2020 Alabama U.S. Senate Election

2020 Alabama U.S. Senate Election news, candidate information, and election results for Alabama voters. Polls will be open from 7 AM to 7 PM Central Time. Find your polling location at AlabamaVotes.gov.

2020 Alabama U.S. Senate Election Results

Election Date: November 03, 2020

Name Party Votes %
Doug Jones (I) Democratic00.00%
Tommy Tuberville Republican00.00%
(I) = Incumbent - Green Highlight = Winner(s)

2020 Alabama U.S. Senate Election Republican Primary Runoff Results

Election Date: July 14, 2020

Name Party Votes %
Tommy TubervilleRepublican333,89060.74%
Jeff SessionsRepublican215,83139.26%
(I) = Incumbent - Green Highlight = Winner

2020 Alabama U.S. Senate Election Republican Primary Results

Election Date: March 03, 2020

(I) = Incumbent - Green Highlight = Winner(s)
Name Party Votes %
Tommy TubervilleRepublican239,17333.39%
Jeff SessionsRepublican226,67531.65%
Bradley ByrneRepublican178,30224.89%
Roy MooreRepublican51,2487.15%
Ruth Page-NelsonRepublican7,1831.00%
Arnold MooneyRepublican7,1341.00%
Stanley AdairRepublican6,5840.92%

2020 Alabama U.S. Senate Election Democratic Primary Results

Election Date: March 03, 2020

No primary was held due to only one person qualifying.
Name Party Votes %
Doug Jones (I)Democratic00.00%

2020 Alabama U.S. Senate Election Candidate News

The below articles reference candidates running in this race.

Article Author Date
Alabama House Democrats Actually Hear You Clete Wetli 08-25-2020
Doug Jones Applauds Joe Biden’s VP Selection of Kamala Harris Dakota Layton 08-12-2020
America’s Largest Anti-Abortion Group Endorses Tommy Tuberville Dakota Layton 07-28-2020
Young Republican Federation of Alabama Censures Dismukes, Calls For Resignation Brent Wilson 07-28-2020
The Trouble With Tuberville Clete Wetli 07-17-2020
Doug Jones Releases Statement After Tuberville’s Victory Brent Wilson 07-14-2020
Tommy Tuberville Defeats Jeff Sessions To Face Off Against Doug Jones Brent Wilson 07-14-2020
Jones Says Tuberville and Sessions Both Have “Serious Flaws” Amidst Runoff Dakota Layton 07-14-2020
Doug Jones and Jeff Sessions Condemn TVA’s Outsourcing of Jobs Dakota Layton 06-26-2020
Wall Street Firm: Democrats Will Retake the Senate, but Doug Jones Will Lose Dakota Layton 06-24-2020
New Poll: Tuberville Leads Jones By 3 Points Dakota Layton 06-23-2020
CNN: Trump Will Campaign for Tuberville Next Month Dakota Layton 06-18-2020
Ronald Reagan’s Attorney General Endorses Sessions Dakota Layton 06-18-2020
Sessions and Jones Battle Over Renaming Confederate-Named Military Assets. Dakota Layton 06-14-2020
Lilly Ledbetter Campaigns With Doug Jones to Celebrate Anniversary of Equal Pay Act Dakota Layton 06-11-2020
Doug Jones Awarded Dual Honors for Bipartisanship and Pro-Growth Leadership From U.S. Chamber of Commerce Brent Wilson 06-11-2020
Trump Hits Back at Sessions and Attacks Jones Dakota Layton 05-24-2020
Sessions Defends Himself Against Trump and Tuberville; Jones Responds Dakota Layton 05-24-2020
Trump Tax Cuts Architect Stephen Moore Endorses Jeff Sessions Dakota Layton 05-22-2020
New Poll Shows Tuberville Leading Sessions by 23 Points Dakota Layton 05-22-2020
Senator Doug Jones Should Support Essential Businesses Brian Young 05-13-2020
Sessions Attacks Jones: “Doug Has No Interest in Listening to Tara Reade” Dakota Layton 05-08-2020
7 Progressive Priorities For The COVID-19 Crisis and Beyond David Odom 05-07-2020
The VP Pick Who Could Save Joe Biden’s Campaign Dakota Layton 05-05-2020
Doug Jones Praises Kay Ivey For Putting Health “Data Before A Date” Dakota Layton 04-22-2020
The EARN IT Act Could Seriously Threaten Online Privacy Gavin Miller 04-20-2020
Tommy Tuberville Criticized For Opposing “True Confederate History” Dakota Layton 04-19-2020
Tuberville Implies COVID-19 Pandemic Could Be An Experiment for the Green New Deal Dakota Layton 04-14-2020
Alabama Republicans Pretend To Be ‘Shocked’ Clete Wetli 04-10-2020
Dear Gov. Ivey: Let’s Not Be Wisconsin Jeremy Jeffcoat 04-08-2020
Jones Secures COVID-19 Funding for Alabama; AL Dem. Party Chair Praises Dem. Leaders Dakota Layton 04-05-2020
AL Democratic Officials Call For A Shelter-In-Place Order Dakota Layton 03-26-2020
Trump’s Manifest Incompetence Clete Wetli 03-24-2020
Shelby and Jones Vote For Bipartisan Coronavirus Relief Package Dakota Layton 03-19-2020
Jones Introduces Bipartisan “Rapid Coverage for Coronavirus Vaccines and Treatments Act” Dakota Layton 03-18-2020
Governor Ivey Announces New Runoff Election Date Brent Wilson 03-18-2020
Former Chairman of Christian Coalition of Alabama Endorses Sessions for U.S. Senate Dakota Layton 03-17-2020
Doug Jones Urges Alabamians To Prepare For An Economic Downturn Due to the Coronavirus Dakota Layton 03-17-2020
AL Democrats Seek Primary Delay; Modernized Elections Brent Wilson 03-16-2020
Club For Growth Endorses Tuberville Over Sessions in Runoff Election Dakota Layton 03-16-2020
Bradley Byrne Opposes Coronavirus Relief Package Supported by Trump Dakota Layton 03-14-2020
Trump Endorses Tuberville Ahead of Runoff With Sessions Dakota Layton 03-10-2020
Survey Says: Tuberville +12 Over Sessions Dakota Layton 03-10-2020
It’s Time To Stop Voting For “Outsiders” Clete Wetli 03-09-2020
Doug Jones Reacts To Nathaniel Woods Execution Case Dakota Layton 03-06-2020
Tuberville, Sessions Head To Runoff Leading Trump To Slam Sessions In Tweet Brent Wilson 03-04-2020
Joe Biden Wins Alabama Brent Wilson 03-03-2020
Jones And Shelby Introduce Legislation To Establish Alabama Black Belt As National Heritage Area Dakota Layton 02-28-2020
Doug Jones Voices Support For Bill To Make Lynching A Federal Hate Crime Dakota Layton 02-28-2020
Sessions Attacks Tuberville’s Position on Trade: “It Undercuts Trump” Dakota Layton 02-28-2020
Doug Jones Reacts to Judge Dismissing Nancy Worley’s Lawsuit Dakota Layton 02-28-2020
Club For Growth PAC Airs Ad Attacking Byrne For His Past Criticism of Trump Dakota Layton 02-27-2020
The Stupidity Behind Republican “Small Government” Clete Wetli 02-26-2020
Liz Cheney Endorses Bradley Byrne For Senate Brent Wilson 02-26-2020
Arnold Mooney Racks Up Endorsements From 10 State Legislators Dakota Layton 02-23-2020
Jason Isbell To Fundraise For Doug Jones Brent Wilson 02-21-2020
Byrne: We Better Pick The Right Person To Be Our Republican Nominee Dakota Layton 02-21-2020
New Poll: Tuberville Takes the Lead Dakota Layton 02-21-2020
Doug Jones Raises $2.4 Million, Has $7.4 Million Cash On Hand Brent Wilson 02-20-2020
Adair, Byrne, Mooney, and Tuberville Campaign At Madison County Republican Men’s Club Dakota Layton 02-19-2020
It’s Not Really About The Wall… Kiani Gardner 02-18-2020
Tuberville Signed Football Sells, Sending $300.00 To Yellowhammer Fund Brent Wilson 02-17-2020
Poll Finds Sessions Has 5 Point Lead Over Tuberville Dakota Layton 02-14-2020
Doug Jones Votes In Favor of War Powers Resolution Dakota Layton 02-14-2020
Bradley Byrne Wants To Abolish the U.S. Department of Education Dakota Layton 02-13-2020
Bloomberg Endorsed By Alabama Democratic Conference Dakota Layton 02-12-2020
Auburn Fan Auctioning Off Tuberville Signed Football, Will Donate To Jones Campaign Or Charity Brent Wilson 02-10-2020
Jeff Sessions Releases New Ad: “Democrats Fear Trump” Dakota Layton 02-10-2020
Trump Attacks Jones; Calls Him A “Lightweight” And A “Stiff” Dakota Layton 02-09-2020
Doug Jones Defends His Impeachment Vote: “It Was the Right Thing to Do” Dakota Layton 02-09-2020
AL GOP Senate Candidates Slam Doug Jones After Impeachment Votes Dakota Layton 02-06-2020
Trump Thanks Bradley Byrne After Acquittal Dakota Layton 02-06-2020
Alabama Republicans Say Jones Continues to Take “Marching Orders” from Pelosi and Schumer After Impeachment Vote Dakota Layton 02-06-2020
Doug Jones Will Vote “Yea” on Both Articles of Impeachment Dakota Layton 02-05-2020
Doug Jones To Announce Impeachment Decision Wednesday Morning Dakota Layton 02-04-2020
Tuberville Releases First TV Ad: “I’m Looking to Save This Country with Donald J. Trump!” Dakota Layton 02-04-2020
Jones Votes “Yea” and Shelby Votes “Nay” on Motion to Subpoena Witnesses and Documents Dakota Layton 02-01-2020
Tuberville Ties Sessions to John Bolton Amidst Sessions’ Efforts to Tie Himself to Trump Dakota Layton 02-01-2020
Bradley Byrne Calls For Suspension of All Travel to China Due to Coronavirus Dakota Layton 02-01-2020
Bradley Byrne Is A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Statewide Candidate Brent Wilson 01-31-2020
The Risk Mitigation Proclamation – Let’s Have Witnesses Jeremy Jeffcoat 01-30-2020
Doug Jones: Abuse of Power is an Impeachable Offense Dakota Layton 01-29-2020
New Poll Finds Jones’ Chances At Reelection Weaken If He Votes to Impeach Dakota Layton 01-29-2020
Tuberville Radio Ad: “God Sent Us Donald Trump” Brent Wilson 01-27-2020
Leigh Corfman’s Lawsuit Against Roy Moore May Move to a Trial Dakota Layton 01-26-2020
Tuberville Praises Trump’s Attendance at the March For Life Dakota Layton 01-25-2020
Rep. Terri Collins Endorses Bradley Byrne for U.S. Senate Dakota Layton 01-25-2020
Roy Moore: Federal Government Has No Business Regulating Marijuana Dakota Layton 01-24-2020
Jerry Carl Releases First TV Ad In AL-01 Republican Race Brent Wilson 01-22-2020
State Sen. Orr: Congressman Byrne is the Best Candidate for Senate Dakota Layton 01-22-2020
Jeff Sessions Endorsed By Eight Alabama Sheriffs Dakota Layton 01-22-2020
Bradley Byrne: Impeachment Is Nothing to Smile About Bradley Byrne 01-21-2020
Bradley Byrne’s Latest Campaign Tactic: It’s Us vs Them Dakota Layton 01-20-2020
Doug Jones & Richard Shelby Vote For USMCA Trade Agreement Dakota Layton 01-17-2020
New Approval Ratings Released For Senators Richard Shelby and Doug Jones Dakota Layton 01-17-2020
Rep. Terri Sewell Endorses Former VP Joe Biden For President Dakota Layton 01-17-2020
Republicans Paint Themselves Into A Corner Clete Wetli 01-17-2020
Jeff Sessions Releases First Ad Targeting Socialism, Open Borders & Free Healthcare For Illegal Immigrants Brent Wilson 01-16-2020
Tommy Tuberville: Democrats Are Trying To Create A Civil War And Want A Dictatorship Dakota Layton 01-16-2020
Bradley Byrne Introduces Resolution to Censure Pelosi Dakota Layton 01-10-2020
Sen. Richard Shelby Signs Resolution Condemning Pelosi’s Impeachment Tactics Dakota Layton 01-10-2020
Bradley Byrne’s New Ad References Brother; Targets Kaepernick, ‘The Squad’ Dakota Layton 01-10-2020
Alabama Elected Officials & Candidates Celebrate National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day Brent Wilson 01-09-2020
Doug Jones Cosponsors Bipartisan Legislation To Ensure Healthcare Doesn’t Suffer At Home During Disasters Brent Wilson 01-09-2020
Trump Wags The Dog Clete Wetli 01-08-2020
Doug Jones: Iran Launching Ballistic Missiles Is A “Game Changer” Brent Wilson 01-07-2020
FarmPAC Endorses Jeff Coleman For Congress Brent Wilson 01-06-2020
Jeff Sessions: Doug Jones is a Foot Soldier for the Radical Left Dakota Layton 01-06-2020
Alabama’s Andrew Brasher Nomination to U.S. Circuit Court Sent to U.S. Senate For Vote Dakota Layton 01-04-2020
Corruption Is Corrosive, And It’s Starting With The Birds Sean Atchison 01-02-2020
Bradley Byrne: 2019 – A Year in Review Bradley Byrne 12-31-2019
Bradley Byrne Uses Religion to Pander for Votes, Defend Trump Clete Wetli 12-27-2019
Geneva County Commissioner, Weston Spivey Endorses Bradley Byrne for U.S. Senate Dakota Layton 12-26-2019
New Poll: Jones Trails Sessions, Tuberville, and Byrne; Beats Moore and Mooney Dakota Layton 12-22-2019
Doug Jones: The American People Deserve A Full, Fair, and Complete Trial Dakota Layton 12-22-2019
Alabama Senate Race A “Toss Up” According To Cook Political Report Brent Wilson 12-20-2019
Senator Doug Jones on Impeachment: Policy Before Politics Dakota Layton 12-20-2019
Tommy Tuberville Reacts to Passage of Impeachment Articles Dakota Layton 12-19-2019
Jeff Sessions Goes On a Twitter Tirade Against House Democrats After Impeachment Articles Pass Dakota Layton 12-19-2019
Bradley Byrne Releases Statement On Vote Against Impeachment Brent Wilson 12-18-2019
U.S. House Votes To Impeach President Trump Brent Wilson 12-18-2019
Senator Doug Jones’ ‘Military Widows Tax’ Repeal Provision Passes The U.S. Senate Dakota Layton 12-18-2019
Doug Jones Campaign Partners With Birmingham Nonprofit for Holiday Service Day Brent Wilson 12-18-2019
Jeff Sessions Attempts to Strike a Balance Between Alabama Values and Economic Issues Dakota Layton 12-16-2019
Jeff Sessions Leads 2020 Alabama Republican Senate Primary in New Poll Dakota Layton 12-12-2019
2020 Alabama Senate Candidates React to Articles of Impeachment Dakota Layton 12-12-2019
Bradley Byrne Alleges that Jeff Sessions Urged Him to Drop Out Dakota Layton 12-06-2019
Alabama Secretary of State, John Merrill Ends Campaign For U.S. Senate Dakota Layton 12-03-2019
Senator Doug Jones’ Voting Record Explained Dakota Layton 11-27-2019
What Will It Take For Republicans To See The Truth? Clete Wetli 11-21-2019
Bradley Byrne: The Facts About Ukraine Bradley Byrne 11-19-2019
GOP Senate Candidates Attempt to Gain Favor of Huntsville Republicans Jacob Morrison 11-16-2019
There Is Nothing To See Here, Alabama Clete Wetli 11-15-2019
FBI To Build $1 Billion Campus In Huntsville David Preston 11-15-2019
Jeff Sessions Announces Run For His Old Senate Seat David Preston 11-08-2019
Sources: Jeff Sessions To Announce Senate Run Intentions Tomorrow On Fox News Brent Wilson 11-06-2019
President Trump To Attend Alabama Football Game Against LSU Brent Wilson 11-04-2019
Bradley Byrne: Star Chamber Impeachment Driven by Trump Hatred, Not American Values Bradley Byrne 11-04-2019
Roy Moore Qualifies For U.S. Senate Race Brent Wilson 11-01-2019
Tommy Tuberville: Our Mental Health Plan Is Broken… Let’s Fix It Tommy Tuberville 10-30-2019
The Fight For The Alabama Democratic Party Jacob Morrison 10-28-2019
Five Questions with Kiani Gardner David Preston 10-28-2019
AFLCIO President Richard Trumka to Doug Jones: You’re Either With Us or You’re Against Us Jacob Morrison 10-23-2019
Five Question with John Castorani David Preston 10-23-2019
Doug Jones, Terri Sewell Slam Trump For Lynching Tweet Brent Wilson 10-22-2019
Mo Brooks Is Okay With Abandoning US Allies Clete Wetli 10-21-2019
Does it Matter Who Alabama Republicans Nominate For Senate? Probably not. Jeremy Jeffcoat 10-20-2019
Stanley Adair Reports Third Quarter Fundraising Numbers David Preston 10-17-2019
Arnold Mooney Raises $242,000 In Third Quarter David Preston 10-17-2019
We Love Jeff Sessions In Mobile, But Please Don’t Run For Senate David Preston 10-17-2019
Roy Moore Campaign Releases Third Quarter Fundraising Numbers David Preston 10-17-2019
John Merrill Releases Third Quarter Fundraising Numbers David Preston 10-16-2019
Bradley Byrne Reports $408,000 In Third Quarter Fundraising David Preston 10-15-2019
Tuberville Campaign Raises Over $373,000 In Third Quarter David Preston 10-15-2019
DNC Chair Warns Nancy Worley Against Challenging Approved Bylaws Brent Wilson 10-09-2019
Doug Jones Raises Over $2 Million In 3rd Quarter Brent Wilson 10-08-2019
Poll Shows Tommy Tuberville With Large Lead, Roy Moore In Second David Preston 10-07-2019
Mobile Airbus Plant Avoids Impact From Trump Tariffs David Preston 10-03-2019
Alabama Rural Hospitals To Benefit From New Medicare Reimbursement Formula David Preston 10-01-2019
Doug Jones Wants To ‘Fix the Party’ David Preston 09-30-2019
Doug Jones To Colleagues: Do Your Duty, Not Politics David Preston 09-27-2019
Could Impeachment Lead To A Display Of Political Courage? Jeremy Jeffcoat 09-27-2019
Alabama Officials React to Trump Impeachment Inquiry David Preston 09-26-2019
Tommy Tuberville Endorsed by Alabama Farmers Federation David Preston 09-26-2019
Mobile Airport Receives An Additional $2 Million Grant From The FAA David Preston 09-26-2019
Take Heart, Democrats Jeremy Jeffcoat 09-24-2019
Doug Jones Kicks Off Statewide Campaign Tour David Preston 09-20-2019
Kiani Gardner: My Response to Repeal of WOTUS Rule Kiani Gardner 09-19-2019
Five Questions with Tommy Tuberville David Preston 09-17-2019
Airbus: ‘Hard’ To Invest In Mobile During Trade War David Preston 09-16-2019
Doug Jones Slams State Democratic Party In Media Call Adam Powell 09-16-2019
Joe Biden Correct: “Hate is on the rise again.” Clete Wetli 09-16-2019
The Sharpie Effect in Alabama Politics Clete Wetli 09-09-2019
Five Questions With John Merrill David Preston 09-06-2019
Joe Biden To Campaign In Birmingham, AL Brent Wilson 09-04-2019
Doug Jones Ranks Among Most Bipartisan Senators Brent Wilson 09-02-2019
Doug Jones Announces $200,000 Grant for New Site Medical Complex Brent Wilson 08-30-2019
I-10 Mobile River Bridge and Bayway Project is ‘Dead’ David Preston 08-29-2019
Roy Moore: Ilhan Omar Should Go Back “From Whence She Came” Brent Wilson 08-28-2019
Ilhan Omar Fires Back At ALGOP: You Supported An Accused Child Molester Brent Wilson 08-28-2019
Charlotte Meadows Wins GOP Runoff For House District 74 Brent Wilson 08-27-2019
DNC Gives Alabama Democrats a Scintilla of Hope Clete Wetli 08-26-2019
Five Questions With Doug Jones David Preston 08-21-2019
Five Questions With Bradley Byrne David Preston 08-19-2019
Tuberville Fails with Education Comments Clete Wetli 08-19-2019
Five Questions With Roy Moore David Preston 08-06-2019
What Channel Is AL Sen. Candidate John Merrill Watching? Clete Wetli 07-29-2019
John Merrill Announces Run For Senate, Says He Won’t Resign As Secretary Of State Matthew Tyson 06-26-2019
Roy Moore’s Lawyer Trenton Garmon Arrested On DUI/Drug Charges Brent Wilson 06-06-2019
Donald Trump Jr. Tells Roy Moore To ‘Ride Off Into The Sunset’ Brent Wilson 05-29-2019
Hometown Action Endorses Tabitha Isner for AL Democratic Party Chair Brent Wilson 05-08-2019
Unable To Pass Statewide Expansion Of Stand Your Ground To Churches, AL Reps. Turn To Constitutional Amendments For Their Counties Anne Leader 05-07-2019
John Rogers: Doug Jones Said I Was Right On Abortion Comments Brent Wilson 05-06-2019
AL State Rep. Arnold Mooney Announces U.S. Senate Run Brent Wilson 05-06-2019
Rep. John Rogers Helps Feed Far Right Outrage With Moronic Comments Brent Wilson 05-02-2019
Stanley Adair To Run For U.S. Senate As Republican Brent Wilson 04-28-2019
HB 314 and SB 211: A Handmaid’s Tale in Alabama Lanier Isom 04-15-2019
Early Voting Will Move Alabama Forward Clete Wetli 04-01-2019
Alabama Early Voting Part of House Democrats 2019 Legislative Agenda Matthew Tyson 03-26-2019
Jerry Carl of Mobile To Seek Bradley Byrne’s Congressional Seat Brent Wilson 02-27-2019
Sec. of State John Merrill Argues Over Voter Fraud On Facebook Brent Wilson 02-15-2019
Alabama Gerrymandering Lawsuit Continues After Judge Rejects States Challenge To Jurisdiction Brent Wilson 01-30-2019
Alabama State Auditor Jim Zeigler Attacks Kyrsten Sinema’s Appearance As “Improperly Attired” Brent Wilson 01-26-2019

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