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Doug Jones

Doug Jones Reacts to Judge Dismissing Nancy Worley’s Lawsuit

By Dakota Layton on February 28, 2020

Yesterday, Montgomery Circuit Court Judge Greg Griffin dismissed a lawsuit filed by the former chairwoman of the Alabama Democratic Party, Nancy Worley, who filed the lawsuit because of the DNC revoking her credentials and…

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The Fight For The Alabama Democratic Party

By Jacob Morrison on October 28, 2019

Editorial Note: The November 2, 2019 SDEC meeting has not been canceled, contrary to a statement in this article, and all SDEC members should attend. This meeting is backed by the DNC and will operate…

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Nancy Worley

DNC Chair Warns Nancy Worley Against Challenging Approved Bylaws

By Brent Wilson on October 9, 2019

Nancy Worley has spent the last year being hammered by not only Alabama Democrats but also the Democratic National Committee. Today was no different after the DNC Chair, Tom Perez, sent a letter to Worley…

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