Mo Brooks Releases Statement On Impeachment No Vote

Written by Brent Wilson on December 18, 2019

Mo Brooks cast a no vote Wednesday night on both articles of impeachment against President Trump and released the following statement:

“Socialist Democrats have brazenly abused their majority party power in these impeachment proceedings. The Constitution imposes a very high bar that must be cleared before an impeachment can trash the votes of American citizens and nullify an election. Only proof of criminal conduct suffices, to-wit: a high crime or misdemeanor, bribery, or treason.”

“Over the past 230 years, American elected officials have defined criminal conduct in thousands upon thousands of city, county, state or federal criminal ordinances and statutes. Notably, the Socialist Democrats’ impeachment articles fail to cite a single criminal ordinance or statute they claim President Trump violated. That absence fatally flaws the Socialist Democrats’ impeachment efforts.”

“The Socialist Democrats’ shameful conduct and motivation is best evidenced by their numerous public statements and promises to impeach President Trump . . . before he was even sworn into office. The Socialist Democrats started their impeachment effort with the Russian collusion scam, but there was no evidence of collusion, so that propaganda fell on its face and is not an impeachment article. Next, Socialist Democrats alleged Donald Trump violated various federal campaign laws. But, there was no evidence of campaign law violations, so that propaganda fell on its face and is not an impeachment article. Finally, Socialist Democrats alleged Donald Trump committed bribery. Yet, they fail to cite in the impeachment articles a single bribery statute President Trump allegedly violated. In effect, the Socialist Democrats’ impeachment articles are an admission that President Trump did not collude with Russia, has not violated any federal campaign laws, and has not committed bribery.”

“Instead of collusion, bribery, or criminal campaign finance law violations, Socialist Democrats allege in their impeachment articles that President Trump committed ‘Abuse of Power’ and ‘Obstruction of Congress’. First, under the Constitution, neither of these allegations are impeachable offenses. Second, if they were, then almost every past president including Barack Obama could have been impeached on one impeachment article or the other. More specifically, Barack Obama abused his power (among many other things) when he gave work permits to illegal aliens in direct contravention of federal law that says you can’t do that. Barack Obama also obstructed Congress too many times to count concerning the IRS scandal, the Fast & Furious scandal, the Hillary Clinton violation of classified information scandal, and on and on and on. Republicans didn’t impeach Obama for abuse of power or obstruction of Congress. Rather, Republicans went to court and sought court orders resolving legal disputes and compelling the Obama Administration to obey the law. Socialist Democrats, in their rush to judgment, failed to give President Trump, and the American people, the same courtesy. Instead, Socialist Democrats resorted to the political equivalent of nuclear war. That is wrong and America has been, and will continue to, pay a heavy price for the Socialist Democrats’ dangerous, radical conduct.”

“In sum, Socialist Democrats have abused their majority power for political reasons to undermine the president and trash the votes of 63 million Americans. It is a dangerous precedent. It is a threat to our Constitution and Republic. The American people ought to punish the Socialists Democrats for this abuse. It’s horrible what Socialist Democrats have done. I hope the American people will hold the Socialist Democrats accountable so that no political party will dare abuse the Constitution’s impeachment provisions again.”  

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