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Andy Woloszyn Qualifies for Huntsville Mayoral Race

Written by on July 10, 2020

THE CAMPAIGN TO ELECT ANDY WOLOSZYN ANNOUNCES that Huntsville native Andy Woloszyn filed qualifying paperwork Thursday, officially placing his name on the ballot to face incumbent Tommy Battle in the August 25th election for Huntsville mayor. 

Woloszyn is running to represent all of Huntsville, not just corporations. His campaign is staffed by everyday Huntsvillians – small business owners, retirees, and engineers: volunteers who see the need for different leadership. 

“Our city, our state, and our nation is facing who it is in the unprecedented challenges of our day,” Woloszyn posted to social media after filing. “It feels like every person I know has to be stronger for someone else. Some of you have been facing crises your entire lives. Some of you are seeing it in your neighbor and realize it is time to change. It does not matter where you come from today. Today Andy Woloszyn did not qualify to become Mayor of Huntsville—today Huntsville qualified to fight to be a better version of itself.” 

Woloszyn is no CEO. He’s an 8-5 employee like many in the Rocket City – in fact, he submitted the qualification paperwork on his lunch break. He understands a city is not a business built to turn a profit; it’s built to serve its people. He has the concerns and struggles of ordinary working people in mind and their welfare at heart. 

Woloszyn’s Tennessee Valley roots run deep. His father was a TVA engineer, and his mother owned a small Huntsville business. He grew up here and started his schooling at UAH. After studying Sociology and English at MTSU, he worked in Tennessee before returning home in 2016. Woloszyn always had a strong sense of duty to his community. In Tennessee, he helped organize anti-racist, environmental justice, and workers’ rights actions.

Woloszyn listened to people to set his priorities: Reallocate much of HPD funding to community response resources; strengthen the police oversight committee; expand public transit options; increase bicycle infrastructure; work to ensure our LGBTQ+ community receives equal protection and equal justice. It all comes down to prioritizing the people. 

Andy Woloszyn is available for interviews. Contact (256) 384-4859 or [email protected]. For more information on the ANDY FOR THE PEOPLE 2020 CAMPAIGN, please visit our website andy4thepeople.com or our social media at @andy4thepeople. 

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