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Clarity at the Crossroads

Written by on November 2, 2020 | Opinion

We’re standing at a proverbial existential crossroads, inarguably exhausted and solemn in our understanding of the intense gravity of the decision at hand. Unlike most elections, this one is a case study in historically stark, clearly defined contrasts. There’s no overlap or nuance, stylistically or substantively. There’s also very little, if any, middle ground.

Primarily, this is due to Donald Trump’s obsession with injecting extreme partisanship into his every statement and action. It’s also his flagrant disregard for time-honored norms, the rules, the law, and intelligent, factual civil discourse. We’ve become numb and deeply disgusted by his daily barrage of lies, personal attacks, and juvenile mischaracterizations. Trump has made a mockery of the Office of President and done lasting, embarrassing damage to us on the world stage.

Joe Biden has a record of governmental and political accomplishments. Although there are many who don’t agree with his stance on every single issue, they know that he holds the best interest of America above his own political ambition. Biden understands service and has demonstrated leadership under scrutiny and pressure.

As our beloved democracy stands at this historic and consequential crossroads, it’s important to step back and examine this moment to find clarity, a common purpose, and a realistic path forward. The Trump administration is provably corrupt, shamelessly self-dealing, and has been destructive to decades of American progress- it’s been deliberately chaotic, hyper-partisan, and focused more on FOX News cycles than on real results for average, hard-working Americans. I’m not the first, nor will I be the last, to say seriously, “It’s been a shit show.”

Trump has done lasting damage to our environment and obstructed global efforts to reduce the devastating impact of climate change. His delusional response to the COVID-19 pandemic has been a demonstrable failure as new infections, hospitalizations, and deaths skyrocket. He rode the coattails of the upward trending Obama economy, but continually made really bad decisions like a huge unnecessary tax break for the rich, putting tariffs on everything he could, and starting trade wars he couldn’t win. He has exploded the debt and deficit to record new levels. His ignorance and incompetence is simply staggering and his childish narcissism is vomit-inducing.

America knows and trusts Joe Biden. He’s not going to engage in a 4 a.m. name-calling tweetstorm from the Lincoln bedroom potty. Biden will restore statesmanship and honor back to the presidency. Biden also knows the difference between when it’s time to take bold action versus when it’s time to embrace incrementalism. He knows his way around Congress and he knows how to negotiate across the aisle to get meaningful and sensible legislation passed.

To go down Trump’s path would be a disaster. We’d witness the rapid decline of America’s standing in the world and an enormous exacerbation of wealth disparity domestically. Our civil rights would be in constant jeopardy. He would also continue to find new ways to abuse the powers of his office for petty political and personal gain.

With Biden, it won’t be a reality show, it will just be the reality. Although Republicans have tried to paint him as some radical liberal, we’ve seen Uncle Joe for decades and know him to be a fairly moderate Democrat and a guy who gets things done in Washington.

We can find clarity in Joe Biden’s vision for a healthier, more inclusive, and prosperous, stable nation. Trump’s vision is a blurry chaotic whirlwind of divisive partisanship and self-aggrandizement. This is where we’re at and we better choose wisely. Indeed, elections do have consequences.

Regardless of the outcome of this election, the ideological partisan battle lines have been drawn for the foreseeable future. The Republican Party has no platform of its own anymore, it has submissively bowed to Trump. It’s time for Democratic leadership and a major course correction.

There’s clarity at the crossroads. Hopefully, we’ll make the right choice and put a stop to reality-show bumper sticker politics. Remember, Republicans wouldn’t be trying to obstruct your vote if it didn’t matter. This time it really matters.

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