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The EARN IT Act Could Seriously Threaten Online Privacy

By Gavin Miller on April 20, 2020 | Opinion

Today, most of our interactions have moved online since everyone is stuck at home. Given that fact, now is the perfect time to talk about what keeps our private messages private: encryption.

Whenever you send…

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DCH Hospitals Pays Ransom For Cyber Attack

By David Preston on October 7, 2019

After this week’s ransomware attack, three DCH hospitals are starting to come back online.  On late Tuesday, a variant of the Ryuk Ransomware struck the IT networks of the DCH Hospitals in Tuscaloosa,

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Ransomware Closes DCH Hospitals In Tuscaloosa, Northport, and Fayette

By Brent Wilson on October 1, 2019

All three hospitals of the DCH Health System in West Alabama were closed Tuesday to new patients due to a ransomware attack on their computer system.

The hospitals are located in Tuscaloosa, Northport

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