2020 Alabama U.S. Senate Election

2020 U.S. Senate Election news, candidate information, and election results for Alabama voters. Polls will be open from 7 AM to 7 PM Central Time.

2020 U.S. Senate Election Candidates

The following candidates have announced their intentions to run or have qualified for the ballot.

Name Party
 Arnold MooneyRepublican
 Bradley ByrneRepublican
 Doug JonesDemocratic
 Jeff SessionsRepublican
 John MerrillRepublican
 Roy MooreRepublican
 Ruth Page-NelsonRepublican
 Stanley AdairRepublican
 Tommy TubervilleRepublican

2020 U.S. Senate Election Candidate News

Article Author Date
Bradley Byrne Alleges that Jeff Sessions Urged Him to Drop Out Dakota Layton 12-06-2019
Alabama Secretary of State, John Merrill Ends Campaign For U.S. Senate Dakota Layton 12-03-2019
Senator Doug Jones’ Voting Record Explained Dakota Layton 11-27-2019
What Will It Take For Republicans To See The Truth? Clete Wetli 11-21-2019
The Facts About Ukraine Bradley Byrne 11-19-2019
GOP Senate Candidates Attempt to Gain Favor of Huntsville Republicans Jacob Morrison 11-16-2019
There Is Nothing To See Here, Alabama Clete Wetli 11-15-2019
FBI To Build $1 Billion Campus In Huntsville David Preston 11-15-2019
Jeff Sessions Announces Run For His Old Senate Seat David Preston 11-08-2019
Sources: Jeff Sessions To Announce Senate Run Intentions Tomorrow On Fox News Brent Wilson 11-06-2019
President Trump To Attend Alabama Football Game Against LSU Brent Wilson 11-04-2019
Star Chamber Impeachment Driven by Trump Hatred, Not American Values Bradley Byrne 11-04-2019
Roy Moore Qualifies For U.S. Senate Race Brent Wilson 11-01-2019
Our Mental Health Plan Is Broken… Let’s Fix It Tommy Tuberville 10-30-2019
The Fight For The Alabama Democratic Party Jacob Morrison 10-28-2019
Five Questions with Kiani Gardner David Preston 10-28-2019
AFLCIO President Richard Trumka to Doug Jones: You’re Either With Us or You’re Against Us Jacob Morrison 10-23-2019
Five Question with John Castorani David Preston 10-23-2019
Doug Jones, Terri Sewell Slam Trump For Lynching Tweet Brent Wilson 10-22-2019
Mo Brooks Is Okay With Abandoning US Allies Clete Wetli 10-21-2019
Does it Matter Who Alabama Republicans Nominate For Senate? Probably not. Jeremy Jeffcoat 10-20-2019
Stanley Adair Reports Third Quarter Fundraising Numbers David Preston 10-17-2019
Arnold Mooney Raises $242,000 In Third Quarter David Preston 10-17-2019
We Love Jeff Sessions In Mobile, But Please Don’t Run For Senate David Preston 10-17-2019
Roy Moore Campaign Releases Third Quarter Fundraising Numbers David Preston 10-17-2019
John Merrill Releases Third Quarter Fundraising Numbers David Preston 10-16-2019
Bradley Byrne Reports $408,000 In Third Quarter Fundraising David Preston 10-15-2019
Tuberville Campaign Raises Over $373,000 In Third Quarter David Preston 10-15-2019
DNC Chair Warns Nancy Worley Against Challenging Approved Bylaws Brent Wilson 10-09-2019
Doug Jones Raises Over $2 Million In 3rd Quarter Brent Wilson 10-08-2019
Poll Shows Tommy Tuberville With Large Lead, Roy Moore In Second David Preston 10-07-2019
Mobile Airbus Plant Avoids Impact From Trump Tariffs David Preston 10-03-2019
Alabama Rural Hospitals To Benefit From New Medicare Reimbursement Formula David Preston 10-01-2019
Doug Jones Wants To ‘Fix the Party’ David Preston 09-30-2019
Doug Jones To Colleagues: Do Your Duty, Not Politics David Preston 09-27-2019
Could Impeachment Lead To A Display Of Political Courage? Jeremy Jeffcoat 09-27-2019
Alabama Officials React to Trump Impeachment Inquiry David Preston 09-26-2019
Tommy Tuberville Endorsed by Alabama Farmers Federation David Preston 09-26-2019
Mobile Airport Receives An Additional $2 Million Grant From The FAA David Preston 09-26-2019
Take Heart, Democrats Jeremy Jeffcoat 09-24-2019
Doug Jones Kicks Off Statewide Campaign Tour David Preston 09-20-2019
Kiani Gardner: My Response to Repeal of WOTUS Rule Kiani Gardner 09-19-2019
Five Questions with Tommy Tuberville David Preston 09-17-2019
Airbus: ‘Hard’ To Invest In Mobile During Trade War David Preston 09-16-2019
Doug Jones Slams State Democratic Party In Media Call Adam Powell 09-16-2019
Joe Biden Correct: “Hate is on the rise again.” Clete Wetli 09-16-2019
The Sharpie Effect in Alabama Politics Clete Wetli 09-09-2019
Five Questions With John Merrill David Preston 09-06-2019
Joe Biden To Campaign In Birmingham, AL Brent Wilson 09-04-2019
Doug Jones Ranks Among Most Bipartisan Senators Brent Wilson 09-02-2019
Doug Jones Announces $200,000 Grant for New Site Medical Complex Brent Wilson 08-30-2019
I-10 Mobile River Bridge and Bayway Project is ‘Dead’ David Preston 08-29-2019
Roy Moore: Ilhan Omar Should Go Back “From Whence She Came” Brent Wilson 08-28-2019
Ilhan Omar Fires Back At ALGOP: You Supported An Accused Child Molester Brent Wilson 08-28-2019
Charlotte Meadows Wins GOP Runoff For House District 74 Brent Wilson 08-27-2019
DNC Gives Alabama Democrats a Scintilla of Hope Clete Wetli 08-26-2019
Five Questions With Doug Jones David Preston 08-21-2019
Five Questions With Bradley Byrne David Preston 08-19-2019
Tuberville Fails with Education Comments Clete Wetli 08-19-2019
Five Questions With Roy Moore David Preston 08-06-2019
What Channel Is AL Sen. Candidate John Merrill Watching? Clete Wetli 07-29-2019
John Merrill Announces Run For Senate, Says He Won’t Resign As Secretary Of State Matthew Tyson 06-26-2019
Roy Moore’s Lawyer Trenton Garmon Arrested On DUI/Drug Charges Brent Wilson 06-06-2019
Donald Trump Jr. Tells Roy Moore To ‘Ride Off Into The Sunset’ Brent Wilson 05-29-2019
Hometown Action Endorses Tabitha Isner for AL Democratic Party Chair Brent Wilson 05-08-2019
Unable To Pass Statewide Expansion Of Stand Your Ground To Churches, AL Reps. Turn To Constitutional Amendments For Their Counties Anne Leader 05-07-2019
John Rogers: Doug Jones Said I Was Right On Abortion Comments Brent Wilson 05-06-2019
AL State Rep. Arnold Mooney Announces U.S. Senate Run Brent Wilson 05-06-2019
Rep. John Rogers Helps Feed Far Right Outrage With Moronic Comments Brent Wilson 05-02-2019
Stanley Adair To Run For U.S. Senate As Republican Brent Wilson 04-28-2019
HB 314 and SB 211: A Handmaid’s Tale in Alabama Lanier Isom 04-15-2019
Early Voting Will Move Alabama Forward Clete Wetli 04-01-2019
Alabama Early Voting Part of House Democrats 2019 Legislative Agenda Matthew Tyson 03-26-2019
Jerry Carl of Mobile To Seek Bradley Byrne’s Congressional Seat Brent Wilson 02-27-2019
Sec. of State John Merrill Argues Over Voter Fraud On Facebook Brent Wilson 02-15-2019
Alabama Gerrymandering Lawsuit Continues After Judge Rejects States Challenge To Jurisdiction Brent Wilson 01-30-2019
Alabama State Auditor Jim Zeigler Attacks Kyrsten Sinema’s Appearance As “Improperly Attired” Brent Wilson 01-26-2019