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Andy Woloszyn News & Articles

THE CAMPAIGN TO ELECT ANDY WOLOSZYN ANNOUNCES that Huntsville native Andy Woloszyn filed qualifying paperwork Thursday, officially placing his name on the ballot to face incumbent Tommy Battle in the August 25th election for Huntsville mayor. 

Woloszyn is running to represent all of Huntsville, not just corporations. His campaign is staffed by everyday Huntsvillians – small business owners, retirees, and engineers: volunteers who see the need for different leadership. 

“Our city, our state, and our nation is facing who it is in the unprecedented challenges of our day,” Woloszyn posted to social media after filing. “It feels like every …

Huntsville goes to the polls on August 25 to vote for Mayor and Andy Woloszyn, who is running against incumbent Tommy Battle, will be holding a press conference on June 25 to discuss issues related to police violence during the June 1 and June 3 protests in downtown Huntsville. You can view the press release below.

Press Release

In the face of a historic event, the leadership of Huntsville has failed the people. Our citizens have looked to the city council for answers and in turn, they were met with scorn and dismissal. Real leadership would have condemned …