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I’m a journalist in Birmingham, Alabama, co-author of Lilly Ledbetter’s memoir, Grace and Grit: How I Won My Fight at Goodyear and Beyond (Random House in 2012). My essays have been published in the LA Times, Huffington Post and The Bitter Southerner, as well as various regional publications.

HB 314 and SB 211: A Handmaid’s Tale in Alabama

Lanier Isom | April 15, 2019 | Opinion Article Women Pose For Photo At Women's Rights March

Since the beginning of 2019, 14 states have passed or introduced 250 bills restricting abortion. Emboldened by a conservative-leaning Supreme Court, lawmakers are determined to challenge access to safe, legal abortion nationally by introducing unconstitutional “heartbeat” bills which ban abortions after six weeks. Last November,...

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