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Geraldine Assitant Police Chief Fired for Facebook Post Implying Democrats Should Be Bombed

By Dakota Layton on March 4, 2020

On Tuesday, the Town Council of Geraldine, a tiny town about 50 miles southeast of Huntsville in southern DeKalb County, voted 5-1 to fire Jeff Buckles, the assistant police chief of the town. Buckles…

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Geraldine Asst. Police Chief On Paid Leave; Hearing Tuesday

By Brent Wilson on February 24, 2020

Geraldine Assistant Police Chief Jeff Buckles is on paid leave for his Facebook posts that wished death on Nancy Pelosi and liberals.

Mayor Chuck Ables placed Buckles on paid leave while he…

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Geraldine Assistant Police Chief Wishes Death On Nancy Pelosi And Left-Wing Democrats

By Brent Wilson on February 6, 2020 | Opinion

The Assistant Police Chief of Geraldine, Jeff Buckles, is apologizing after wishing for Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats to hit a roadside bomb.

In the Facebook post, Buckles says, “Pelosi just ripped up…

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