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Huntsville Mayoral Candidate Andy Woloszyn To Host Press Conference June 25th

Written by on June 22, 2020

Huntsville goes to the polls on August 25 to vote for Mayor and Andy Woloszyn, who is running against incumbent Tommy Battle, will be holding a press conference on June 25 to discuss issues related to police violence during the June 1 and June 3 protests in downtown Huntsville. You can view the press release below.

Press Release

In the face of a historic event, the leadership of Huntsville has failed the people. Our citizens have looked to the city council for answers and in turn, they were met with scorn and dismissal. Real leadership would have condemned the authorities that have oppressed members of our community. Real leadership would have denounced the use of chemical weapons against the residents of Huntsville. Real leadership, unfortunately, has not been found. 

ANDY FOR THE PEOPLE 2020 INVITES THE PUBLIC AND PRESS to a press conference to be held Thursday, June 25, 2020 at 5:00 PM at Huntsville City Hall (308 Fountain Circle SW, Huntsville, AL 35801) to discuss the responses of Police Chief Mark McMurray, Mayor Tommy Battle, and the City Council regarding the recent protests in Huntsville, as well as Andy Woloszyn’s plans for how the city should move forward. 

Andy Woloszyn is a Huntsville native, a graduate of MTSU, and has over a decade of experience in activism that includes anti-racist, environmental justice, and workers’ rights advocacy. As a Huntsville native, Andy wants to champion the progressive policies that are taking root (and working!) in other parts of the country — and the world — here in Alabama. He believes we must face the flaws revealed in our economic and healthcare system to provide for the needs of the many over the needs of the few. Huntsville is ready for a campaign of substance, a platform of progress, and a government that serves the needs of its citizens. 

For more information on the ANDY FOR THE PEOPLE 2020 CAMPAIGN, please visit our website or social media at: andy4thepeople.com | @andy4thepeople

This event is open to the public and all media is invited to attend.

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