2020 Alabama 5th Congressional District Election News & Articles

President Trump Endorses Mo Brooks’ Primary Bid

Dakota Layton | February 15, 2020

Conservative Congressman Mo Brooks, who represents Alabama’s 5th Congressional District is making his sixth reelection bid this year and he just picked up what could be seen as his biggest endorsement. On Friday, President Donald Trump tweeted, “He [Mo] is a huge supporter of the...

Mo Brooks Releases Statement On Impeachment No Vote

Brent Wilson | December 18, 2019

Mo Brooks cast a no vote Wednesday night on both articles of impeachment against President Trump and released the following statement: “Socialist Democrats have brazenly abused their majority party power in these impeachment proceedings. The Constitution imposes a very high bar that must be cleared...

U.S. House Votes To Impeach President Trump

Brent Wilson | December 18, 2019
Impeached Presidents Cover

The U.S. House has voted to impeach President Trump, making him the third U.S. President to ever be impeached, joining Bill Clinton and Andrew Johnson. See how your Alabama U.S. Representative voted below. Article 1 – Abuse of Power# The House voted to impeach Trump...

Alabama Officials React to Trump Impeachment Inquiry

David Preston | September 26, 2019

On Tuesday, September 24th, Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi announced that the House Representatives would launch a formal inquiry of impeachment into the actions of U.S. President Donald Trump.  It had been reported earlier that an anonymous whistleblower complaint had been...

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