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Alabama Republicans Pretend To Be ‘Shocked’

By Clete Wetli on April 10, 2020 | Opinion

Although much more needs to be said about the absence of leadership and the gross incompetence that many Republicans have demonstrated throughout this crisis, so many of the real problems facing us were already created by them years ago and they’ve been festering ever since.

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Alabama Democratic Party Chair Chris England Responds To Trump Impeachment

By Brent Wilson on December 19, 2019

The new party chair of the Alabama Democratic Party Chris England has weighed in on the impeachment of Donald Trump, saying that he prays that all leaders will approach this moment with dignity and…

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We Want A Divorce, Alabama

By David Preston on September 11, 2019 | Opinion

It’s been a good 200 years, but now it is time for us to go our separate ways. Ever since Alabama was created, we have always been used as your piggy bank, and now it is time to cut that spigot off. The I-10 Mobile River Bridge project and the resulting $6 each way toll was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

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The Sharpie Effect in Alabama Politics

By Clete Wetli on September 9, 2019 | Opinion

An integral part of effective leadership and sound statesmanship is accepting responsibility for mistakes and errors. It should also go without saying that making things up is unquestionably wrong on every level.

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Kay Ivey Should Listen To Alabama Voters When It Comes To Toll Roads

By David Preston on August 28, 2019 | Opinion

Governor Ivey, your people are hurting. They are crying out for help and starving for leadership and starving for the direction that only you can provide. Your lack of listening to Alabamians up until…

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Alabama GOP About To Eat Crow Over Proposed Gas Tax

Alabama GOP About To Eat Crow Over Proposed Gas Tax

By Clete Wetli on February 25, 2019 | Opinion

After years of vociferously attacking any type of taxation or revenue increase for public services as inherently evil, the Alabama GOP is awkwardly poised to battle a rhetorical nightmare of its own creation. It ironically…

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