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Alabama House Democrats Actually Hear You

Written by on August 25, 2020 | Opinion

While tone-deaf Alabama Republicans continue to pretend that Confederate monuments are merely an innocent, innocuous celebration of wistful Southern heritage, Alabama House Democrats have actually been listening to the genuine concerns of people and taking meaningful action. Voters may remember that prior to the pandemic and the protests over the George Floyd’s senseless murder, Alabama Republicans were trying to increase the fines for cities that wanted to remove Confederate monuments without asking the Republican Supermajority “pretty please” first.

Republicans are no longer just ignoring your voice, they are doing everything they can to silence it.

In the meantime, Alabama House Democrats are actually listening. AL House Rep. Juandalynn Givan (D-Birmingham) has introduced HB88 which would repeal the racist-inspired Memorial Preservation Act. The bill is co-sponsored by Alabama House Minority Leader Rep. Anthony Daniels (D-Huntsville) who, according to The Alabama Political Reporter, remarked, “It’s time for our state government to stop fighting harder to preserve its racist history than it does to protect its citizens’ basic rights. The Legislature must preserve quality healthcare, equal job opportunity, and fair housing for all Alabamians, with equal vigor and interest. Citizens have taken to the streets en masse to demand a state culture that is anti-racist and culturally sensitive; their voices need to be respected and heard.”

What Leader Daniels says is undeniably true. People across Alabama are fighting for access to healthcare, a decent paying job, and affordable, safe housing. Republicans continue their tired and cliché campaign of vilifying those who need public assistance. They promote policies that exclusively benefit the wealthy and big-money corporate interests while ignoring the needs of the middle-class and poor. However, their worst offense may be the way they’ve coddled Confederate apologists and pretend that widespread, systemic racism doesn’t exist.

In some cases, they’ve traded in their silent dog-whistles for ear-splitting bullhorns. Look no further than comments about immigrants by Republican U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks or the public speaking misadventures of the Chaplain of the Grand Dragoons of the Sons of the Confederacy/ AL Rep. Will Dismukes (R-Millbrook). There are plenty of other Republicans that could be called out for similar divisive, racist rhetoric but the only thing that will truly matter will be to hold them accountable on Election Day.

In fact, as the nation begins to understand the massive repercussions of the toxic mixture of Trump’s incompetence and self-serving/politically-motivated poor decision-making, it’s little wonder that Biden/Harris lead in the polls. Trump and his Republican enablers, especially his Alabama cult-followers, have debased and disgraced America and her proud institutions. From the U.S. Justice Department to the Postmaster General to almost a score of high-level Trump appointees indicted on federal crimes, Trump has shown America that he has no respect for the rule of law or the checks and balances that once made our system of governance the envy of the world.

To Alabama Republicans, like the “I have absolutely no plan or new ideas” U.S. Senate candidate Tommy Tuberville, it’s all about showing unwavering fealty to Trump while simply reciting the same old Republican Strategist Frank Luntz-approved pandering propaganda. In Alabama. This type of conservative zealousness is usually incestuously married to religious and cultural self-righteousness. Just take a real, analytical look at them and how they vote and the deceptive fruits of their labor.

Alabama Democrats are listening to the people because they also know that a reckoning is coming. Ordinary, working people are exhausted- they are tired of Republican mismanagement, unethical behavior, gross incompetence, and senseless ideological rigidity predicated on privileged entitlement. Ordinary people need real, substantive help during this pandemic. Real people need jobs that pay a living wage and access to healthcare. They need to know that they won’t end up homeless on the streets. They need courageous and compassionate leadership that listens and takes action.

The American people need leaders who will stand up for civil rights, equality, and an ethical government that works for literally everyone.

Alabama House Democrats actually hear you.

Remember that when you vote.

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