11-1 to 34-11-15, inclusive, 34-11-30, 34-11-31, 34-11-32, 34-11-34, 34-11-35, 34-11-35.1, 34-11-36, 34-11-37 am'd Senator Chambliss: SB26 Juvenile sex offenders, notification provided to school of low-risk sex offender expanded to include local super of edu. and bd of edu., change in school required to be reported to local law enforcement by juvenile sex of- fender, state board of edu. required to develop and local boards to adopt, model policy for monitoring juvenile sex offenders in school, Secs. 15-20A-27, 15-20A-30 am'd. Senator Coleman-Madison: SB23 Employee's Retirement System, active members, reopening of service credits for certain employees of local agen- cies or organizations, qualification that employee had to be employed prior to Oct. 1, 2000, removed, Sec. 36-27-70 am'd. Senator Orr: SB92 Compensation, unemployment, to increase the possible weekly benefit, to lower weeks of unemployment benefits from 26 to 14 to 20 based on the unemployment rate in the recipient's county of residence, and to provide for addi- tional benefits for persons undertaking job training or certification, Secs. 25-4-72, 25-4-74 am'd. Senator Waggoner: SB245 Governor, strategic four-year plan, transmit to legisla- tors in electronic format, posting on Governor's website, Sec. 41-19-3 am'd. Senator Blackwell: SB283 Alabama Insurance Guaranty Association Act, provisions conformed to most recent model act, obligation of assoc. to pay covered claims before order of liquidation of in- solvent insurer, statutory cap for benefits and aggregate cap provided, Secs. 27-42-3, 27-42-5, 27-42-8, 27-42-11, 27-42-12 am'd. Senator Pittman: SB222 State Pilotage Commission, membership, increase from three to four members, qualifications, Sec. 33-4-1 am'd. Senator Ward: SB33 Permanent Joint Legislative Committee on Energy Policy, membership and duties revised, limit reporting of commit- tee, creation of office deleted, authorized to form advi- sory subcommittees, Secs. 29-2-270 to 29-2-275, inclu- sive, am'd.Senator Melson: SB10 Home Builders Licensure Board, residential home builders, proof of current licensure and liability insurance pro- vided to homeowner before beginning construction

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March 20, 2018 H Jones motion to Adopt adopted Voice Vote
March 20, 2018 H Introduced

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