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Education background

March 3 will be a big day for American politics, but for Alabama voters, they will be choosing much more than their favorite Presidential and Senate candidates. They will cast their votes to approve or reject an amendment that would change the name of the current “State Board of Education,” to the “Alabama Commission on Elementary and Secondary Education,” and would allow the governor to appoint members to the commission in contrast to the current process where voters get to elect its members. Opponents of the amendment say it strips Alabama voters of their voice in electing members to the Board and places power in the hands of bureaucracy. The Alabama Farmer’s Federation has come out in support of the amendment. To them, “Amendment 1…

Field of Beans Farm Agriculture Farmer Field Growth

The Alabama Farmers Federation released the following statement on the phase one trade deal that President Trump signed: U.S. President Donald Trump signed “phase one” of a trade agreement with China earlier today which includes a commitment to buy more U.S. agricultural goods including soybeans and pork. Trump’s administration said China has pledged to increase its spending on all American goods by $200 billion over the next two years compared to 2017 levels. At least $40 billion of that total will be spent on U.S. farm goods. “This trade deal is a step in the right direction and a welcome sign for our farmers who have been dealing with low commodity prices,” said Alabama Farmers Federation President Jimmy Parnell. “We appreciate the administration fighting for…