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ALGOP Seems to have Misplaced Its Priorities

Written by on March 2, 2021 | Opinion
Donald J. Trump
Donald J. Trump

In the surreal political aftermath of the violent and deadly January 6th Capitol Insurrection, America desperately wishes it could “un-see” the unveiling of the bizarre and, yes, blasphemous Golden Trump Idol that was garishly introduced at the extreme and ultra-conservative CPAC convention last week. Simultaneously, the Alabama Republican Party was having its annual winter conference and the self-proclaimed reddest of the red passed a couple of resolutions that might be best described colloquially as “turds in a punchbowl”.

The first “turd”, if you will, was the AL GOP having the audacity to pass a resolution honoring Rep. Mo Brooks for his leadership and service in the wake of his role on January 6th. Predictably and pathetically, Brooks continues to perpetuate the lie that the election was “stolen”. Do a quick Google search on Brooks and you’ll not find much in the way of leadership or service, instead, you’ll discover that he’s made a career of spewing divisive rhetoric and loudly being against a whole lot of things, without being for much of anything. Brooks loves to name-call and criticize, but he brings no ideas or solutions to the table.

Well, there are a few more, um, goodies floating around in the AL GOP winter conference punchbowl. Next, they decided that they should pass a resolution calling for the United States to withdraw from the UN. Of course, it’s an insipid idea that would cause disaster and global hardship, but yeah, they think it’s a priority worthy of a formal resolution. Yup, the whole wide world has been anxiously waiting for the opinion of Alabama Republicans on this issue that was entirely fabricated to win cheap political points with their rabid, conspiracy theory-loving base.

Oh, look there’s even more! Perhaps the biggest one was the resolution proclaiming the twice-impeached and demonstrable failure, Donald J. Trump as “…one of the greatest and most effective Presidents in the 245-year history of this Republic.”

Well, they did make a golden statue complete with flip flops and all.

So, the AL GOP wrapped up their winter conference by electing a new leader, John Wahl, who immediately took the opportunity to babble the same old right-wing echo chamber talking points. According to Wahl, “Our Country is facing a massive push towards socialism, and that is extremely concerning to me. I am a strong supporter of the free-market system, and the vision our Founding Fathers had for this Country. I believe it is important for the Republican Party to stand for the conservative values we believe in and defend the God-given rights of every individual. We are the Party of free speech, liberty, equal rights, and traditional values. A lot of these values are under attack right now, and I am committed to defending them as Party Chairman.”

When he said “equal rights” was he referring to transgender rights or voting rights?

No matter, it sure sounded good to his base and he was able to squeeze in a few references about how Trump magically made America great again.

So, in the midst of a pandemic and all its unforeseen consequences and the myriad of critical problems facing Alabama, Republicans have resolved that Brooks and Trump ought to have their faces on Mt. Rushmore. Oh, and that the UN is an Area 51 plot that will eventually lead to a nightmarish existence like the one in the movie, The Matrix. Yet, Alabama Republicans want you to know that everything’s going to be alright because if they get their way permit-less concealed carry and banning transgender athletes will somehow make our communities so much safer from the threat of the liberal socialist godless invasion that’s coming.

Hmm. I’ve reconsidered, I take it back.

I was wrong, Republicans haven’t misplaced their priorities, in fact, they’re being pretty clear about them. Maybe, they actually need to be misplaced, or more accurately, discarded.

Maybe, they can think about that as they bask in the glow of their Golden Trump Idol while they try to figure out how to post wingnut stuff anonymously on Parler.

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