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The Republicans’ Lying, Cheating Hearts

Written by on June 24, 2021 | Opinion
Pinocchio head and nose outline
Pinocchio head and nose outline

In the chaotic aftermath of Trump’s failed insurrection and the Republican echo chamber mindlessly blasting out the Big Lie, it’s become evident that the GOP has no significant interest other than retaining power at all costs for self-serving political and financial gain. They’ve shown that they’re willing to go a determined step past Machiavelli in their soulless, morally bankrupt quest to suppress voting, gerrymander districts and ensure that their campaigns are funded anonymously by lobbyists and anonymous corporate donors with stacks and stacks of untraceable cash. 

They’ve figured out that America is buying less and less of the toxic, fearmongering rhetoric they’ve been selling, and they’ve started to lose elections and, subsequently, their hold on power. Republicans know they can’t win fair and square anymore, so they’ve taken to lying and cheating.

Their lying, cheating hearts will say or do whatever it takes…

A prime example of this behavior can be seen by one, um, “genius” Congressman Mo Brooks. He knows exactly what he did to help incite an insurrection on January 6th. He knew the significance of that day, and he knows the power of words and hyperbole. Yet, his explanation of his words and actions is nothing more than a lie. Brooks reluctantly, but defiantly, offered a rambling, verbose, and flimsy unconvincing defense. Whether he’s babbling about illegal immigration or falling rocks causing rising sea levels, lying is simply Brooks’ native tongue.

Of course, as Mo has become synonymous with lying, his junior colleagues in the Alabama Statehouse have figured out that gerrymandering, also known as cheating, pays big dividends.  Oh, they enjoy lying, too. Like how they pretended that transgender athletics was a huge problem in Alabama or how curbside voting would lead to massive voter fraud. However, House Republicans really cherish gerrymandering to the point where it has become a surreal form of abstract art for them. You’ll see when we have the special session on redistricting- that will be a shit show, to put it mildly.

That’s the whole point that these “moderate” Democrats are missing altogether. You know, folks like Sen. Joe Manchin, who’s now become a cliché version of Charlie Brown trying to kick a football. There can’t be bipartisan efforts if negotiations are not made in good faith. Taking their cue from Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, Republicans are focused solely on opposing anything that Democrats propose. They will lie publicly and say they are interested in working across the aisle, but nothing could be further from the truth, and their actions certainly belie their words.

Now, Democrats don’t need to adopt any of these sordid GOP tactics, but they need to wake up to the fact that Republicans are playing hardball. It’s exhausting to call them out on all of the lies and cheating, yet it has to be done diligently and consistently. More importantly, Democrats need to find better ways to show average folks how Democratic policies will positively impact their daily lives.

It’s a harder road to travel. It’s much easier to construct strawmen and rally a base using fear and division. Republicans use every available moment to tell us about all of the many things they are against. Heck, they’ll even make up a few reasons for you and show you some memes. That’s the dark and foggy path the GOP has chosen. Instead, Democrats need to realize that they are most successful when they share a positive vision that unites, inspires, and uplifts us. Truthfully, it’s what propelled Clinton, Obama, and now, Biden into office. 

It’s a lot easier to be destructive than constructive, but Democrats will have to work much harder than their opposition. Just like in those old country songs, their lying, cheatin’ hearts will eventually get caught. In the meantime, Democrats will have to remain faithful to the truth, work harder, and definitely work smarter. 

Also, would someone please explain to Sen. Joe Manchin why Lucy keeps yanking the football away from Charlie Brown? Maybe, play a game or two of “heads I win, tails you lose” or three-card Monty or something until he catches on?

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